Stories for October 2011


Monday, October 31

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Interview: G.J. Echternkamp

The director of "Never Make It Home" the documentary about Kirk Rundstrom's final tour with Split Lip Rayfield before he died of throat cancer in 2007.

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The myth of the black cat: Coal-colored kitties aren't bad luck, but they do need your help

If black cats really are bad luck, then Katie Evans must have tons of good luck at her disposal just to keep her on solid ground.

Sunday, October 30

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Behind the Lens: Wide-angle lens wizardry

If you like to be in the middle of the action when it comes to taking photographs, the wide-angle lens is for you.

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Garden Calendar: Ready your mower and other machines for a long winter

A little preventative maintenance can go a long way.

Saturday, October 29

Faith Forum: What should Christians make of all the devil, demon and ghost talk associated with Halloween?

The Rev. Barry Watts and the Rev. John McFarland answer.

Friday, October 28

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Scary Story 2011 contest winners

We asked for students' scary stories and the results did not disappoint. We now fear for the future.

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Video game review: 'Dark Souls'

A spiritual successor to a cult classic provides the same challenge and all of the short-comings of its forerunner.

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Interview: Adam Granduciel of The War on Drugs

In advance of the band's Tuesday show at The Jackpot, The War On Drugs frontman talks about samples, traveling music and the band's newest album, "Slave Ambient."

Thursday, October 27

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Final Friday preview: Living Memories: Celebrating Day of the Dead

The skeletons will be out of the closet when Watkins Community Museum of History presents "Living Memories: Celebrating Day of the Dead this Friday," an exhibition that explores the way people commemorate the dead.

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Final Friday preview: Hibernation

Make your way through an elaborate blanket fort and enjoy some cold weather drinks while looking at work from a variety of artists including fiber artist Kim Eichler-Messmer.

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Final Friday Preview: Quixotic and MarchFourth at Liberty Hall

The Kansas City performance art spectacle employs a gyroscope, burlesque dancers, stilt walkers and a marching band for this year's pre-Halloween show at Liberty Hall, 644 Mass.

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Ultimate Fakebook and Podstar prepare 'Revenge of The Nerds'

Two local bands reunite for a Halloween weekend party at The Bottleneck.

Wednesday, October 26

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'Intergalactic Nemesis' strikes Lied Center

A team of voice actors and effects artists bring a live-action comic book to Lawrence.

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19th Annual Red Ribbon Art Auction features wide variety of donated work

Paintings, sculptures, posters, cartoons and more will be available at the Douglas County AIDS Project auction.

Tuesday, October 25

Kids can learn how to cook up pumpkin-flavored treats

Pumpkins are for more than carving, kiddos.

New report provides in-depth analysis of food system in Douglas County area

The Douglas County Food Policy Council released a 75-page report today that provided a smorgasbord of information about the food system in Douglas, Jefferson and Leavenworth counties.

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Scary good fun: How to throw the perfect Halloween party

If you’re planning to throw a Hallow's Eve shindig, we’ve got all you need to do it right.

Monday, October 24

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Advocates hope Food Day eventually gains same staying power as Earth Day

Hundreds of events are planned across the country to celebrate the return of Food Day on Oct. 24. Celebrity chefs will be serving dinner in Times Square, and more than 15,000 people are expected to attend a regional food festival in Savannah, Ga.

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True character: How to get your child's makeup right for Halloween

It might not score you a job at cosmetics mothership Sephora, but scaring up the right know-how to do up your kid’s face at Halloween really isn’t that hard to obtain.

Sunday, October 23

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Behind the Lens: Achieving telephoto nirvana

In the first part of a series dedicated to lenses, Mike looks at proper telephoto lens usage.

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Garden Calendar: Grow your own horseradish

The spicy herb is winter-ready and now is the time to plant it.

Saturday, October 22

Profile: Denise Low

A prolific Lawrence writer prepares for an exciting and busy fall.

Faith Forum: How do you tie faith into the culture of a town like Lawrence?

The Rev. Josh Longbottom and the Rev. Gary Teske answer.

Friday, October 21

Lawrence ArtWalk provides a sneak peek into creative spaces and places

More than 50 artists are opening their homes and studios or sharing gallery space to talk about their craft as part of this year’s ArtWalk.

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Herbie Hancock: Early adopter

Throughout his storied career, the venerable jazz musician has been quick to embrace and incorporate new technologies into his music. For his first-ever solo tour in the U.S., he's using computers to re-imagine his classics on-the-fly and on his own.

Thursday, October 20

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Craft project: EMU Theatre debuts show based on the spine-tingling works of Lovecraft

Even if you’ve never read a story by H.P. Lovecraft, elements of his work can be found in everything from old drive-in popcorn shows to the newest remake of “The Thing.”

Wednesday, October 19

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Documentarian prepares film on the punk rock days of The Outhouse

Before it became a BYOB strip club, The Outhouse was a bastion for punk and alternative music in Lawrence and the surrounding area. Documentarian Brad Norman's current project "The Outhouse: The Film 1985 - 1998" chronicles those early days.

Tuesday, October 18

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Queen Lizzy's brings British fare to Lawrence

Whether its battered bangers or the restaurant's namesake, Queen Lizzy's Fish and Chips is serving British pub food proper.

