Stories for April 2011


Saturday, April 30

Faith Forum: As a religious professional, what's your take on vampires as popular figures in entertainment?

The Rev. Shaun LePage and the Rev. Matt Cox answer.

Friday, April 29

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Lawrence children's theater programs present opportunities to learn lifelong skills

Jed Davis literally wrote the book on children’s theater. The retired Kansas University professor wrote the teaching classic “Theatre, Children and Youth” after working as the longtime director of university children’s theater at the school.

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Volunteer Amy Albright, family part of the 'fabric' of Lawrence Arts Center

It’s a family affair when Amy Albright, her husband Doug Davison and their three daughters spend time at the Lawrence Arts Center. And Albright says her family wants to give back to the arts community, especially after benefiting from scholarships from the arts center for the girls to participate in classes there.

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Costume designer Jane Pennington's creations help stitch together seamless illusion for Theatre Lawrence

On any given day, it would be safe to bet that Jane Pennington has safety pins nearby. They’re tools of her trade. Pennington, a costume designer for Theatre Lawrence, knows what she’s doing.

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Art in the Park turns 50: Lawrence's outdoor show has supported artists since 1961

More than 150 local artists will show their work between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Sunday at South Park.

Music store owner Jim Baggett's knowledge of guitars earns him a spot on PBS program 'Antiques Roadshow'

Lots of people have hobbies, fun and creative things they do to while the hours away. Some people may become very accomplished at their particular diversion. Few, however, hone their interest to an expert level — something marketable they can build a business and career around.

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Designing woman: Lawrence High's Caitrin Jacobson makes her own prom dress for $25

Who says prom has to be a $1,000 affair?

Guitar maker Leo Posch builds Lawrence business on personal quest for learning

Like any skilled musician — or, even more to the point, anyone skilled in helping equip musicians with proper instruments — Leo Posch trusts his ear. Come to think of it, he also relies a great deal on his eyes, hands, fingers and other information-gathering receptors when it comes to his career calling.

A primer on Lawrence's art scene

It’s not easy to summarize the Lawrence arts scene in a few brief paragraphs. What to know about the arts in Lawrence? You mean the places? The people? The galleries? Oh yeah. All of that.

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Lawrence Arts Center's Linda Reimond inspires current, former students after 25 years as preschool director

Reimond is inaugural Larry Arts Award winner

It doesn’t take long when talking to Linda Reimond to become inspired, just five minutes will do. Reimond, the preschool director at the Lawrence Arts Center, founded the program 25 years ago and has been a guiding light in early childhood education in Lawrence since. Because of her dedication, investment and love of both her students and her work, she is our inaugural Larry Arts Award honoree.

Lawrence Percolator founding member Dave Loewenstein wants community art to serve a social purpose

Dave Loewenstein and the murals he paints have a great deal in common: They are colorful, tell fascinating stories and have far-reaching impact. Loewenstein, 44, is an artist, muralist, printmaker, teacher, author, community activist, documentarian and social catalyst, who has lived in Lawrence doing all of these things since 1990.

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Lied Center tech crew members enjoy role out of the spotlight

Behind the scenes at the Lied Center is a busy world. Working on the crew, producing high-quality performances and making them look great is a complex job. The key is to keep things running well while being seen as little as possible.

Thursday, April 28

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Local designers prepare for Catwalk For A Cause

Annual fashion event benefits GaDuGi SafeCenter.

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Style Scout: Tessa Califano

What are your least favorite fashion trends? None. Fashion is art and in my opinion everything goes.

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Final Friday Preview: 'Blame The Moon'

Local artists prepare one-night show for 815 Mass. flash space.

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Style Scout: George Hart

Do you have any fashion influences? Civil War-era gents and the amphetamine-abusing Bob Dylan of the mid-'60s.

Wednesday, April 27

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Final Friday preview: 'The New Old San Antonio: Tales From Little Big Town'

More than 30 San Antonio artists bring their cultural perspective to Lawrence.

Waiting won’t ease budget-cutting pain

It’s a truth of economics and life that if you have bad news coming, take the hit early and get it behind you. You can’t start building until the debris is out of the way.

