Stories for June 2011


Thursday, June 30

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Style Scout: Melanie Werts

Do you have any fashion influences? Yes, everything. When I see something I like, I incorporate it into my wardrobe.

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Tour of Lawrence women race to win and inspire

Right now men outnumber women 9-to-1 in the Tour of Lawrence. The Free State Racing Team and other riders want to change that.

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Style Scout: Jon Marzette

Tell us a secret: I was the dude in the pizza suit on Sixth street when Pizza Street was still around.

Wednesday, June 29

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Fourth of July events and fireworks displays in Lawrence, Eudora, De Soto, McLouth and Ottawa

Lawrence, Eudora, De Soto, McLouth and Ottawa are preparing for 2011 Fourth of July events and fireworks displays.

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Lawrence residents prepare Jammin for Joplin benefit

Many people were shocked and moved to act when a tornado ravaged Joplin, Mo. Lindsey Frye created a benefit concert.

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Review: Fear 3

An overdue shooter that's not Duke Nukem Forever, delivers some inventive multiplayer.

Tuesday, June 28

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What do I do with ... lemongrass?

Yes, lemongrass is a grass, but it’s much more likely that it’ll find it’s way to a pot (planting or cooking) than your lawn. Also, there are no actual lemons involved here, just a citrus-y fragrance.

Monday, June 27

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Remnant Rehab: Itty-bitty purse just right for shopping sales

I recently informed my cousin on a shopping trip that there’s no such thing as too many purses.

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Three moves for bikini season: Mom and fitness competitor shares calorie-blasting outdoor workout

It might be the name of this column, but Lovena Tuley isn’t about to tell you that you can get a bikini body in just three moves.

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Deck reads: Beachy books for the landlocked

These page-turners come with a side of sunburn.

Sunday, June 26

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Garden Calendar: A garden in bloom all year long

Looking around Ellen and Howard Duncan’s yard in Lecompton, Ellen’s careful planning of bloom sequence is apparent.

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Behind the Lens: Photo apps for on-the-go

On a long bike trip, you can't weigh, Mike opts for versatile camera apps over his weighty DSLR.

Saturday, June 25

Critter Care: Good summer practices for your pets

If you think the summer weather is punishing on you, try enduring with a fur coat.

Faith Forum: Are faith and conviction always tied to one another?

The Rev. Jeff Barclay and the Rev. Mitch Todd answer.

Friday, June 24

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University theatre readies itself for some 'Dirty Work'

In celebration of the Kansas Sesquicentennial, the University of Kansas Theatre Department presents a melodramatic production of “Dirty Work at the Crossroads,” or “Tempted, Tried and True.”

Thursday, June 23

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Footprints Summer Foreign Film Fest showcases Japanese, French greats

This summer's two-day film festival to feature classics from Kurosawa, Malle and Carné.

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Style Scout: Christopher William Waggoner

What are your least favorite fashion trends? Summer. I don't believe in shorts — if you see me around, ask me about my shorts theory.

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Style Scout: Victoria Robbins

What are your least favorite fashion trends? Orange skin. Girls are looking foolish out here.

Wednesday, June 22

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Final Friday preview: The Social Service League

There will be plenty to see and do at the Social Service League this Friday, when the thrift store will host the works of three artists, as well as an after-hours dance party.

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Final Friday preview: The label art of Boulevard Brewing

Payton Kelly showcases some of the artwork behind Boulevard Beer's iconic labels and promotional materials.

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Final Friday preview: Wonder Fair Family Show

The Wonder Fair operators are inviting the public to become one of the family during the Wonder Fair Family Show.

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Final Friday preview: Karma Bones

The idea of appliances piled up in a junkyard is not something most people think about when they go out to buy a new microwave, but Athens, Ga., artist Andrew Burkitt has.

