Final Friday preview: Stop-motion Lego at The Toy Store


The Lego Colosseum

Toy-enthusiasts of all ages are welcome at the Toy Store, 936 Mass., this Friday to see the Lego stop-motion films of Zachary Spears, and to learn how to make their own. In an interactive exhibit, Spears will create a short stop-motion film in the store, guiding guests through every step of the process and inviting them to help out.

Spears, a student at Lawrence High School, began filming his Lego creations years ago and has since made more than 70 stop-motion videos. After entering some of his Lego pieces and one of his videos in a Lego contest the Toy Store held in June, he and the managers of the store began thinking of ways they could make use of his talent and their space.

“This is our first Final Fridays event,” says Toy Store manager Jennifer Ybarra. “We wanted something that was kind of playful. He was the perfect match.”

In addition to the how-to exhibit, Spears will have his computer set up in the store, and will be displaying some of his previously made films. Ybarra thinks the event will be a good opportunity to get more families and children involved in Final Fridays.

“We really wanted something to represent the youth in our community,” Ybarra says.

Watch one of Spears’ videos below, or check out more at his YouTube channel.


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