2011 spotlight: Music

The employees from Love Garden Sounds, 822 Mass., Cameron Hawk from RecordGeekHeaven.wordpress.com, Steve Wilson of Kief’s Music, 2429 Iowa, and some local band members offer up picks for the best music of 2011. We'll be updating this story as new submissions come in, but if you think an album's been left out, add your own list in the comments.

Love Garden Sounds, 822 Mass.

Love Garden submitted a list in no particular order, hence its lack of numbering.


Kurt Vile - "Jesus Fever"

Kurt Vile — “Smoke Ring for My Halo”

Charles Bradley — “No Time for Dreaming”

Ty Segall — “Goodbye Bread”

Real Estate — “Days”

Washed Out — “Within and Without”

Wu Lyf — “Go Tell Fire to the Mountain”

Curren$y — “Weekend At Burnie’s”

The Donkeys — “Born With Stripes”

The War on Drugs — “Slave Ambient”

Tom Waits — “Bad as Me”


Raphael Saadiq - "Movin' Down The Line"

Trevan McGee, Lawrence.com

  1. Raphael Saadiq - "Stone Rollin'"
  2. St. Vincent - "Strange Mercy"
  3. Neon Indian - "Era Extraña"
  4. Kurt Vile - "Smoke Rings For My Halo"
  5. Tom Waits - "Bad As Me"
  6. Black Lips - "Arabia Mountain"
  7. PJ Harvey - "Let England Shake"
  8. The Black Keys - "El Camino"
  9. Los Campesinos - "Hello Sadness"
  10. Washed Out - "Within And Without"

The ACBs - "Street Fighter II"

Cameron Hawk, RecordGeekHeaven.wordpress.com

  1. The ACB’s — “Stona Rosa”
  2. Kurt Vile — “Smoke Ring for My Halo”
  3. Sloan — “The Double Cross”
  4. Yuck — “Yuck”
  5. Owen — “Ghost Town”
  6. Girls — “Father, Son, Holy Ghost”
  7. The War on Drugs — “Slave Ambient”
  8. Real Estate — “Days”
  9. Das Pop — “The Game”
  10. Telekinesis — “12 Desperate Straight Lines”

Jack Oblivian - "Rat City"

Steve Wilson, Kief’s Music, 2429 Iowa

  1. Jack Oblivian — “Rat City”
  2. Vaccines — “What Did You Expect From the Vaccines?”
  3. Raphael Saadiq — “Stone Rollin’”
  4. PJ Harvey — “Let England Shake”
  5. New York Dolls — “Dancing Backward in High Heels”
  6. White Flag — “White Flag”
  7. Eleanor Friedberger — “Last Summer”
  8. Wire — “Red Barked Tree”
  9. EMA — “Past Life Martyred Saints”
  10. Lykke Li — “Wounded Rhymes”

Chad VanGaalen - "Peace On The Rise"

Jordan Geiger, Hospital Ships

  1. Chad VanGaalen - "Diaper Island"
  2. James Blake - "James Blake"
  3. Timber Timbre - "Creep On Creepin On"
  4. Ty Segal - "Goodbye Bread"
  5. Moonface - "Organ Music Not Vibraphone Like I'd Hoped"

Deerhoof - "Behold A Marvel In Darkness"

Taylor Holenbeck, Hospital Ships, Appleseed Cast, Old Canes

  1. Deerhoof - "Deerhoof vs Evil"
  2. Chad VAnGaalen - "Diaper Island"
  3. Timber Timbre - "Creep On Creepin' On"
  4. Blackout Beach - "F* Death"
  5. Muscle Worship EP

Cameron Hawk is a music blogger and member of The Dead Girls. To read an extended version of his list, visit RecordGeekheaven.wordpress.com. Steve Wilson is a manager at Kief’s Music and musician in his own right. Read his extended list at stevemahoot.blogspot.com.


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