Stories for March 2011


Thursday, March 31

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Style Scout: Travis Mitchell

What would you like to see less of in Lawrence? Pretentious people.

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Style Scout: Eileen Strong

Tell us a Secret: I love working with my son so much — I work for free!

20th century 'Man'

University Theatre tackles its first Bertholt Brecht play in more than 20 years with "Man Equals Man."

Wednesday, March 30

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KVSA hosts "Pelada" at Liberty Hall

Kaw Valley Soccer Association fundraiser features pick-up soccer documentary.

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'The Music Man' performance is a family affair

Relatives abound in the cast of "The Music Man."

Tuesday, March 29

Pizza battle! Chefs go head-to-head in quest for best pizza and beer pairing

Pizza and beer have been together for many a competition — every night is game night somewhere.

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Review: Crysis 2

With a solid campaign and addicting multiplayer, Crysis 2 isn't just a treat for the eyes. If you are a fan of shooters in the least, you owe it to yourself to experience all that Crysis 2 has to offer.

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Get your greens! How to work kale, arugula and other spring wonders into your salad bowl

The Downtown Lawrence Farmers' Market opens April 9, making it the perfect time to try out unfamiliar greens.

Monday, March 28

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Review: Knights Contract

There's little redeeming about this low-budget gameplay in a full-priced package.

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Pudgy pets: Help animal companions slim down for a longer, healthier life

According to a February Association for Pet Obesity Prevention study, about 53 percent of cats and 55 percent of dogs were overweight.

Lawrence DJs are answer to fun-filled trivia night

The pursuit of an entertaining night out with friends in Lawrence is anything but trivial.

Remnant Rehab: Patchwork bag makes use of charm squares

I have managed to collect a number of 5-inch charm squares. I don’t know why they are called charm squares, but I find a lot of the patterns I have charming. So I came up with a quick patchwork project to put them to use.

Sunday, March 27

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Garden Calendar: Disease threatens walnut trees

Thousand Cankers is making its way into Kansas. Jennifer Smith gives tips to avoid it.

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Behind the Lens: A bang-up job

Sideline photography is its own contact sport.

Saturday, March 26

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Elizabeth Taylor's 5 greatest performances

From "National Velvet" to "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof," Eric Melin collects Elizabeth Taylor's best performances.

Faith Forum: What is the best way to share your religious beliefs with strangers?

The Rev. Shaun LePage and the Rev. Joanna Harader answer.

Critter Care: When a pet makes a break for it

Precautions to take in case your pet goes missing.

Friday, March 25

Let's chew up the competition: NCAA Tournament eats based on each team KU faces during March Madness

For each game the Jayhawks play in the tournament, we’ll be posting a recipes inspired by the team Kansas is playing. On deck? The University of Illinois.

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All hail 'King Corn'

KU Environs and Chipotle bring food documentary to Liberty Hall.

Thursday, March 24

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Final Friday preview: Dave Loewenstein

Lawrence artist's exhibit focuses on the idea of "the other" in "Them," at the Invisible Hand Gallery.

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Style Scout: Laura Lewis

People Say I look like… Nothing that still seems legit when they are sober.

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Style Scout: Patrick Agada

Tell us a secret: Rihanna and I have been dating for almost a year now.

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Final Friday preview: Jenny Brown

Local jewelry maker Jenny Brown will be presenting her work at The Phoenix Gallery’s new location, 825 Mass St., this upcoming Final Friday.

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Final Friday preview: Nick Schmiedeler

For Nick Schmiedeler, his art has blossomed, almost literally out of his home’s lawn.

Tuesday, March 22

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Spring break is the perfect time to get kids in the kitchen

Sneak in a bit of education along with a plate-load of fun by getting children cooking during their time at home.

Monday, March 21

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Review: Dragon Age 2

If you like sword-and-sorcery Western RPGs, this is most likely a game you’ll enjoy and put dozens of hours into.

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Review: MLB 11: The Show

The boys of summer are back in an edition that features enough technical improvements to warrant playing.

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Steps in the family: PEW research shows how remarriage has shaped relationships

A survey by Pew Research Center reports that four in 10 American adults have at least one step relative. The pervasive presence of step relatives has reshaped the framework of the American family.

Sunday, March 20

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Urban dance classes provide spring break alternative

The Kansas City Hip Hop Academy and the Lawrence Arts Center bring "Hip Hop Happening" to downtown just in time for spring break.

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Garden Calendar: Pointed questions for lawn care professionals

If you're going to hire someone else to maintain your lawn, ask these questions first.

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Behind the Lens: Gearing up for the NCAA tournament

Shooting the tournament requires more gear than a standard assignment. A lot more.

Boomer Girl Diary: Getting a grip

Honing the lost art of bladder control.

Saturday, March 19

Not a KU fan? No problem, we've got you covered for what to do when the Jayhawks play

Not a Kansas basketball fan (or just rooting for another team)? Here's your rundown of all the non-basketball action in Lawrence during KU's March Madness games.

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Lawrence Arts Center prepares its 31st annual art auction

The arts center readies its largest fundraising effort of the year with more than 150 pieces from local artists.

Faith Forum: Does the Zodiac Have any Relevance in the Faith World?

The Rev. Josh Longbottom of Plymouth Congregational Church and the Rev. Shannah McAleer of Unity Church of Lawrence respond.

Friday, March 18

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The 5 best UFO first contact movies

In honor of the ReyKawvik UFO Summit,'s Eric Melin names the best first contact movies.

Thursday, March 17

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Style Scout: Tyler Waugh

Tell us a secret: I subscribe to both Papa Murphy and Degrassi text messages.

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Style Scout: Jensina Endresen

Do you have any piercings or tattoos? Yes and yes, both to my mother’s chagrin.

