Stories for January 2011


Monday, January 31

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Remnant Rehab: Scarf brightens winter uniform

I decided to mix it up with a lively, easy scarf that I can wear with or without my coat.

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Friends to follow: Bridge relationships from social networks to real life

Two years ago, on a cold, snowy day, Ben Smith pulled up a chair in a cafe and waited.

A refresher course on toddlers

Apparently I had blocked out about eight years of my life from the recesses of my brain. But a few days with my nephew, Charlie, and all those memories of the eight straight years I spent turning my toddlers into preschoolers came flooding back. For those of you blessed to have survived this point and, like us, do not remember what it was like, here is a refresher…

Saturday, January 29

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Garden Calendar: No-till techniques

Rototillers are a wondrous tool for soil improvement to many gardeners, but some people are leaving the tiller behind for old-fashioned no-till techniques.

Faith Forum: What, other than religion, defines how you see yourself?

Answers from the Rev. Maria Campbell and the Rev. John McFarland.

Friday, January 28

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How to make your own Kansas Day cake

When working on a separate story about Kansas Day, I ran across a website that asked Kansans to bake a cake for their state's 150th birthday. I happily accepted this challenge, adding it to a long list of goodies I've brought into my coworkers at the Journal-World.

Final Fridays map: January 28, 2011

The exhibits and events for January's Final Friday.

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Langston Hughes Award honors go to two first-time entrants

For one, it’ll be a coming out party into Lawrence literary society. For the other, it’ll be a chance to show her chops in a medium other than the one she uses to pay the bills.

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Review: I Love You Phillip Morris

As you may be able to tell from its title, the new comedy “I Love You Phillip Morris” is a love story. It’s about infatuation, obsession, and the insane lengths people will go to when they are deep in love’s sway. It just so happens that the lovers in question are two gay men who fall in love in prison.

Thursday, January 27

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Style Scout: Joshua E. Huskisson 

Tell us a secret: I stole the TV.

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Part and parcel: Lawrence duo launches literary journal

With a penchant for the printed page, Heidi Raak and Kate Lorenz have spent the past six months making a publication that would be a work of art in itself.

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Style Scout: Jen Beck

"I have a tomboy side and a feminine side, and I express them both."

Wednesday, January 26

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Wednesday Waifs: Chi Chi

Our first entry in our weekly shelter pet spotlight is a spirited terrier mix.

Tuesday, January 25

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Looking at early Best of Lawrence results

Voting began Monday but we're already noticing some tight races

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Winter salads: Warm or cold, lettuce-filled or lettuce-free, these aren't July's salads

Adding seasonal ingredients elevates any cold-weather salad

There is such a thing as winter salad. In fact, there are several examples of ways to enjoy salad in the winter without feeling like everything you’re eating is coming from the Southern Hemisphere — no offense to Chile and New Zealand, of course.

Monday, January 24

Faith Forum: What's your definition of faith and how has your own belief shaped it?

Answers by the Rev. Jill Jarvis and the Rev. Gary O'Flannagan.

Mom into Fitness: Fertility struggles lead KU alumna to develop exercise series

Though she admits she may not be the next Jane Austen when it comes to writing, Kansas University alumna Lindsay Brin has plenty of other things to be proud of these days.

River City Jules: Uncomfortable party pics

It was after midnight in Chicago. My husband had taken our kids back to the hotel earlier, leaving me to enjoy an evening out at my BFF’s 40th birthday party with college friends and my brother, now living in the Windy City.

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Storm stories: LHS grad making name for work in graphic novels

Niki Smith is an artist who is fascinated by natural disasters.

Library Public Library announces romance book sale

Friends of the Lawrence Public Library has announced plans for a Romance Book Sale next month.

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Vote here in our 2011 Best of Lawrence competition

From now through Valentine's Day, Feb. 14, you can vote on your favorites local businesses and help them be dubbed one of the 2011 Best of Lawrence. One vote per e-mail address.

Stage fright: Opera at Lawrence Arts Center will focus on bullying

Bullies terrorizing their classmates might not be the first thing that comes to mind when people think of opera performances, but an upcoming production by the Lawrence Arts Center’s City Youth Theater and Lyric Opera of Kansas City may help tie the two subjects together in young Lawrence residents’ minds.

Sunday, January 23

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Behind the Lens: Optimizing shutter speed

If you have to use the flash on your point-and-shoot, here are some tips to avoid washout.

Saturday, January 22

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Garden Calendar: Protecting your trees against pine wilt

If you have a dead pine tree on your property, cut it down. Get rid of the beetle and nematode-infested wood by burning, burying or chipping it.

