Stories for August 2011


Wednesday, August 31

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Fashion show featuring local models, clothes to benefit Van Go, Health Care Access

The Douglas County Medical Alliance is having its sixth annual fashion benefit Sept. 8 at Van Go, 715 N.J.

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William Allen White children’s book award winners to visit Kansas

A pair of teachers share the inspirations behind their award-winning books.

Tuesday, August 30

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Tenth Street Vegetarian Bistro returns with charitable aim

Folks walking down Tenth Street these days might be in for a shock.

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Tailgating 101: How to get in your grub and good time before the game

There’s most certainly an art to tailgating. It’s party planning for the sport enthusiast, to be exact.

Monday, August 29

Fiddlers, pickers fill South Park for state competition

Live music and the smoky smell of grilled food filled South Park during the 31st annual Kansas State Fiddling and Picking Championships on Sunday

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30 going on 13: Y.A. books are as much for the adults as for the young

"Harry Potter," "Twilight" and "The Hunger Games" are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the young adult books grownups love too.

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Blush, burnt orange hot colors for fall

Check out a few of fall’s hottest color trends and how I suggest they might be worn.

Sunday, August 28

Critter Care: Managing mange

Mange is nothing to fool with for several reasons.

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Garden Calendar: Kitchen gardens make for beautiful, bountiful focal point

Celebrate International Kitchen Garden Day by starting your own.

Saturday, August 27

Faith Forum: Is fate a part of faith?

Charles Gruber and the Rev. Jill Jarvis answer.

Friday, August 26

Lawrence Action Network for Diversity to screen '9500 Liberty' at Liberty Hall

Immigration documentary chronicles a small county in Virginia and the effects of a controversial bill.

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Jacob Banholzer: Creating work that fascinates

Kansas University MFA candidate to be featured in The Fascinators, the inaugural biennial by The Charlotte Street Foundation.

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Kansas State Fiddling and Picking Championships return to South Park

A relaxed atmosphere and friendly competition join with good music this weekend.

Thursday, August 25

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Final Fridays turns 1

The year anniversary of the Final Fridays art walk promises to be the biggest yet.

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Style Scout: Jeanne Averill

People say I look like… I’ve been called a Julie Andrews type.

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Style Scout: Scott Sheu

How would you describe your style? Like a product of Woody Allen and Soon Yi Previn’s marriage: disheveled, bookish and Asian.

Wednesday, August 24

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Final Friday preview: Dear Lawrence

After a month of submissions, we're sharing the work of our photographers and the community this Final Friday.

Final Friday preview: Stop-motion Lego at The Toy Store

Watch the Lego stop-motion films of Zachary Spears and learn how to make your own.

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Final Friday preview: Just Hangin'

The artists in this month's Q5 exhibit will be displaying work inspired by Twitter.

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Final Friday preview: Heaven Party

An intentionally uncomfortable exhibit from an artist used to pushing boundaries.

Tuesday, August 23

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Beer and pizza: Getting new life out of an old college standbys

If you're looking to try a new spin on an old standard, remember it all comes down to the ingredients.

Monday, August 22

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Back to (home) school

For most, the phrase “back to school” conjures up images of backpacks, bright yellow buses and new boxes of crayons, but that isn’t the case for all kids.

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Remnant Rehab: Vintage quilt blocks inspiration for lined bag

This project has been a long time coming. I started it at least three years ago, got stumped and left it sitting in a box. I decided it was about time to revisit it.

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The science of exclusivity: How Google, Facebook and other services use selective admission to hype products

Soft launches, beta trials and exclusive offers appeal to our instincts — just not the ones you might expect.

Sunday, August 21

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Behind the Lens: Shooting the Civil War

Staying true to historical photography practices offers its own challenges.

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Garden Calendar: Snake-bitten gardener preaches caution

Despite being bitten multiple times last summer, Mary Lynn Stuart

Thursday, August 18

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Local writers share their stories in 'Voices of the Great Plains'

An idea that started in a memoir writing class bloomed into this collection of stories about Midwest life.

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Style Scout: Jen Young

Tell us a secret: I love Bad Girls Club.

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Style Scout: Christopher Enneking

Do you have any fashion influences? Johnny Depp — I like his semi-homeless, semi-suave style.

Wednesday, August 17

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On the cover of the Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone chief photographer Baron Wolman is the subject of "Every Picture Tells a Story: The Rolling Stone Years" at the Lawrence Arts Center.

KU launches fall Foursquare campaign

Checking in on Foursquare at university buildings could win students iPads, autographed footballs and more.