Tuesday, June 21

'Combat Hospital’ lacks originality

“Combat Hospital” (9 p.m., ABC) becomes the latest medical soap opera to air on ABC. Its setting in an Afghanistan war zone is supposed to make it different, but only goes to prove that the cliches of the genre transplant to any location.

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Salad days: Spice up the old summer favorite with new combinations

Salad should be a summer staple in every household, given the abundance of seasonal faves for the salad bowl, including tomatoes, carrots and cucumbers.

Monday, June 20

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The Runner, the Baker, the Wedding Cake Maker: Cupcake cones

Ice cream cones are popular this time of year, but they don’t last long in this Kansas heat. Here’s a summer treat that’s just as fun but will hold up a little longer.

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Yoga for youths: How teens are putting the flex into their fitness routines

Mitch Madl, 15, grew up playing all kinds of sports: basketball, football, soccer and wrestling. Then, last fall, while playing football, he was hit during a game and developed a pain in his lower back that wouldn’t go away.

Sunday, June 19

Boomer Girl Diary: The perils of pop-ins

My dad’s been gone for over three years now, but each Father’s Day, while bittersweet, gets a little easier to take. Especially when I focus on one of my favorite Dad stories, like this one.

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Garden Calendar: Nature trail planned for Lawrence Rotary Arboretum

It's off the beaten path, but the Lawrence Rotary Arboretum is quickly becoming a beautiful nature hideaway.

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Behind the Lens: The added value of wide-angle lenses

If I had to photograph with only one lens for the rest of my life, I would settle on a wide-angle lens.

Saturday, June 18

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Weekend westerners

The Powder Creek Cowboys dress the part and shoot the guns of the old west as part of the Single-Action Shooting Society.

Faith Forum: How have your religious views changed in the last 10 years?

The Rev. Nate Rovenstine and the Rev. Pam Morrison answer.

Friday, June 17

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Teller's owner hopes to add Iron Chef-style competition to Lawrence Fourth of July celebration in Watson Park

A group of Lawrence restaurant owners has plans to make this year’s Fourth of July celebration bigger and better than ever. For the third year in a row, the Lawrence Originals — 21 locally owned restaurants — will help fund the fireworks display traditionally put on by the Lawrence Jaycees.

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Run the river: Fifth annual Gritty Fitty river race this weekend

It's not too late to sign up for this Saturday's wild race down the Kaw River.

Thursday, June 16

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Style Scout: Adam Pfeifer

Tell us a secret: I have the hugest crush on Emma Watson.

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Cinema Con Queso: Move over cinéma vérité, this is cinema cheese.

Luchadores, robots, mummies and vampire women all play their parts in the fourth annual film screening.

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Style Scout: Sarah Casto

Do you have any fashion influences? Mrs. Roper and Gwen Stefani.

Wednesday, June 15

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Wheelchair ballroom dance company Groovability in need of funding

The non-profit wheelchair dance troupe seeks financial support to tour and perform.

Tuesday, June 14

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Doughnut hole: Ban highlights difficulties of getting local flour in the Wheat State

Nothing like a doughnut, or lack thereof, to put a bad taste in people’s mouths.

Monday, June 13

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Smoking out great grilling tools for dads

For the dad who likes to grill, a treasure trove of Father’s Day ideas can be found in the tips and tricks of the pros.

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Hatching a revolution: Breeder outside Lawrence raising endangered birds

Jenn Cole-Hiatt hasn’t eaten meat in 23 years, yet more than 225 birds roam her farm.

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Remnant Rehab: Shoe bag perfect for traveling dads

MY dad travels a lot for his job, and he goes all over the world. He has packing down to a science. For Father’s Day, I made him a shoe bag for his suitcase.

Sunday, June 12

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Behind the Lens: Creative framing

Summer’s here, which means it’s a good time to brush up on a few photography skills to help make the most your vacation scenes.

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Garden Calendar: Pervious building materials

With more buildings and paved surfaces than ever before, engineers and environmentalists are exploring other options.

