Stories for July 2011


Sunday, July 31

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Garden Calendar: Fair offers friendly competition

If friendly competition with fellow gardeners sparks your interest, join me at the open class horticulture exhibit at the Douglas County Free Fair.

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Behind the Lens: Purchasing prints

Most phone calls to the Journal-World photography department deal with questions regarding reprints of published images. Yes, they are available. Here's how.

Saturday, July 30

Faith Forum: What's your favorite book of the bible?

The Rev. Matt Sturtevant and the Rev. Glenn Fletcher answer.

Thursday, July 28

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Wonder Fair preps latest entry in ongoing Our Tube series

Tonight's entry is curated by John Kelly Clark.

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Style Scout: Trey Greenleaf

What are your current favorite fashion trends? Tank tops. It’s the summertime.

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Style Scout: Jennifer Lynn Lunt

Tell us a secret: I can make a killer monkey impression.

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Lawrence Art Center prepares 'West Side Story'

The Summer Youth Theater's production of "West Side Story" has special meaning to three young actors.

Wednesday, July 27

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Final Friday Preview: 'Today Smells Like Today'

After several years of near-constant activity in the local arts scene, Lawrence artist Alicia Kelly readies one last exhibit before heading west.

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Final Friday Preview: 'The Long and the Short'

In her newest body of artwork, Lawrence artist (and Final Fridays coordinator) Molly Murphy explores the way in which human beings think about the natural world.

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Final Friday Preview: 'The End of Days Parade' by Ben Strawn

Tiny mice ride wooden fish into battle in this exhibit based on English fairy tales and children's books.

Tuesday, July 26

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Fully grown: Growing Lawrence provides education to farmers, would-be farmers

After 30 years, Growing Lawrence returns to its information-gathering roots.

Monday, July 25

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Three Moves: At the playground with Laura Webb

Don’t slouch around Laura Webb. That goes for both posture and work ethic.

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The Runner, the Baker, the Wedding Cake Maker: Scratching the surface of a cookie tradition

It’s only recently that I’ve wondered why peanut butter cookies have fork marks on them.

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Racing in the blood: Third-generation riders will compete in Douglas County Fair

Horses are a way of life for most of the competitors in Friday night’s barrel racing competition at the Douglas County Fair.

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Trading post: Weekly barter market aims for goods over cash

Danielle Vanderbilt has a garden stocked with winners — the foods she knows her husband and two young children will eat.

Sunday, July 24

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Garden Calendar: Tree farms in the off-season

Eric and Lyn Walther and their son Mitchell, who operate Strawberry Hill Christmas Tree Farm west of Lawrence, offer a look into the off-season of Christmas tree production.

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Behind the Lens: Low-tech photography

There's a time and place for low-tech photography. Here are some examples.

Saturday, July 23

Faith Forum: What’s your favorite place for prayer?

The Rev. Gary Teske and Rabbi Zalman Tiechtel answer.

Friday, July 22

Theatre Lawrence raises more than $5 million needed for new $6.2 million building

Group needs to raise rest of funds by end of September

If we were at the theater, the lights now would be flickering to signal the start of the third and final act.

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Promoter Martin Maina wants to bring afrobeat to the forefront of Lawrence music

With bands like Lawrence's SUNU and Kansas City's Hearts of Darkness, a truly eclectic genre is beginning to take hold.

Thursday, July 21

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Style Scout: Robyn Lee

People say I look like… Ellen Page in the movie Juno. So, I look 16 and pregnant? Thank you!

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Lawrence comedians flock to Joke Night!

Ed Parker and the rest of the comedians at Joke Night! bring some diverse entertainment to downtown Lawrence.

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Style Scout: Mick Cottin

What are your least favorite fashion trends? Disney-themed shirts, long pants in triple-digit temperatures and shirtless dudes downtown.

Wednesday, July 20

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Downtown Lawrence Sidewalk Sale: Hot deals, cool customers

As downtown businesses gear up for the biggest sale of the year, new additions will keep patrons cool.

Tuesday, July 19

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Seeds of change: Former head of the Kansas Rural Center buys an Italian seed business

The term “sowing seeds” can make a million metaphors in the business world, but Dan Nagengast and Lynn Byczynski are taking the term to new metaphorical and literal heights.

Monday, July 18

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Vintage cool: Tips to purchase and care for your jewelry finds

What’s old is new again, right?

Sunday, July 17

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Garden Calendar: Curves and lines

The symmetric circles of Lawrence residents Richard and Amy Wendt’s flagstone patio, water feature and outdoor fireplace offer an outstanding example of curves and hardscape that make the landscape greater.

