Stories for November 2011


Wednesday, November 30

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Review: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Bethesda Softworks releases a true classic.

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Local musicians prepare 'A Light Goes On'

Sam Billen and a collection of local and national musicians are preparing a digital album and art project, just in time for Christmas.

Tuesday, November 29

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Dream house: Gingerbread experts share the secrets of the trade

Patience, technique and creativity build a strong foundation, even if it's laced in sugar and spice.

Monday, November 28

Lawrence Laundry: Making a difference, in style

Tiffany Classen greeted me at her door wearing a slouchy, gray, off-the-shoulder sweater paired with black leggings, tall black boots and a long, silver-beaded necklace. As I walked into her house, I spotted a Christmas tree, already up in mid-November.

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Review: Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

The second version of a game that was released nine months ago, offers an updated roster and little else.

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Homemade for the holidays

Some families prefer creating gifts rather than shopping for them

Caryl Hale’s favorite gift from last Christmas? Something special from her husband, Aaron, of course. If visions of diamonds or iPads or high-end cars adorned with bows are dancing in your sweet little head, you’re wrong. Though the Lawrence mom did gasp with surprise and delight when she laid eyes on her gift: A homemade necklace holder.

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Team player: Dad starts free soccer practice for toddlers

Undoing the work of imaginary pirates is not your typical soccer drill. Neither is practicing the technique of goal celebration. However, Dan Spurgin, coach of the Mighty Lions, is not working with your typical soccer team.

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As I See Fit: Get motivated and try no-time workouts

Happy Monday after Thanksgiving! Two weeks ago, I warned you that things were going to get just a little bit crazy right about now. Did you believe me? I also gently suggested that you either pick up the pace on your current workout or attempt some new moves that would add intensity to your current program. Did you do that?

Sunday, November 27

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Interview: Philip Dickey, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

The Springfield, Mo., band stops by the art space Tuesday in support of "Tape Club," the band's new collection of B-sides and rarities.

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Behind the Lens: Breaking down which camera is for you

Mike Yoder highlights the advantages and disadvantages of different camera types.

Saturday, November 26

Faith Forum: In your experience, how do our current generations look differently at faith?

The Rev. Peter Luckey and Doug Heacock answer.

Friday, November 25

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Interview: Mike Robe

KU graduate and veteran television writer and director Mike Robe talks about his new project "Innocent," working with great actors and the future of television and film.

Wednesday, November 23

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Final Friday preview: Lawrence Art Party

This month's art party features 26 artists and music by Darrell Lea.

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Americana Music Academy's holiday performance features students young and old

This year's holiday shows have to cover a 25 percent budget gap left by state arts cuts.

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Final Friday preview: Wonder Fair Holiday Market

One of the many local holiday markets up and running this Black Friday, Wonder Fair is offering screen prints from Tad Carpenter and stationary from Heather Smith-Jones in addition to their existing inventory.

Tuesday, November 22

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All the trimmings: How to enjoy Thanksgiving without gobbling away your diet

Let’s face it, there’s nothing low-calorie about Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 21

Holiday chatter: Suggestions to start, stop, deflect or lighten up holiday small talk

Holiday time often means family time. It may involve family members or in-laws you don’t see very often, which can lead to awkward conversation. We came up with some scenarios to lighten the mood, get the ball rolling or stop an unpleasant line of questioning in its tracks.

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Lawrence family joins the ranks of new Sporting KC soccer fans

Julie Urban doesn’t care much for sports. The highlights of her childhood soccer career include trying to play goalie while holding an umbrella and picking a lot dandelions. So when her husband, Brandon Urban, decided on a whim this year to buy season tickets for Kansas City’s Major League Soccer team, Sporting Kansas City, he figured he would be taking friends, not his wife, to the watch the games at the newly constructed Livestrong Sporting Park. Brandon was in for a surprise.

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Lawrence Laundry: Spotted it, found it

“I love your [article of clothing]! Where’d you get it?” is probably the most common phrase heard in women’s restrooms around the world. As women, we have an innate ability to spot the most beautiful winter coat or flowing summer dress from 600 feet away and just know that we have to have it.

Sunday, November 20

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Garden Calendar: Holiday cacti brighten the winter months

Now is a great time to add one or more of these epiphytic cacti to your collection.

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Behind the Lens: Know your macro

Macro lenses for DSLR cameras come in several sizes and with various fields of view. Here are some tips to get the most out of yours.

Saturday, November 19

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Youth pastor helps save Children's Holiday Shop

Jamie Prescott, a youth pastor at Lawrence Wesleyan Church, and The Lawrence Youth Network took on the Children's Holiday Shop, which was in danger of cancellation.

Faith Forum: What is the thing you are most thankful for in your life other than your faith?

The Rev. Jill Jarvis and the Rev. Nate Rovenstine answer.

Thursday, November 17

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Mission possible: Black Friday

Conquer America's unofficial national shopping holiday with your objectives intact.

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Review: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

The outstanding action series gets another excellent chapter.

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Through A Glass Productions assembles 'Disintegration Man'

Lawrence production company Through A Glass Productions assembled the new music video for Rebecca Pidgeon. With a little bit of advice from her husband, David Mamet.

Wednesday, November 16

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Interview with Thee Oh Sees' Petey Dammit

Guitarist Petey Dammit talked to Alex Garrison about living in Lawrence, being broke but happy, and hippo milk.

Tuesday, November 15

Bone up on turkey terms

Tips for thawing and defrosting the big bird and definitions of the labels on the package.