Saturday, June 11

Faith Forum: What’s your favorite movie with religious undertones?

The Rev. Rob Baldwin and the Rev. David Rivers answer.

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For those about to rock

Rock Camp teaches students the finer points of rock musicianship.

Friday, June 10

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Van Go artists prepare for What Floats Your Boat

Student-artists are creating pieces for sale and auction as part of the annual summer fundraiser, but selling has its rewards beyond just money.

Thursday, June 9

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Style Scout: Jeffrey Pirtle Carmody

Tell us a secret: I love kitties!

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Failed summer reads

Whether it's a best-seller or classic work of literature, it's easy to let life get in the way of a summer reading project. Librarian Here's how.

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Style Scout: Kristina Marie Tirol Van Anne

How would you describe your style? I buy what I can afford, which isn't much, so I suppose ‘clearance-section fab.’

Wednesday, June 8

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Residence in pictures: Printmaker Nicolette Ross shows the works she's created as an artist-in-residence at the Lawrence Arts Center

Nicolette Ross, printmaking artist-in-residence at the Lawrence Arts Center, will be opening a showing of her work, entitled “If You Say So” at the center June 10.

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All that jazz: Theatre Lawrence preps 'Chicago'

After six years of petitioning for the production rights to the musical “Chicago,” Theatre Lawrence, 1501 New Hampshire, finally received the green light.

Tuesday, June 7

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Tasty tour: A little something for everyone on this year's Lawrence Food Garden Tour

This Saturday, the third-annual tour of private and community food gardens around Lawrence will welcome visitors during the coolest part of the day — 9 a.m. to noon and again from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Monday, June 6

Website maintenance planned for Monday night, may lead to service outage

Planned maintenance of our web servers may lead to some brief down time for this website Monday night.

Lawrence resident travels nation on Harley to benefit fallen police officers

Harry Herrington's on a mission to ride a Harley to every state capital to raise money and awareness for the surviving loved ones of fallen officers.

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Author, author: Unique printing press contest honors student writers by publishing first books

Think back to what it was like when you were a kid and some grown-up would ask you that vaunted question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

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Slice of Life: Machinery designer Charles Whatley follows his passions

World War II bombs falling around Charles Whatley’s childhood home changed his life course and thrust him upon an inventive career and a circuitous journey to Lawrence, where he developed a successful business.

Sunday, June 5

Faith Forum: Is salvation earned or given?

The Rev. Darrell Brazell and the Rev. Tom Brady answer.

Boomer Girl Diary: Wretched wabbits

Hating bunnies. Is there a faster, more direct, one-way ticket to Hell than that?

Saturday, June 4

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Garden Calendar: Become a master gardener

While the title sounds intimidating, becoming a master gardener is easier than you think.

Friday, June 3

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Review: 'Earthwork'

Shot almost entirely in Kansas and based on the true story of Lawrence, Kan. crop artist Stan Herd, “Earthwork” is a testament to the power within art to bring people together, even in the most unlikely of circumstances.

Thursday, June 2

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'Falling backwards': Lawrence artists react to Kansas Arts Commission closing

Starting next month, Kansas arts organizations will have no direct access to government funding — state, regional or national.

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Interview: Chris Ordal, writer/director of 'Earthwork'

Ordal talks about the film's reception, his process as a director and his definition of success.

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Mixed media artist becomes first project-based residency recipient

It’s been a big year for Lawrence artist Aaron Storck and it's only halfway over.

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Style Scout: Sophia Rylko

What would you like to see more of in Lawrence? I’d love a roller rink. My family loves to roller skate but we don’t like having to drive to Kansas City to skate.

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Style Scout: Rich Brown

What would you like to see less of in Lawrence? Snapback caps.

Wednesday, June 1

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Hospital Ships ready 'Lonely Twin'

Lawrence band's sophomore album already has national attention and it hasn't even been released yet.