Stories for December 2011


Saturday, December 31

Faith Forum: What are your hopes for the new year?

The Rev. Tom Brady and the Rev. Gary O'Flannagan answer.

Friday, December 30

Scattered across the country, Buran Theater Company still calls Lawrence home

Many people complain they never get to travel, and that work and life always get in the way. The members of the Lawrence-based Buran Theater Company, however, have found a unique way around those problems.

Thursday, December 29

Musical heirs: Son of KU sax professor performing in recital to benefit Philippines program

Vincent Gnojek told his sons to take his word for it.

December Final Friday preview

Art for Skate's Sake exhibition aims to raise money for Centennial Skate Park facelift.

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Style Scout: Jennifer DiDonato

What would you like to see less of in Lawrence? The crazy drunken culture.

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Style Scout: Adrian Lee

Tell us a secret: I like candies!

Wednesday, December 28

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New Year's Eve in Lawrence: Something for everyone

If you're looking to dance, drink, party hard or relax, there's an NYE celebration for you.

Tuesday, December 27

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Puttin' on the Ritz: Elegant New Year's Eve appetizers for the price of crackers

If you're planning to party at home this New Year's Eve, but still want to keep things fancy, try these recipes from Lawrence chefs.

Monday, December 26

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Woman sticks to resolution to stop buying clothes in 2011

If you need a charge of encouragement or inspiration for your 2012 New Year’s resolution, look no further than Shari Quick.

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Remnant Rehab: House divided onesies

Santa’s gone, and now Baby New Year is coming to town. In his honor, I created baby onesies for a house divided.

Friends gather to fete food

It is dinner time on a quiet Saturday. While many families and friends are out on the town, grabbing a bite to eat at local restaurants, a group of foodie friends are gathering to enjoy a home-cooked meal that they think is as good or better than dining out.

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Wardrobe overhaul: Consultant provides local ‘What Not To Wear’ experience

Before the New Year rolls in, many of us get into a zone of cleaning or purging around the house. It brings on feelings of freshness and starting anew. One of the main centers of this action is in the bedroom closet.

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Offbeat Occupation: Pastry chef relishes sweet job

When Juan Carlos Tovar-Ballagh, 23, was a young boy, he would experiment in the kitchen — often to the dismay of his own taste buds.

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Lawrence Laundry: Making fashionable choices while relying on providence

One wouldn’t normally associate the word “nun” with “rebel,” but Sister Josephine Plazzer, a 23-year-old Catholic nun, considers herself just that.

Sunday, December 25

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Behind The Lens: Use sharp contrast when shooting snow

When shooting objects against snow or trying to capture the powdery stuff itself, stark backgrounds and drastic color shifts are your best friend.

2011 Spotlight: Video games

A look at the best games of a truly outstanding year.

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Garden Calendar: Keep your forced-bloom flowers from flopping

If you have tried growing paperwhite narcissus flowers before and they have flopped, I have a sure-fire trick for you.

Saturday, December 24

Faith Forum: What’s special to you about Christmas Eve services?

The Rev. Rob Baldwin and the Rev. Barry Watts answer.

Friday, December 23

2011 spotlight: Music

Local musicians, record store employees and music bloggers list their favorite music of 2011.

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2011 spotlight: Food

Sarah Henning takes us through the stories that shaped the food and restaurant industry in Lawrence.

2011 spotlight: The Lawrence arts community

The budget cuts, milestones and accomplishments that shaped art in Lawrence in 2011.

Thursday, December 22

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Style Scout: Marcus Hollinger

"Deep down inside, I would like to own a menswear store and also sell home furnishings."

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Style Scout: Miranda Heise

Least favorite trends: Shorts worn over tights.

Wednesday, December 21

Facebook timeline: 9 things to know now about the new profile

Facebook's long-delayed massive overhaul to user profiles, dubbed Timeline, is finally available for all of the social network's more than 800 million users worldwide.

Review: Take the time to curate Facebook Timeline

Timeline is Facebook's new way of presenting you to the world. It replaces your traditional profile page — the one with your headshot and a smorgasbord of personal musings, photos and other items to share with friends. Instead of just a snapshot of you today, Timeline is supposed to be a scrapbook of your whole life.