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Do-gooding doggy makes his debut

Lawrence author creates "Mercury the Mitzvah Dog" to teach the power of kindness to children.

Monday, October 17

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Red and blue and purple all over: For dual KU-KSU degree holders, the Wildcats are No. 1

If you're going to have degrees from both of the state's major schools, chances are you're rooting for K-State.

Video games encourage healthy competition

At least a couple of times a month, Sean Rudisell dusts off his old Nintendo to play video games with his daughters. Jori, 10, and Kaydi, 7, love the system. Their go-to game? “Super Mario Brothers 3.”

Sunday, October 16

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Garden Calendar: Scenic River Road lives up to name

Douglas County has plenty of scenic views to take advantage of this time of year, but Lecompton resident Jay Lohmann believes the Scenic River Road is the best.

Saturday, October 15

Faith Forum: Does God value one charitable action over another?

The Rev. Mary Newberg Gale and the Rev. David Rivers answer.

Friday, October 14

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Hands-on sellers: Kansas Etsy artists featured at single-day market

Fourteen artists will show their wares in person Oct. 22 at Pachamama's in a show organized by a Lawrence crafter.

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Behind the Lens: Along came a spider

It's the season for creepy crawlies. Here's how to shoot them before you squish them.

Wednesday, October 12

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Lawrence developer readies 'Mystery Ball'

Lifelong dreams can be as funny and unique as the people who think them up and in a few weeks David Howe, a Lawrence resident, will realize one of his. But for now, there is testing to be done.

Tuesday, October 11

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Video game review: God of War: Origins Collection

Someone please give this man a hug.

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Chow down: Chowder says 'cozy' in a bowl

Chowder is one of those “I know it when I see it” sort of things that allows the term to cover soups based on everything from corn to clam to tomatoes with continuity and without confusion

Monday, October 10

Remnant Rehab: Trick-or-treat tote

When I went trick-or-treating as a kid, my mom would give me a tote bag or one of those pumpkin buckets.

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Vintage Players reach audiences young and old

It’s hard to know who has more fun — the audience members who attend a performance by the Vintage Players, or the performers themselves. “We have a lot of laughs at our meetings,” says troupe member Agnes Engelmann. “We read things at our meetings we could never perform, but we get a kick out of reading them. We do improv. We play charades. It’s just a lot of fun.”

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Plain Jane no more: Dressing up your oatmeal

The right amount of berries, yogurt, maple syrup or spice can make oatmeal a platinum superstar without sacrificing price or nutrition.

Sunday, October 9

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Interview: Andy McKee

To hear Topeka guitarist Andy McKee play does not adequately describe what the artist puts into his songs. As a fingerstyle player, McKee must juggle the melody, harmony and rhythm sections all on his own and all from a single instrument.

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Behind the Lens: Tips for shooting video

In recent years Mike has gone from a photographer to a visual journalist, shooting and editing his own video from the same SLR camera he uses for photos. Here, he offers some tips for shooting

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Garden Calendar: Skunks create bigger problems than their odor

Skunks are commonly feared because of their odor, but they can do far more damage to your lawn, if allowed.

Saturday, October 8

Friday, October 7

Dead men donating: Lawrence Zombie Walk raises more than $1,000 for Humane Society

Nearly 900 people came out to shuffle like the undead down Massachusetts Street.

A man's eye view: Poet Matthew Porubsky releases collection of pregnancy-themed sonnets

Porubsky will read from "Fire Mobile (the pregnancy sonnets)," during a release party celebration at The Raven Book Store.

Rev It Up! car show rolls into Lawrence

Rockabilly car show takes over South Park this Saturday.

Thursday, October 6

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Interview: Minus The Bear

Seattle prog/modern rock five-piece Minus the Bear is preparing for a stop in Lawrence as part of their 10th Anniversary Tour. In advance of the show, Drummer Erin Tate was interviewed about being in a band for 10 years, the challenges of playing an album in its entirety every night and the age-old question of Phil Collins- or Peter Gabriel-fronted Genesis.

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Style Scout: Scott MacPherson

What are your current favorite fashion trends? Leather and suede shoes and accessories, and zip-up hoodies and cardigans for fall.

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Style Scout: Minjun Huang

How would you describe your style? ‘California breezy’ — very laid back and casual.

Wednesday, October 5

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Strangers in a strange land

University Theatre prepares the Ken Ludwig comedy "Shakespeare in Hollywood."

Tuesday, October 4

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Seed money: Homegrown Lawrence Festival raises money to get school gardens growing

Food, education and music turn the issue of getting good food into schools into a Friday night party.

Monday, October 3

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Dressing the part: What's popular (and what's afforable) for Halloween 2011

The undead are going to be big again this year on Oct. 31. But before you go scrabbling around to find those Edward Cullen canines for yet another go-round, hold on.

Sunday, October 2

Garden Calendar: Use shrubs for added color

Fall is a great time to add new plants to the garden, and it is an even better time to pick out plants to add seasons of color.

Saturday, October 1

Faith Forum: In honor of KU’s Homecoming week: What does the term ‘homecoming’ mean to you in a religious sense?

The Rev. Mitch Todd and the Rev. Gary O'Flannagan answer.

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Playing dead: A guide to zombiehood

Pretending to be a member of the undead never looked so good — this year's Lawrence Zombie Walk benefits the Lawrence Humane Society.