Kansas woman embarks on yearlong art journal

Amber Lucian Tyree has a lofty goal for 2011.As snow fell steadily on a recent morning, she jogged across her family's rural farm fields on a quest to find something that would help her meet that goal.

Friday, January 21

Group hoping to get KAWR, a community radio station, up and running in Lawrence

In 2007, Kevin Kennedy saw an opportunity. Slowly but surely that opportunity became an idea, then a reality.

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Best Of Lawrence returns Monday

You've helped us nominate candidates, now vote on the town's best Monday

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Style Scout: Beau Bruns

Tell us a secret: My favorite band is Dream Theater.

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Style Scout: Mercedes Loftin

"I like to mix vintage and new, and most of the time I opt for comfort/weather appropriate apparel — but I love to get dressed up!"

Lego sculpture exhibit coming to Washburn University's Mulvane Art Museum

A collection of sculptures made from Legos will go on display this summer at Washburn University's Mulvane Art Museum.

Thursday, January 20

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Queen's Castle: Singer Joyce Castle celebrates her ruby anniversary

Mezzo-soprano singer Joyce Castle celebrates 40 years of performance at the Lied Center.

Wednesday, January 19

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Best Of Lawrence 2011: Auto service, best overall restaurant

With voting beginning in a few days, we roll out the last of our categories to be previewed

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Creative cuts: Lawrence artists stand to lose thousands of dollars in Brownback's proposed budget

The city's arts community says it will suffer greatly if the governor truly eliminates funds to the Kansas Arts Commission.

Tuesday, January 18

Lawrence motorcycle enthusiasts prepare for 2011 Bike Show and Swapmeet

Lawrence resident Jim Sneegas is still deciding which one of his old motorcycles he will put in the 2011 Bike Show and Swapmeet on Feb. 6. He has plenty of options.

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Chili con carnage: Painfully hot 'ghost chili' popping up on Lawrence store shelves

It's officially recognized as the hottest chili pepper in the world and we tried tried them just to be sure.

Monday, January 17

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Best Of Lawrence goes gluten free, vegan and vegetarian

Help us make sure we include Lawrence's best options for consideration

River City Jules: Nice minivan, ma'am

It’s not so much that we were about to purchase a minivan this week. I accepted the fact long ago that I was far too practical of a person and lacked far too much eye-hand coordination to ever own an SUV and was, therefore, destined to contain my herd behind sliding doors.

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Edible landscapes: Lawrence activists want orchards for private, public use

Skyler Adamson would love it for any resident in Lawrence to be able to walk down the path in a park, through school grounds or out their own front door and get a quick snack.

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The Runner, the Baker, the Wedding Cake Maker: Sweetening a Winter Classic

Well, I warned you. I love to combine my passions for sports and baking. And this is what happens. Winter Classic cupcakes.

Sunday, January 16

Boomer Girl Diary: Humiliation insurance

I come by my aversion to the insurance industry honestly. I was force-fed the concept of risk management at an early age.

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Garden Calendar: Better know a woodpecker

Ever wonder why woodpeckers peck? Or if the holes the birds chisel cause any real harm?

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Behind the Lens: Quality, not quantity, of light

Keeping the sun behind you goes a long way to ensuring well-lit subjects, properly exposed images and a sun-burned neck. But breaking this rule can lead to more creative work.

Saturday, January 15

Unsustainable plan

The Public Forum letter titled “Be selective” requests being selective about cutting or not repealing the Affordable (Health) Care Act.

Decry violence

The Philippines, Indonesia, Somalia, Sudan, Pakistan, Turkey, Nigeria and Egypt all have one thing in common. In the last 25 years, Christians have been killed by Muslims in those nations solely because they were Christians.

Friday, January 14

Lawrence filmmaker screening 'The Inappros' tonight

Marc Havener, award-winning filmmaker of “And What Remains,” will air “The Inappros” at 8 p.m. today at Pachamama’s Alton Ballroom, 800 N.H. Doors open at 7.

Thursday, January 13

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Review: Little Big Planet 2

The sequel to the community-driven platformer adds even more customization and creativity.

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Style Scout: Kanani Anela Warner

What would you like to see less of in Lawrence? "Girls that can't walk in their shoes."

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Style Scout: Joe Scholz

People Say I Look Like... "I hate to admit it but I get a lot of Jack Black comparisons."