Wednesday, March 16, to live stream Lawrence St. Patrick's Day Parade

Can't make it to the Lawrence St. Patrick's Day Parade this year? and have the next best thing!

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Interview: Ashley Davis

Celtic singer Ashley Davis talks about her influences, misconceptions about Irish music and the meaning of "diddley-aye."

Tuesday, March 15

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Review: Killzone 3

Sony's prettiest shooter gains Move support and 3D support, but is it enough?

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No dye required: Eat green this St. Patrick's Day

Skip the green beer in favor of some quality greens that are filling and could lead to less to pinch, in the long run.

Monday, March 14

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Rock Chalk Cake: Decadent dessert true to crimson and blue

This cake, of course, is inspired by all things Jayhawk.

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Teachers' pets: How Lawrence schools use critters in the classroom

Lawrence classrooms aren’t all about textbooks, lectures and worksheets. A few teachers around town keep a different type of learning tool: animals.

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An Old World homecoming

When Tracy Resseguie commissioned Washburn University history lecturer and lyricist Charles Anthony Silvestri to write a song about his great-grandfather, he had no idea that would lead to an accidental homecoming and a once-in-a-lifetime performance.

Sunday, March 13

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Garden Calendar: Your guide to Growing Lawrence

With so much recent emphasis on local, you might think the Growing Lawrence website and print directory are something new. Our Lawrence area farmers were ahead of their time, though, having created their own farm guide in the late 1980s.

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Behind the Lens: Back up your old photos

Whether you're a professional or an amateur photographer, chances are if you've been shooting for awhile, you've plenty of old photos cluttering your home or workspace. Here's how to archive them and cut down the clutter.

Saturday, March 12

Faith Forum: How do alternative spring breaks reinforce the tenants of faith?

The Rev. Thad Holcombe of the ECM and KU student Jeff Miller answer.

Friday, March 11

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Inaugural UFO summit comes to Lawrence

Lawrence resident Daniel Lauing brings together UFOlogists from around the country to discuss the existence and repercussions of extraterrestrial life.

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State poet laureati convene in Lawrence

Nineteen poets from Alaska to Virginia and many states in between travel to Lawrence this weekend to attend the inaugural Poet Laureati: A National Convergence of State Poets Laureati.

Thursday, March 10

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Primer: Lawrence bands at South by Southwest 2011

With the music portion of South By Southwest starting on Tuesday, here's four Lawrence bands worth watching.

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Style Scout: Katlyn Rose Conroy

How would you describe your style? "It changes from day to day. I’m an emotional dresser."

Wednesday, March 9

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Wednesday Waifs: Hero

Hero has been at the Lawrence Humane Society for close to a year.

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Style Scout: Greg Renck

Tell us a secret: "I collect yarn art."

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Beyond the parade: A St. Patrick's Day events primer

The St. Patrick Day events in Lawrence extend beyond the parade. Here's our list of events to get you ready for the 17th.

Tuesday, March 8

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Eating for El Papaturro: Rice-and-beans dinner set to raise money for refugee town

No Saturday night plans? Consider having a meal to help hundreds in need.

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What do I do with ... parsnips?

Parsnips might seem like unpopular carrot impostors, but long ago they were prized for their rare sweetness.

Monday, March 7

Best of Lawrence 2011: And the winners are...

You had the facts and you voted. Here are the Best of Lawrence 2011 Winners.

Best of Lawrence 2011: Food & Drink

Readers pick Lawrence's best food and drink options.

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The loneliest jobs: Some Lawrence residents prefer to go it alone

Every day, Mary Ann Frevert commutes about 10 feet to her office.

Best of Lawrence 2011: Retail & Local Business

Readers picked the best of Lawrence in local business and retail.

Best of Lawrence 2011: Entertainment

Readers picked the Best of Lawrence in entertainment.

Sunday, March 6

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Behind the Lens: A staggering find

Jim Russo stumbled upon a collection of presidential transparency slides he thought were reproductions. As it turns out, they're the real thing.

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Garden Calendar: Better gardening through stretching

Avoid backaches, sore joints and other gardening-related maladies with a few preemptive stretches.

Saturday, March 5

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Painting music: Art exhibit visualizes sound

Brandon Ripley's new art exhibit at the Mirth Cafe turns notes into color.

Faith Forum: How are you observing Lent this year?

The Rev. Rob Baldwin of Trinity Episcopal and Doug Heacock of Lawrence Free Methodist answer about how they are observing Lent.

Friday, March 4

Douglas County Historical Society welcomes new director Steve Nowak

Steve Nowak’s new “office” is a 126-year-old former bank with stained-glass windows, intricately carved wooden window sills and brass door hinges. As the new director of the Douglas County Historical Society, Nowak is tasked with encouraging others to visit that office, the Watkins Community Museum of History, and the artifacts it holds.

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Progress continues on Lumberyard Arts Center

With the future of the Kansas Arts Commission in question, work on the Lumberyard Arts Center remains on track.

Thursday, March 3

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Style Scout: John Miller

Tell us a secret: I wear clip-on ties.

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Style Scout: Rachel Feild

People say I look like… Anyone who is a red-head!

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Mardi Gras in Lawrence

Celebrate Fat Tuesday with a pair of Mardi Gras-themed events.

Wednesday, March 2

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Local filmmakers featured in LunaFest

Short film festival celebrates women with proceeds going to GaDuGi SafeCenter and the Breast Cancer Fund.

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Review: Bulletstorm

Kill with skill in this violent, vulgar adventure from People Can Fly.

Tuesday, March 1

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How to hold a no-sweat dinner party

Hosting a big meal doesn't have to leave you, well, cooked.