Stories for February 2011


Monday, February 28

Contest gives KU students a shot to share their healthy kitchen skills

Students are invited to make something healthy for a chance at prizes

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3 moves for a total-body workout

Trainer Nathan Wellendorf gives us a quick workout for the whole body that can be done at home with little equipment.

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Three Moves: Try this on for a value combo

It’s an excuse that’s probably been uttered a thousand times over in Lawrence alone: “I don’t have time to work out.”

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East meets Midwest: Lawrence convenience store evolves into Indian grocer

The front of the store looks like any other gas station. Pumps outside, pop in the refrigerator section, chips and candy for purchase, every kind of cigarette under the sun.

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Fine dressing: Do a homemade makeover on your basic condiments

Sometimes, a dollop makes the meal. That ketchup, mustard, mayo or fancy-pants aioli is exactly what is needed to make a good sandwich great.

River City Jules: There's an ad for that

It was one of the many days our kids had off from school this semester (they are all running together at this point, and I can’t be certain which one it was), and I was in the kitchen making lunch (of this I actually am certain).

Sunday, February 27

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Garden Calendar: Preparing planting for spring

Like many gardeners, Lawrence resident Ed Burrichter is anxious to get his garden growing.

Saturday, February 26

Faith Forum: Does the saying, ‘There is no such thing as bad publicity’ ring true for religion?

The Rev. Gary Teske and Rabbi Zalman Tiechtel answer.

Critter Care: Making room for new pets

After losing two dogs and a cat, Sue Novak finds two pets worthy of her home.

Friday, February 25

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Featured Final Fridays event: Art, music at baked goods at Love Garden

Check out local art, stick around for an in-store show and sample a baked good from Blackbird Bakery while you're there.

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Final Fridays features event: BiKlops Design and Studio Ike

Design works by Jeff Immer and Jeff McKee.

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Final Fridays featured event: 'Better Living'

Andrew Jilka's exhibit examines the signifiers of the traditional American Dream with drawings that deal with desire, health, spirituality and sexuality.

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Final Fridays featured event: 'Higher'

This gallery at Wonder Fair: Art Gallery, Shoppe and Studio, 803 1/2 Mass., focus on ascension, utopianism and escapism.

St. Luke’s AME Church to host annual Black History Month Musical Sunday

Musicians from Lawrence and area communities will come together Sunday to celebrate Black History Month, as well as the many cultural and ethnic groups in Lawrence.

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Final Fridays event: 'Contention'

Stark black and white paintings by Josh Adams.

Thursday, February 24

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Dysfunctional 'Opus'

Theatre Lawrence prepares "Opus," a backstage drama about world class musicians struggling with a lineup change.

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Style Scout: Tomo Mizuno

How would you describe your style? Very Japanese-y, sometimes.

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Style Scout: Laura Asmussen

Tell us a secret: I'm a nerd for trivia.

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Lawrence Children's Choir celebrates 20th anniversary with fears of the future

Says the group's executive director: “We don’t want to be an exclusive organization only for people who can afford the arts. ... And what the governor is doing is making it so that it becomes exclusive again.”

Wednesday, February 23

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The University of Kansas Theatre prepares 'The Beaux' Stratagem'

A Restoration classic gets a musical update.

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Wednesday Waifs: Catherine

Catherine is a two-year-old stray that loves playing and cuddling in equal measure.

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The must-see performances before the 2011 Oscars

These are the performances you need to see before the ceremony.

Tuesday, February 22

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Oscar eats: Party foods inspired by best picture nominees

The best picture nominees at Sunday’s Oscars are about as varied as the smorgasbord you’ll find at many a pre-show potluck.

Monday, February 21

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Review: Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Capcom has taken a varied and balanced cast of characters and created an experience that fighter fans can appreciate.

River City Jules: Introducing the River City roller

For all my fellow Gen X-ers who find themselves sitting around with friends, grumbling about how times have changed, lamenting the passing of their acid-washed, Karma Chameleon childhoods as kids these days bop along with their flat-billed hats and nanopods right before you yell at them to get off your lawn, I have found a time machine guaranteed to take you back and ma

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KU student invents device to clean pups' paws

Most people don’t end up turning sixth-grade science projects into successful business ventures. But Katie Mulich, now 20, is not most people.