Tuesday, April 26

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Picky eater: Our guide to choosing your own food at area you-pick farms

As a child, Jane Wohletz thought the world of her uncle’s strawberry patch. Now she’s got her very own 20,000-plant you-pick strawberry patch at her family farm off 1100 Road in Lawrence, Wohletz Farm Fresh.

Monday, April 25

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Review: Portal 2

The sequel to the surprise hit is everything a sequel should be.

Kiss a frog? Bad idea

In the world of make-believe, kissing a frog could turn him into a prince. In real life, touching them can kill the creatures and cause serious problems for humans too.

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Royal pampering: Treat yourself like a princess for Mother's Day or any kind of occasion

Wanna feel like a princess today? What about an almost princess? It’s actually not that hard to get a little taste of Kate Middleton’s soon-to-be royal lifestyle as we speed up to the April 29 wedding between Middleton and Britain’s Prince William.

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Remnant Rehab: Pincushion good for some royally awesome sewing projects

I’ve seen ads for all kinds of replicas of Kate Middleton’s engagement ring — $19.90, $39, $1,500. But I bypassed these options and made my own.

River City Jules: Royal wedding watch (tiaras required)

I might look like a grown-up complete with gray hairs, wrinkles and a minivan, but inside I am still the girl who swoons at the very mention of the words “royal” and “wedding.” And, of course, “half of Wham!”

Sunday, April 24

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Behind the Lens: Money-saving lens adapters

If you have an SLR or a DSLR camera with another brand of lenses, the Fotodiox Mount Adapters allow you to use your lenses on the film/digital camera body even if the brand isn’t the same.

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Garden Calendar: Another option for newspaper recycling

Using newspapers in the garden may be common for experienced gardeners, but it appears to be a little-known secret to those just picking up gardening as a hobby.

Farm stewards

To the editor: These days, everyone from celebrities to journalists to politicians has an opinion about the “right” way to raise food.

Like being there

To the editor: I didn’t attend the KU Relays downtown shot put competition Wednesday.

Best wishes to the royal couple

“When the bells ring and tell the world I’m taking your hand / Folks from all over will come and see the wedding we’ve planned.” —The Intruders

KC school leader sees need for change

John Covington hesitated before becoming this city’s 26th school superintendent in 40 years. A blunt-talking African-American from Alabama, he attended the Broad Superintendents Academy in Los Angeles, which prepares leaders for urban school districts, and when he asked people there if he should come here, their response, he says, was: “Not ‘no,’ but ‘Hell no!’” He says they suggested that when flying across the country he should take a flight that does not pass through this city’s airspace.

School process

Having the school superintendent appoint most of an elementary school working group doesn't send the right message.

On Monday, members of the Lawrence school board will consider creating a “working group” to formulate a plan to consolidate six local elementary schools in the next two or three years.

Everyone's issue

Raising awareness among young men is an essential part of reducing sexual assaults on college campuses.

Too often, sexual assault is seen as a “women’s issue.” On the contrary, when the U.S. Department of Justice reports that 20 percent to 25 percent of women in college say they experienced an attempted or completed rape while in college, it should concern us all.

Saturday, April 23

Critter Care: Kit-teens need love too

To make room for the impending surplus of spring kittens, the Lawrence Human Society is offering a special on "kit-teens" — kittens aged five months to one year.

Faith Forum: Do the holiday traditions of egg hunts and baskets take away from the story of Easter?

The Rev. Barry Watts and the Rev. Kara Eidson answer.

Friday, April 22

U.S. should step up diplomatic efforts

Samuel Johnson famously observed that the prospect of hanging concentrates the mind.

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Apocalypse: Now what?

Lawrence author imagines life after the end of the world in "Post-Apocalypse Dead Letter Office."

Teachers’ hours

I would like to respond to Barbara Paris’ April 16 letter. Have you ever lived with a teacher? I do.

Thursday, April 21

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Review: Gods Eater Burst

It's a niche game, but if you're among the precious few who play games like Monster Hunter, you'll be right at home.

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Style Scout: Jessica DeCaprio

Tell us a secret: This isn’t my natural hair color…

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Style Scout: Greg Low

Tell us a secret: I am still the best Kubb player in Lawrence.

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Van Go plans to reveal new van

Adorned with vibrant paintings from the arts outreach program's beneficiaries, Van Go's new van makes its first appearance Friday.

