With the end near, hair cuts, car service and vegan eating categories are too close to call for Best of Lawrence

With about 4300 votes cast — and more than 5100 ballots started but not yet complete — Best of Lawrence 2011 is entering the home stretch.

And some of the categories are still as close as they were when the race started.

With the deadline for voting 11:59 p.m. on Feb. 14, there's just a handful of days to cast your remaining votes. And if you have an interest in the best place to get a haircut, the best place to get your car services or the best place to eat our if you're a Vegan or Vegetarian, you better get your vote in.

In the competition for best haircut, Jon Amyx's Downtown Barber Shop has edged ahead of the Green Room Salon, with about 300 votes cast for each. It's been a seesaw battle between those two the entire way. There's still time, though, for third-place (Mike) Amyx Barber Shop or fourth-place Headmasters to sneak into the top spot.

In it's a three-way race for the top place to get your car serviced in our area. Westside 66 & Carwash is in the pole position with about 270 votes. Lawrence Automotive Diagnostics is pulling second and Slimmers is just a nose behind there. There's still time for either of those two to make a move.

The Vegan/Vegetarian category has seen the most movement this week, with Local Burger falling not only out of the lead that it held last week, but all the way into fourth-place with a strong showing by Zen Zero propelling it into second place. Free State Brewing Company, which has battled Local Burger for the top spot in this category, is up by just five votes on Zen Zero. The Community Mercantile has a slight lead over Local Burger and is in third place.

Just because a particular category you're interested in isn't listed here, doesn't mean it's over. Almost every category is led by fewer than 100 votes. If you have a friend or friends who haven't voted, point them at Best of Lawrence and tell them to get out and vote.


evilpenguin 9 years, 5 months ago

If you're going to highlight the last line in blue to encourage voters, at least make sure the line makes sense!

"If you have a friend or friends who haven't voted, point them at Best of Lawrence and tell them to get our the vote."

Poor show LJW :p

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