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Performer Kevin Spencer recovers from traumatic injuries to spread magic offstage

Magician Kevin Spencer doesn’t want you to go watch a magic show. No, he doesn’t want anybody to sit through the same old rabbit-from-a-hat routine — the familiar, humdrum hocus-pocus.

Sunday, February 20

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Garden Calendar: Tropical plants brighten home in winter

Although there are plenty of different reasons to grow plants inside your home, I think Baldwin City resident Mica Willis expresses it the best.

Saturday, February 19

Cynical Obama budget expands debt

Five days before his inauguration, President-elect Obama told The Washington Post that entitlement reform could no longer be kicked down the road.

Friday, February 18

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Behind the Lens: Kodachrome fades into memory

Kansas isn’t particularly colorful in winter. Except at Dwayne’s Photo in Parsons. During the last two weeks of 2010, over 20,000 rolls of Kodachrome color slide film was shipped to this southeast Kansas lab.

Thursday, February 17

Tease photo Oscar contest 2011

Pick the Oscars for a chance to win movie passes good at any Hollywood Theater including the Southwind 12.

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'Bus Stop' comes to the Lied Center

The play will be the centerpiece of an entire day of activities celebrating William Inge and his work.

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Style Scout: James Fleming

What would you like to see less of in Lawrence? Hipsters.

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Style Scout: Corissa Enneking

Tell us a secret: I'm painfully gullible. Cars do not need blinker fluid, in case you were wondering.

Wednesday, February 16

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Homegrown sketch comedy comes to the Lawrence Arts Center

For husband and wife Matt Gaus and Emily Lowrance-Floyd, co-producers of the upcoming show “Loaded For Bear,” the goal is always hilarity, and they take their work very seriously. Well, maybe not completely seriously.

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Wednesday Waifs: Herbert

Herbert loves car rides, walks and has already been taught to sit, stay and lie down.

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Review: Stacking

Here’s hoping that Double Fine stays more focused on future titles as it did with Costume Quest, because Stacking tries to be two things at once and the result doesn’t make for a complete package.

Tuesday, February 15

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Farm, Inc.: Down on the ranch with third-generation cattle producers Mark and Brenna Wulfkuhle

What it's like to make your living running a conventional cattle operation.

Monday, February 14

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Secrets of the heart: Longtime couples share how they've gone the distance

Couples who've been together for decades share how their love has grown — and what you can learn from them.

River City Jules: Bad date, happy outcome

Aaah, Valentine’s Day, a day for celebrating love. (And/or eating chocolate.) In honor of this special day I have a special story to share, inspired by a question my oldest daughter recently asked, “Mom, what was your worst date?”

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Remnant Rehab: Retool your denims into skinny-leg jeans

A friend of mine recently asked if I could alter a pair of jeans for him. They were too long, and if I was going to be working on them, he wanted to see if they could be made into skinny-leg jeans rather than straight leg.

Reel views: New study suggests your movie buddy can affect your viewing experience

Anyone who goes to the movies with any amount of regularity has been witness to the two of the most annoying people in the theater: the talker and the texter.

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Haute chocolate: Explore this sweet's savory side

Those M&Ms have been lying to you all these years.

Mass St. Chic: Experiment with hairstyles from the spring runways

Get a head start on this spring’s hair and beauty trends. By the time warm weather rolls around, you’ll be a seasoned pro.

Sunday, February 13

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Behind the Lens: The benefits of improved shutter speed

Photographers take it for granted that we can stop action with fast shutter-speeds.

Saturday, February 12

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Garden Calendar: Teach your children the joy of gardening

If you have kids or work with kids, you have a great opportunity to teach them the joys of nurturing plants and producing food for themselves and others.

Friday, February 11

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Review: Dead Man's Cell Phone

A tight, immediate and evocative yarn.

Thursday, February 10

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Style Scout: Copper Coyote Ramberg

"I always wanted to be a cheerleader in High School, even though I never even attended a game. I really wanted one of their outfits."

Arts supporters protest Brownback's elimination of Arts Commission

The state faces an estimated $492 million revenue shortfall, and Brownback says he wants to "protect the core functions of government."