Saturday, July 16

Faith Forum: How would your faith help you answer the age-old question, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”

The Rev. Shannah McAleer and the Rev. Josh Longbottom answer.

Friday, July 15

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Professor's book takes a scholarly approach to the Harry Potter franchise

With the final film out today, the Harry Potter series effectively draws to a close. KU professor Giselle Liza Anatol's new book takes an in depth look at the literally legacy.

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Rocket Grants reward local artists for their creativity

Artists such as Judith Levy and others get to further propel their unique projects.

Thursday, July 14

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Style Scout: Josie McCoy

What would you like to see less of in Lawrence? Sweatpants and workout attire. This is never a good look for anyone, unless you are at the gym.

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A model metropolis

Juniper Tangpuz and the students of the Lawrence Arts Center's summer camp program are cardboard cityscape of epic proportions.

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Style Scout: Unimuke Agada

People say I look like: My two most common comparisons have been Diggy Simmons and Wesley Snipes. Not sure how I feel about either of them…

Wednesday, July 13

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Poolside with Victor Continental

The Flying Fork's Megan Stuke talks to the host and star of "The Victor Continental Show" about performing in the summer, his favorite summertime activities and his actual age.

Tuesday, July 12

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Fruit failure: Mother Nature deals area farmers and eaters a blow — few apples and even fewer peaches

One farmer estimates he'll get just 10 percent of his peach crop this year. Another estimates only 40 percent of his apples will mature.

Monday, July 11

Theatre Lawrence hopes to hook families with pirate show

Ahoy, matey! Shiver me timbers! Anyone can learn to speak like a pirate during a production of the whimsical musical “How I Became A Pirate” at Theatre Lawrence.

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Green machine: Student brings a long-gone tractor back to life by converting it from gas to electric

It wasn’t exactly a thing of Frankenstein-type proportions, but Will Pendleton can say he brought an inanimate object to life.

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Remnant Rehab: Make your own chain necklace for a night out

On the eve of one of my rare Saturday nights off, I decided to make myself a new necklace to wear out on the town.

Sunday, July 10

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Behind the Lens: A new way to look at photography

A Silicon Valley startup has developed a camera that captures more light, allowing images to be refocused after the fact.

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Garden Calendar: The art of good garden design

Garden design is truly an art, and east Lawrence resident Shari Head is a talented artist.

Saturday, July 9

Faith Forum: Do you have specific summer prayers?

Doug Heacock and the Rev. John McFarland answer.

Thursday, July 7

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Style Scout: Cameron Birdsall

People say I look like… Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Buddy Holly — only because of my glasses.

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Style Scout: Desiree Monique Thurber

What would you like to see less of in Lawrence? Negative people.

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Comedy after dark

A slight departure from the usual after-hours entertainment in downtown Lawrence, “Dark Times with Jay Maus” bridges the gap between comedy show and rock concert.

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New book takes readers on 'Wagon Train to Freedom'

History teacher Todd Mildfelt's new book shares Kansas' history of the Underground Railroad with children.

Wednesday, July 6

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Live blog: Vans Warped Tour

We're live July 6 from the 2011 Vans Warped Tour at Capitol Federal Park at Sandstone in Bonner Springs.

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DJs Mitmo and Feast bring a new weekly dance party to The Jackpot

Blasian teams up with Team Bear Club to bring an eclectic mix of retro soul, dubstep, electronica, foreign pop and Top 40 to summer dance floors.

Tuesday, July 5

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Stand and deliver: Our guide to farm stands and stores

The Lawrence area is dotted with the kinds of farm stands and stores. Many of them are seasonal, and now’s the time to discover them if you’re looking for a unique shopping experience.

Monday, July 4

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In search of America's game: Other sports, activities challenge baseball's reign

Apple pie, rock ‘n’ roll and baseball: America’s dessert, music and game, right? Yes and no.

Recoup the costs of a home energy audit

The good news was that for just $100, we could have a home energy audit. The bad news was that we live in a 1954 “ranchette.” It’s had plenty of time to settle — such a nice-sounding word.

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Find your way to Funkytown: Old West Lawrence garden trading post for toys

You never know what you’ll find when you visit Funkytown.

Sunday, July 3

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Garden Calendar: Spruce showing stress from weather and pests

I love the majestic spruce tree as much as anyone, with its short, spiky needles and nearly perfect pyramidal form. Spruce trees are not always happy in northeast Kansas, though, and this year is especially tough.

Saturday, July 2

Faith Forum: How has learning about world religions affected your view of your own faith?

Robert Minor and the Rev. Peter Luckey answer.

Friday, July 1

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Lawrence Lithography Workshop showcases pieces from its storied history

Founded in Lawrence before moving to Kansas City after more than two decades, the workshop has been home artists both local and international.