Wednesday, April 20

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Dan Savage visits Kansas University

"Savage Love" columnist and founder of the It Gets Better Project stopped by Woodruff Auditorium to talk about gay rights, bullying and how his project grew from one video to more than 10,000.

Tuesday, April 19

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Tofu how-to: Taming the blankest of blank slates

To the novice, tofu can seem too open, too ambiguous and too, well, different to use properly.

Monday, April 18

Lawrence musician's business making bassoon reeds 'appeared out of nowhere'

Leigh Miller Muñoz hunches over a table filled with supplies. Wood, Duco cement, an X-Acto knife and crochet thread are all laid out. Metal instruments with pointed pricks sit on shelves above her. The room is 70 degrees, at precisely 30 percent humidity. Reruns play on the flatscreen television next to the table. She’s not building a model or completing a sewing project. No, she’s operating her business — Muñoz makes bassoon and contrabassoon reeds.

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Blind student's artwork makes his dreams come true

Aaron Johnson, 20, has not been able to see the world he lives in since he lost his sight to cataract surgery at the age of 13.

Lawrence teen filmmakers have strong showing at Focus Film Festival

Eight students from Lawrence High win awards.

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Scrapbookers turn to new resources as local venues shut down

Jan. 15, less than a year after opening in Lawrence, Scrappers Paradise closed, leaving the store’s memory as one for the books.

Sunday, April 17

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Behind the lens: Camera recommendations

Camera choices for any level of interest.

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Garden Calendar: Building a better tomato cage

Scott Clabaugh's tomato lassos do what other cages can't.

Boomer Girl Diary: IQ is just a number

Ever since learning her IQ in 1972, Cathy Hamilton has clung to the number like a life preserver in an ocean of daily embarrassment.

Saturday, April 16

Faith Forum: Easter candy: Reminder of the holiday, or commercialism?

The Rev. Mitch Todd and the Rev. Gary O'Flannagan answer.

Horoscope for April 16

This year, you have more impact than you have experienced in many years.

Friday, April 15

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Review: Shift 2 Unleashed

Developer Slightly Mad Studios is attempting to pave its own way for the genre and although they are not quite there, Shift 2 has enough personality to warrant players on both consoles.

Youth pastor's widow makes his dying wish come true with publication of "Scarlet White."

Jody White will sign copies of her book Saturday at Hastings.

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Top 10: Running movies

Eric Melin highlights the best running movies to get you fired up for the Kansas Relays.

Thursday, April 14

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Saturday's Record Store Day celebrates independent music sellers

Special releases and discounts await those who weather music's version of Black Friday.

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Style Scout: Tyler Francis Anderson

How would you describe your style? Com-fordable farmboy who can clean up nicely.

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Style Scout: Cerise Martel

My style is a mix of Gothic, Victorian, and a little bit of the exotic. 

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Police State

Shanghai-based artist Jin-Shan prepares his work for a debut at the Spencer Museum of Art.

Wednesday, April 13

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Lawrence's Earth Day Celebration set for Saturday

Each year, Lawrence residents arrive at South Park by the hundreds to celebrate Earth Day. From making sure you are properly attired to helping you find ways to be a little more earth-friendly, we provide these tips to help make the most of the day.

Tuesday, April 12

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Review: Swarm

It's a platformer/puzzle in the same vein as Lemmings, but is it any fun?

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2011 Lawrence CSA guide: How to get a constant stream of local veggies into your house without so much as a shopping trip

The hardest part of healthy eating isn’t the actual digestion — it’s getting those healthy ingredients into your house. If you don’t buy it, you won’t eat it.

Monday, April 11

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Remnant Rehab: Revamp a sweater clip

Sweater clips are meant to keep a cardigan on when a woman is wearing it over her shoulders.

Light show: Check out how outdoor illumination can work for your property

For more on the ins and outs of backyard lighting, we talked with Jeff Ferguson from Preferred Lawn Service and Landscaping, Ryan Domnick of Low Maintenance Landscape and Glen Westervelt of Lawrence Landscape.

Sunday, April 10

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Garden Calendar: Weeding out dandelions and henbit

The really bad news is that the henbit and dandelions actually started growing last fall.

Saturday, April 9

Faith Forum: How do you comfort worshipers who are trying to make sense of a job loss?