Tuesday, August 16

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What do I do with: Frying peppers

Meet the frying pepper, a dead-ringer for the bell or jalapeño, but sweeter and with less of a kick.

Monday, August 15

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KU student, local photographer document life in Brazilian slum

KU student Sarah Stern traveled to Rio de Janeiro, where she would act as translator and live in a favela, or Brazilian slum, for three weeks.

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Why we play sports: Local experts weigh in on why competition satisfies human needs

Imogene Kilgore has been playing recreational sports for 52 years. Her sister, Mary Jo Elston, has been at it about 40 years.

Sunday, August 14

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Garden Calendar: Preparing your garden for the first frost

It's never to early to gird your garden against temperature drops. These hardy plants will produce well into the fall.

Saturday, August 13

Farm Aid Live Blog

Just caught Jakob Dylan doing his Wallflowers, radio overplayed "6th Avenue Heartache," which had the crowd, and even one or two of the photographers in the photo pit, going crazy.

Friday, August 12

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Back-to-school fashion goes back to basics

Downtown vendors offer their advice on the trends and styles on display when the school year starts.

Thursday, August 11

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Style Scout: Tracy Fredley

What are your current favorite fashion trends? Sling bags, long summer dresses and colorful sunglasses.

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Style Scout: Jeff Immer

What are your current favorite fashion trends? Well-tailored American sportswear and Ray-Bans.

Wednesday, August 10

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Promoters ready fourth annual Lawrence Busker Fest

Strong women, fire-breathers, jugglers and all other manner of street performer descend on Lawrence for

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Award-winning recipes from the Douglas County Fair

From whole wheat bread to apple carrot raisin muffins, we've got all of the recipes from this year's fair.

Tuesday, August 9

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Participate in the fourth annual Eat Local Challenge and save some money in the process

Eating local doesn’t have to be a well-meaning drag on your wallet.

Monday, August 8

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Natural selection: Owners prepare raw food diets to build their pets' longevity

Evie Bear was stricken when she learned her cockatiel, Eyropia, had contracted heavy metal poisoning.

Coming up rosé: Fruity wine pairs well with summertime fare

Regan Lehman Pillar hears the complaints and sees the eyes roll. Rosés, for many, are passé.

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Talent shows: Lawrence Arts Center launches arts institute for young students

The Arts Institute is the Lawrence Arts Center’s new intensive program for middle school and high school students.

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Remnant Rehab: Floor pillow makes great addition to dorm room

In the midst of moving weekend, I saw plenty of chairs and couches near the trash. I wondered, where will these people sit now?

Sunday, August 7

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Garden Calendar: Beautiful botanicals offer a bright spot to passers-by

Sometimes gardeners garden without realizing the benefit they provide to others. Valentin and Daniela Vidrascu’s garden, on a quiet street in east Lawrence, is a perfect example.

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Behind the Lens: A few tips on rephotographing

We're getting reader submissions for the Dear Lawrence project. Here are some tips to make your submitted photos even better.

Saturday, August 6

Faith Forum: What should faithful people make of this summer's natural disasters — floods, tornadoes, heat deaths, etc.?

The Rev. Matt Cox and the Rev. Gary O'Flannagan answer.

Thursday, August 4

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Style Scout: Jen Nickels

People say I look like: Trouble.

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Born to busk: Performer and director bring performance documentary to Lawrence

The movie, “Busking the System,” is making its way across the country with a three-day stop in downtown Lawrence, not coincidentally during the Lawrence Busker Festival.

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Style Scout: Charlie Naramore

Do you have any piercings or tattoos? A few facial scars that will just have to do.

Wednesday, August 3

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Made on Mass: The handmade and unique find a home downtown

If handmade seems like a quaint idea bordering on kitschy in this day-and-age of and the online outlet store, you clearly haven’t been to Made.

Tuesday, August 2

We’re making some changes under the hood here at

We're doing some under the hood changes over here at and you're going to start seeing progress here today.

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Honest tea: KANbucha gives kombucha lovers a Lawrence option

Kombucha is rocketing in popularity because of both its health benefits and its unique sweet-yet-sour fizzy flavor.

Monday, August 1

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US Air Guitar: We are family

Two weeks ago a handful of Lawrence air guitar lovers made the trip to Chicago to cheer on their friend and competitor. Here's what happened.

Tallgrass Voices exhibits diverse range of Kansas poetry

Despite his greater love for writing historical novels and short stories, last March, Tom Mach had an idea to assemble a collection of poems from other authors to highlight the talent he knew resided in Kansas.

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Simple grilled pizza: Lawrence pros offer tips on great outdoor pies

Grilling pizza is a win-win-win for pie lovers all around.