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2011 Thanksgiving survival guide

Tips, guides and information to get you through Thanksgiving with your sanity intact.

Monday, November 14

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Interview: SONiA of disappear fear

Reunited with her sister, the folk singer/songwriter talks about Phil Ochs, her new album of covers and playing with her sister CiNDY again.

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Delicious/Nutritious: Sweet potato smackdown

Megan presents the delicious, and Sarah counters with nutritious — not to say that Megan’s is wholly unhealthy or Sarah’s isn’t tasty. Try whichever suits your dinner-table disposition.

Holiday hazards: Keep your family safe by watching out for these dangers

The holidays can be a lot less fun with a broken arm. Or with a burnt palm, charred oven or a mound of credit card debit.

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Remnant Rehab: Re-cover style on tired dining chairs

Perhaps your dining chairs have seen better days. Or you had to pick up some at a garage sale that don’t match the others just so you would have enough. There’s an easy fix for all of this, assuming you have the fairly standard wooden chairs with a removable seat: re-cover them.

Sunday, November 13

Review: Lucinda Williams

The alt-country maven didn't let illness slow her down.

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Behind the Lens: Getting the most from your 50 mm 'normal' lens

Shooting on the 50 mm lens is almost a lost art, but the images it creates and its fast shutter speed make it an obvious choice for patient photographers.

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Garden Calendar: Oak leaves have little effect on soil pH

Although oak leaves do have the potential to acidify soil, they are highly unlikely to be causing problems in your yard in northeast Kansas.

Saturday, November 12

Faith Forum: Is there a clear ebb and flow to one’s faith over a lifetime?

The Rev. Kent Winters-Hazelton and the Rev. Pam Morrison answer.

Friday, November 11

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Reloaded: Card Table Theatre brings 'Loaded for Bear' comedy show to Lawrence Arts Center

After the success of the first show, the producers are back with a second round of sketches and video silliness.

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Going out with a bow

Janeal Krehbiel will soon take her last bow with the Lawrence Children’s Choir — and she will do so looking out into the audience at Carnegie Hall.

Thursday, November 10

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Review: An Evening with David Sedaris

The author of "Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk" gave a spirited series of readings at the Lied Center as part of a tour that takes him to 41 cities in 42 days.

Wednesday, November 9

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Lawrence Chamber Orchestra prepares to open 40th season on fateful day

On Veteran's Day the chamber orchestra will open its 40th season with a musical snapshot of the time before, after and during World War I.

Tuesday, November 8

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Get 'em while they're hot: Cheap turkeys can keep you fed into the New Year

If you want to save money by stocking your deep freeze with turkeys while they’re on sale, there are plenty of ways to make the bird fit for a litany of meals without feeling like you’re eating the same thing over and over and over again.

Monday, November 7

Delicious/Nutritious: Cooks from different camps to square off

If you’ve ever read any of my blogs on, chances are you’ve figured out by now that I’m sort of a health nut.

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Too many cooks: Keeping peace among kitchen helpers

Friends, kids, mother-in-laws, grandmas and — gasp — full-grown men love to do what they can in the kitchen. Which is nice and thoughtful of them and all, but sometimes it can be a bit … much.

Sunday, November 6

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Garden Calendar: Using layering as an alternative to grafting

One of the most interesting characteristics of plants, I think, is the ability to reproduce asexually. Layering is alternative method and is a good choice for propagating plants with soft, supple branches like forsythia, azalea, rhododendron, holly and magnolia.

Saturday, November 5

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Reinterpreting Arthur Miller

Drawing from both domestic issues in her native China and from events from around the world and throughout history, Lei Guo-Hua, guest director to Kansas University’s theater department, will present Miller’s classic, “All My Sons" on Nov. 14.

Faith Forum: Why do you think God created the seasons?

The Rev. Shannah McAleer and Charles Gruber answer.

Friday, November 4

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Interview: Tabi Bonney

MC and opening act for tonight's show at the Granada talks about working with Ski Beatz, getting into the business and how getting bored easily has been the best thing for his career.

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Inspired and encouraged: 2011 Phoenix Award winners talk about their greatest mentors

We asked the 2011 Phoenix Award winners to tell us in their own words about the a person who motivated them to do or be more.

Thursday, November 3

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Interview: tUnE-yArDs

Musician, theater student and "Mad Men" addict Merrill Garbus, AKA tUne-yArDs, talks about performing live, writing from the road and reaching her fear limit while opening for Beirut.

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Populist music: Americana singer Lucinda Williams writes for all

Lucinda Williams the songwriter is not overtly political. But, on a tour bus parked in Allentown, Pa., a couple weeks before she will make a stop at Liberty Hall, 644 Mass., Lucinda Williams the woman talks politics.

Wednesday, November 2

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A decade of 11: Eleven Productions celebrate their first 10 years

After a decade of putting on shows in Lawrence and the surrounding area, Eleven Productions is celebrating with 11.11.11, a day-long music festival in downtown Lawrence.

Tuesday, November 1

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Split Lip Rayfield's ties to Winfield run deep

With a new fall tour underway, the forthcoming documentary "Never Make It Home" and a New Year's Eve show planned at The Bottleneck, Split Lip Rayfield carry on. But it all started at the Walnut Valley Festival.

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Furiously fast food: Tips and recipes that'll help you get dinner on the table in 30 minutes

Holiday stuff, school stuff, work stuff, and life-in-general stuff are bound to get in the way as daylight savings barrels down upon the dinner table.