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Style Scout: Miles Smith

"I was spotted downtown, in between infecting things."

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With the end near, hair cuts, car service and vegan eating categories are too close to call for Best of Lawrence

With about 4300 votes cast — and more than 5100 ballots started but not yet complete — Best of Lawrence 2011 is entering the home stretch.

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Lost in shadow

Roger Shimomura exhibit comes to Lawrence Arts Center

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Quixotic Fusion brings performance art, aerial choreography, music to Liberty Hall

Performance art troupe prepares high-energy show for Lawrence.

Southwestern College unhappy with poster for horror movie 'The Roommate'

Billed as a college thriller, "The Roommate" remains a source of tension for administrators at Southwestern College upon its national theatrical release Friday.

Wednesday, February 9

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11 must-reads for 2011

No matter if you finish a book a month or one every couple of days, every reader needs a suggestion now and then. We asked local book sellers what books not to miss this year.

Wednesday Waifs: Lois

The Lawrence Humane Society has a German pointer eager for adoption.

Tuesday, February 8

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Set the mood, set the table: Spend this Valentine's Day at home

Skip the hassle this year and turn your home into a romantic hideaway with these tips form Lawrence experts.

Monday, February 7

Go Green: Kaw Valley Seed Fair will teach about local food production

In February, gardeners depend on dirty thoughts to get them through. If the 300 in attendance at the first annual Kaw Valley Seed Fair is any indication, this year’s event will be a hot spot.

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The Grateful Dead tell tales and other stories behind downtown Lawrence fixtures

Stories behind some of Lawrence's most familiar downtown shops.

River City Jules: Enough with the snow days

Uncle! Mercy! Whatever Mother Nature’s safe word is, I’m calling it right now.

Sunday, February 6

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Behind the Lens: Repetition of activity

A news photographer has many tricks and techniques to help capture better images. These are not unique trade secrets special only to photojournalists.

Saturday, February 5

Black Violin mixes classical music with modern hip-hop sensibilities

Miami group bring their signature stylings to the Lied Center this Tuesday.

Faith Forum: What is the biggest factor in a place of worship’s ‘identity’?

The Rev. Matt Cox of EastLake Community Church and Charles Gruber of the Oread Friends Meeting answer this week's faith forum question.

Friday, February 4

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Man on a 'Mission'

Amos Lee stops by Liberty Hall Monday in support of "Mission Bell."

Thursday, February 3

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Dead men leave no voicemail

The Lawrence Arts Center debuts its refurbished black box theater and its new professional theater company with "Dead Man's Cell Phone."

Langston Hughes Awards find new date: Feb. 17

The awards reception's original date was snowed out Feb. 1.

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Style Scout: Emily Hampton

"I like it when people dress appropriately for their environment, but that's probably not a trend. I suppose I like beards, boots, and booties."

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Style Scout: Justin Klaas

"I am really looking forward to the day when I can wear "dad clothes" like the ones in the window display at Weavers. I believe I can only keep this fashion thing going for so long before it just looks like I am trying too hard."

K-State researcher says movie-going companions matter

Want to enjoy a movie? Pay attention to the person sitting next to you. That's the message from a Kansas State University psychology professor.

Tuesday, February 1

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Wednesday Waifs: Alex

A black lab needs a good home.

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Sundance offering has Lawrence ties

The daughter of a former Kansas University chancellor co-produced "The Convincer," starring Greg Kinnear, Lea Thompson, Billy Crudup and Alan Arkin.

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Review: Dead Space 2

The deep space survival horror franchise returns in a big way.

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Best Of Lawrence tops 2,000 ballots, hungry for more

There's still much time to let your voice be heard

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Super Bowl Game Changers: Recipes a bit off-sides and off-center for your watch party spread

Take a look at our “Super Bowl Challenge” foods and give a new recipe a whirl before watching the Packers and the Steelers battle it out in Super Bowl XLV at 5:30 p.m. on Fox.

Not a problem

Sunday’s editorial regarding our snow-shoveling ordinance begins “Snow is a pain in the behind.” Thus, my suggestion for solving this civic dilemma is that the city (and the J-W) BUTT OUT.