Lawrence Laundry: Last-minute gift ideas for him, her or couples

If you’re like me and always wait until Dec. 22 (or 23 or 24) to do your Christmas shopping, you’ve probably encountered this situation before: You had high hopes for what to get your parents, husband, sister or cousin this year. Your present would be the one stolen most during the all-family gift exchange, making it the “cool” gift of the year. After opening your gift, your family and friends would look lovingly into your eyes and say, “You know me so well.”

Instead, like every other year, it’s 8 p.m. Dec. 23, and you’re at Walmart trying to remember which set of wrenches you got for your dad last year.

When we’re panicked, running late and need something absolutely right now, we go to the store that has everything and is open all the time. To combat this “convenience wins” mentality, I’ve compiled some gift ideas into a “Last-Minute Local Store” gift guide. I’m not saying don’t wait until the last minute to do your Christmas shopping. I’m saying when you wait until the last minute, take some of these suggestions into a local shop to find something perfect for your family while boosting our local economy.

For him

  • Play and Display frame for vinyl records: truly functional art. Hobbs, 700 Mass., $64
  • Pocket-sized Constitution of the United States. Wonder Fair, 803 1/2 Mass., $4
  • Pendleton flannel shirt. Weaver’s, 901 Mass., $105
  • Kansas-themed silk-screened tie. Wonder Fair, $15
  • Recycled Keen wallet. Nomads, 725 Mass., $30
  • Leather-bound notebook with strap. Made, 737 Mass., $26.99
  • Recycled beer/wine bottle glasses. Made, $9.99 for beer bottle glasses; $19.99 for wine bottle glasses

For her

  • Leah Duncan tea towel set. Wonder Fair, $18
  • Something beautiful print. Wonder Fair, $25
  • Kansas heart necklace. Wonder Fair, $35
  • Leather clutch. Made, $72.50
  • Fine silver pebble ring. Local artist Julie Branstrom,, $26
  • Shemergency kit: things every lady needs in her purse. Hobbs, $25
  • We’re Wolves tote. Wonder Fair, $25

For both

  • “The 100 Best Vacations to Enrich Your Life” by Pam Groul, with vacations during which you’ll weave a Navajo rug; make a film in New York; learn to surf in Mexico. The Raven Book Store, 8 E. Seventh St., $19.99
  • Customizable canvas wall-hangings. ACME, 847 Mass., starting at $29.95 for a 12-inch square picture
  • Tickets to see The Civil Wars on Jan. 17 at Liberty Hall, 644 Mass., $21
  • Java Press. Sunflower Outdoor and Bike Shop, 802 Mass., $29.95

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