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'Stillness' comes to the Percolator

New exhibit at the Percolator is built around that moment just before artistic creation.

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The best films of 2011

Eric Melin counts down the best films of the year.

Tuesday, December 20

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Holiday cookies for one and all

Whether they're for Santa or just yourself, any of these recipes will make your holiday brighter.

Monday, December 19

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Daytripper: Country Club Plaza

It’s time to head to Kansas City’s Country Club Plaza for “Season of Magic” holiday specials and nearly 280,000 spectacular lights, more than 80 miles of them, which outline every shop, dome and tower of the Spanish-inspired shopping and entertainment district.

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Number one with a cookie gun

Spritz cookies are one of the most buttery, delicate and delicious holiday traditions. But unlike other cookies, these yummy morsels are pressed through a "cookie gun" or a cookie press.

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Shoot 'em up: With the right technique, cookie guns can produce rounds of treats

If you’ve never used a cookie gun before (or have tried and failed) but have designs on making an army of these little wonders, we’ve got some tips to keep your cookie gun experience from backfiring.

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Sled Lawrence: A primer to the best sledding spots in town (even if there's no snow)

There may not be snow on the ground yet, but that doesn't mean you can't prepare for when that blustery day comes.

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Offbeat Occupations: Professional hair braider Debra Jennings

Some careers happen by accident. Passion meets timing, and a profession is born.

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Bite Sighs: Say 'Happy Blue Year' with this berry cheesecake

Don’t worry. This will be painless.

Lawrence Laundry: Last-minute gift ideas for him, her or couples

Time is running out for this year's christmas gifts, but Ali has a few ideas that will make you look like you've planned your gift-giving weeks in advance.

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Test drive an e-reader in time for the holidays

If you’re looking for a last-minute Christmas gift for the book lover on your list, it might be a good time to get on the e-reader bandwagon.

Sunday, December 18

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Garden Calendar: Make windows safer for birds

Only you can prevent bird-on-window violence.

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Behind the Lens: Capturing the coach

In a little more than a 36-hour period, on three separate occasions Journal-World photographer Nick Krug and I covered the arrival and introduction of Charlie Weis to Lawrence as Kansas University’s new football coach.

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Cozy tales: Books perfect for winter break

Whether you’re staying home or hitting the road this holiday season, chances are you’ll have the time (and need) to curl up with a good book.

Saturday, December 17

Faith Forum: How will you be celebrating Hanukkah this year?

David Berkowitz and Rabbi Zalman Tiechtel answer.

Friday, December 16

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Ashley Davis finds signature sound on wintry third album

Lawrence-bred Celtic songstress Ashley Davis is out with a new album celebrating the chill in the air.

Thursday, December 15

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Style Scout: Jungyul Lee

"I am an active and outgoing person, and I think my style reflects that."

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Style Scout: Bernadette Rose Zacharias

Relationship Status: Saving myself for Christian Slater

Tuesday, December 13

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Rock 'n' recipes: Head chef uses local ingredients and creativity to make meals sing at The Oread

As a teen, it’s highly unlikely you’ll get to rub elbows with rock stars and get a chance to do your dream job at the same time — but that’s exactly how Molly Myers started off her career as a chef.

Monday, December 12

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Offbeat Occupations: Piano teacher Jamie Bone

Lawrence piano teacher Jamie Bone treats all students as great future pianists.

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Delicious/Nutritious: Madness with mint

For a holiday treat, Megan and Sarah each came up with a mint confection.

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Have holidays like a pro: How to make the most of your decor, gifts and organization

Want to make your holidays pretty, organized and as put-together as those homes you see in magazines? We’ve got the details.

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Remnant Rehab: Homemade handwarmers a hot gift idea

A few weeks ago, I was flipping through a catalog with lots of gift ideas. I saw a pair of hand warmers and flagged the page. I definitely wanted some for my always-cold hands.

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Lawrence Laundry: Shop local this holiday season

Your dollar has power. Every time you spend, you say, “I support this. Please keep doing what you’re doing.”