Wednesday, January 12

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Best of Lawrence 2011: Store Cat, New Restaurant

Voting begins Jan. 24, but there's still a few days for you to let us know if we've missed any of your favorites

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Visual memory

The “Celebrate People’s History” project is an exhibit of politically motivated prints and posters. It opens this Saturday at The Percolator.

Tuesday, January 11

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Getting sharp in the kitchen: Chef Nancy Stark teaches helpful knife technique

I have a deep dark secret that’s completely embarrassing as a professional food writer.

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Warming trend: Ways to spice up your favorite cocoa, tea or coffee this winter

Winter’s long and dreary here in our corner of Kansas, and it’s easy to fall into a rut of mug after mug of the same old, same old.

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Most Anticipated Games in 2011

The games and franchises to keep an eye on this year.

Beatles memorabilia goes on display soon in Topeka

A collection of Beatles memorabilia goes on display next month at a Topeka museum.

Wichita writer's debut book 'Moon Over Manifest' wins John Newbery Medal

Clare Vanderpool’s “Moon Over Manifest,” a young girl’s magical and mysterious adventures in a small town in 1936, won the John Newbery Medal for the “most distinguished contribution to American literature for children.”

Monday, January 10

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Best Of Lawrence 2011: Sweets, quick eats and game day hot spots

Voting begins Jan. 24. Let us know if we're missing any candidates for our categories.

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Lawrence dentist offering program on TMJ

Think teeth grinding can be a real pain? Just ask Kate Whitsel, a junior at Kansas State University, who drives 90 minutes twice a month to Lawrence to visit dentist Jim Otten for severe TMJ issues.

Sunday, January 9

Boomer Girl Diary: Bring on the senior discounts

I am so down with the discounts-for-50-somethings philosophy, I think everyone should offer them.

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Behind the Lens: Improvisation a key ingredient to good photography

Don’t photograph the cart before the horse.

Saturday, January 8

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Garden calendar: Winter garden chores

If last week’s sunshine and above-freezing temperatures have you itching to be in the garden, I have good news. Your trees and shrubs need you.

Thursday, January 6

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Style Scout: Jun Park

Tell us a Secret: I’ve watched every episode of "Sex and the City," and I’ve seen the "Sex and the City" movies.

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Tips for sticking to your New Year's resolutions

It's less than a week into 2011 and if you're New Year's resolution is already on shaky ground, you're not alone.

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Style Scout: Kelly Logan

"I’m secretly a corpse being carried around by my friends like in 'Weekend at Bernie’s.
' "

Wednesday, January 5

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Best of Lawrence 2011 seeks haircut, new wardrobe

With voting just weeks away, we look at Best of Lawrence's haircut and clothing categories

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Ask the Farmer's Almanac

The Farmer's Almanac offers the answers to such vexing questions as the best days to start logging, the best days to castrate livestock or the best days to make sauerkraut. All the while being “useful, with a pleasant degree of humor.”

Tuesday, January 4

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Former KU track athlete, Ottawa native, gets her first rose on ABC's "The Bachelor"

Former KU runner Lisa Morrisey is among 20 women to make the first cut in the reality drama.

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What do I do with: Soft Cheeses

But if soft cheese is new to your kitchen, now’s as good a time as any to familiarize yourself with them.

Monday, January 3

Add lace to your 2011 wardrobe

The beginning of the year or the turn of the season always means one thing for me — time for change. Now I realize we can’t bust out our finest spring frocks while there is still snow on the ground, but we can prep our wardrobes; reorganize your closets, pack away outdated clothing and slowly upgrade, picking up pieces here and there to fill-in any gaps in your apparel. Read on for some advice on what to expect in 2011.

Best of Lawrence 2011: Asian food, breakfast

With voting just weeks away, we look at our candidates for the best Asian cuisine and best breakfast in town

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Fitting in: Former Lawrence residents start popular fitness site

It started out as a little fitness blog. One of those “wouldn’t it be fun” kind of ideas that two friends come up with for a good time.

River City Jules: Here's to a 2011 sans Kardashians

My list is meager, a realistic and attainable set of goals for us to collectively embrace: an end to all illness, corporate corruption and TMZ’s coverage of all Kardashians and those who keep up with them.

Sunday, January 2

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Pinball wizard restores old machines

Gary Martin sure plays a mean pinball.

Saturday, January 1

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Behind the Lens: Working with Kodachrome

On or shortly after Dec. 30, 2010, the world’s last roll of Kodachrome film was processed.

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Garden Calendar: Some useful definitions

Do you really know what the terms organic, local, natural, and sustainable mean when it comes to fruits and vegetables?