Rev. Peter Luckey of Plymouth Congregational Church and the Rev. Jeff Barclay of Christ Community Church answer.

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Behind the Lens: Shooting big bird with a big lens

Wildlife photography is one of those areas that I never really approached. To me, that was something I might consider doing later in my retirement years.

Friday, April 8

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"Au Pair, Kansas": KU grad's debut film, which stars Traci Lords, premieres at Kansas City FilmFest

J.T. O'Neal's "Au Pair, Kansas," will premier at the downtown AMC Mainstreet 6 Theatre at 7:45 p.m. Saturday, April 9.

Thursday, April 7

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Virtual Choir 2.0 debuts video with local connections

Lawrence man wrote the lyrics for song sung via Web cam by thousands

Tonight, 2,051 voices from 58 countries are getting together for a singalong like none other.

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Style Scout: Alisa Lautzenheiser

Comfort is king for this hairdresser, but that doesn't mean looking sloppy.

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Style Scout: Brad Hestand

Flip-flops are not fashion to this multitasking "31-year-old."

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Talent show: The Focus Film Festival gives teen filmmaking a venue

The Focus Film Festival cuts out the middle man and creates a forum for and by students where high schoolers from across the state get the chance to have their films viewed, receive feedback and be critiqued by professionals, whose opinions can also help them win prizes.

Wednesday, April 6

Stacks and stacks: Library benefit has more than 100,000 books for sale

The Friends of the Lawrence Public Library Spring Book Sale starts Thursday and features more than 100,000 books that bibliophiles can get at bargain prices.

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940 Dance Company prepares its final performances

After a 24-year run of performances, the 940 Dance Company will present its final concerts at 7:30 p.m. April 14 and 16 at the Lawrence Arts Center, 940 N.H.

Tuesday, April 5

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Sweet dreams are made like this: Eudora-based Cami's Cake Co. takes off after years of hard work

If Cami SanRomani is any indication, sweet dreams are made of this: Hard work, sacrifice and lots and lots of buttercream.

Monday, April 4

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'Monet's Water Lillies' come to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Exhibit marks the first time all three pieces of the classic painting have been hung together as one continuous piece.

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Forever young: Lawrence Arts Center plans special events to mark preschool's 25th year

It started on a whim 25 years ago. A chance meeting, flanked by the babbling of toddlers, was the setting. A shared understanding, the catalyst. And just like that a Lawrence institution was born: the Lawrence Arts Center’s award-winning arts-based preschool.

Pianist Alpin Hong takes playful approach to sharing classical music

Staying young at heart is important to renowned classical pianist Alpin Hong.

Sunday, April 3

Tune In: 3 new dramas enliven Sundays

AMC has another winner on its hands with “The Killing” (8 p.m., AMC).

Boomer Girl Diary: Bachelorette party confidential

Before Cathy can celebrate her mother's bachelorette party (you read that right), her sisters have something she needs to sign.

Horoscope for April 3

Your birthday occurs on a New Moon, which adds charisma, energy and strength of will.

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Garden Calendar: Fruit fit for Kansas

Note: While the author realizes that many “vegetables” are fruits by botanical definition, this context refers only to fruits commonly thought of as fruits. This means you, tomatoes.

Saturday, April 2

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Review MotoGP 10/11

A niche game does the genre right.

Faith Forum: How does your faith tradition cope with natural disasters like the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan?

The Rev. Jill Jarvis and the Rev. Kent Winters-Hazelton answer.

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Hardware review: Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo's newest small wonder promises a lot, but does it deliver?

Tune In: Two-time host Jack Black returns to lead the ‘Kid’s Choice Awards’

Jack Black hosts the 2011 “Kid’s Choice Awards” (7 p.m., Nickelodeon). A slime-filled tradition since 1988, “Choice” honors the shows and movies from the past year as chosen by Nickelodeon viewers. But its real purpose is to promote projects soon to reach theaters during the forthcoming summer silly season.

Horoscope for April 2

This year, you feel energized, though sometimes you wear yourself down and spread yourself too thin.

Friday, April 1

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'Mockingbird' sing: Theatre Lawrence brings Harper Lee's classic novel to life

Production one of many events in honor of "To Kill A Mockingbird," this year's Read Across Lawrence selected book.