As I See Fit: Cardiovascular activity jump-starts weight loss

It’s time to get back to basics. When everything from the food on the table to the endless social gatherings appear overwhelming and somewhat decadent, there’s something very satisfying about being able to maintain a workout program.

Sunday, December 11

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Behind the Lens: Cameras for kids

Considering that children are experiencing digital devices at younger and younger ages, it’s not a crazy idea to provide them access to better cameras.

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Garden Calendar: Cultivating gift ideas for the gardener in your life

Jennifer Smith shares her gift ideas for the green thumb in your life.

Saturday, December 10

Faith Forum: Does December change the demographics of your congregation?

The Rev. Maria Campbell and Rod Hinkle answer.

Friday, December 9

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'The Kansas Nutcracker' comes to Lawrence Arts Center

This year's take on the Christmas classic is set during Kansas' first year of statehood.

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Interview: Uliana Preotu and Leon Lyazidi from Me Talk Pretty

Before the band brings their Wake Up 2011 tour to the Granada on Dec. 15, they talked about being a young band, the American dream and their new record.

Thursday, December 8

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Style Scout: Carl Hodges

Tell us a secret: I love boys! Especially Jared Klug!

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Style Scout: Annie Kroshus

Fashion influences? David Bowie

Wednesday, December 7

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Noise For Toys returns, ugly sweaters and all

Third-annual Toys For Tots fundraiser comes to the Bottleneck this Saturday.

Tuesday, December 6

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Humble pie: Cobbler can stand up to the kings of the season

Pies and cookies might be the more popular seasonal picks, but a good cobbler can be an unexpected, versatile and oh-so-tasty choice for dessert.

Monday, December 5

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Roger Shimomura receives United States Artists Fellowship

Honor serves as a lifetime achievement of sorts for the venerable Lawrence artist.

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Gift Professor, developed by a Lawrence company, simplifies holiday shopping

A bit stumped when it came to gift buying, Lawrence resident Tony Schmidt didn’t just go to the mall and settle on blasé run-of-the-mill presents for his loved ones. Instead, the now-president of came up with an idea to both simplify and personalize the gift-giving process: Gift Professor.

Second life: Vintage, thrift shopping provides opportunity for unique gifts

If you want to save a bit of coin this holiday season and outfit your friends and family with unique gifts, you might want to consider previously loved items.

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Offbeat Occupation: Funeral director is always on call

Mike Doering thinks about death a lot. A placid and professional man, Doering is not morbid. He is practical. He thinks of death in the same way a police officer ponders crime or an accountant considers numbers. Doering thinks of death because his job is death.

Style Off the Cuff: Unlocking the secrets to men's fashion

My name is David, and I sell clothes. But let’s get one thing straight: I am not a fashion guy. I am as baffled by the runway as I am by a silent film or a French restaurant upon first visit. And while I can be caught watching “Project Runway” with my wife, you would be hard-pressed to get me out of my favorite pair of jeans.

Sunday, December 4

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Garden Calendar: There’s more to mistletoe than kissing traditions

While others are content to kiss under the mistletoe during the holidays, put it under their pillow to inspire dreams of Prince Charming, or use it as an herbal remedy, I have to wonder how a poisonous parasitic plant got such a good reputation.

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Behind the Lens: Gifts for the photographer in your family

If you're like Mike's family, you're hesitant to buy photography gifts for a seasoned photographer, likely because they already have everything or the process of buying for them is intimidating. This guide should help east the latter.

Saturday, December 3

Faith Forum: Do you feel faith is highlighted more in December than any other month?

The Rev. Mitch Todd and the Rev. Verdell Taylor answer.

Thursday, December 1

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Replay Records offer 'Cheap Beer'

Compilation album provides snapshot of the local music scene.

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Imagination powers 'Noah's Art,' the new musical from Kansas University

A young boy realizes the power of his wishes when whatever he draws comes to life.

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Theatre Lawrence prepares 'White Christmas'

The theatrical adaptation of the Christmas classic has had some technical challenges making the move to the renovated church performance space, but the cast and crew are ready for Friday's debut.