Stories for September 2011


Friday, September 30

Enter the Journal-World's Scary Story Contest

Calling all aspiring novelists, would-be writers and prepubescent Poes, the Journal-World is encouraging youths to enter its annual Scary Story Contest.

Thursday, September 29

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Wonder Fair under new management

Meredith Moore and Paul DeGeorge have plans for the downtown gallery.

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Style Scout: Dave Bruchmann

Do you have any fashion influences? My wardrobe is usually dictated by the weather and the occasion.

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Final Friday preview: Lawrence Art Party/Lawrence Art Invitational

A Final Friday staple branches out.

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Final Friday preview: Clyde Barrow bank robbery reenactment

Come for the cocktails, stay for the criminal reenactment.

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Style Scout: Kelley Rushing

What would you like to see more of in Lawrence? Vegan, gluten-free restaurants and gluten-free beer at bars. Oh, and recycling bins.

Wednesday, September 28

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The art of "Self-Examination": Survivor's works headline breast cancer-themed exhibit

Once the shock had settled in and the treatment plan for her breast cancer ensued, Connie Ehrlich leaned on her family, friends and her art.

Footprints film series brings four silent classics to Lawrence Arts Center

See two Chaplin classics and a pair of innovative silent films complete with live accompaniment from the Alloy Orchestra.

Tuesday, September 27

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Going down to the farm: Kaw Valley Farm Tour 2011

Diversity is the name of the game this year at the Kaw Valley Farm Tour.

Monday, September 26

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Shoes for the long run: How to keep your kids' feet happy

The idea of hand-me-downs sounds pretty good in this economic climate, no? In theory, yes, but the execution can be tricky.

Sunday, September 25

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Behind the Lens: Removing frame clutter always in season

People usually choose spring and fall to clean up around their house. They wash windows for a better view or rake up leaves to clear the lawn. As a photographer, I clean up year-round.

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Garden Calendar: Safely dispose of home, garden chemicals

A few weeks ago, I was reminded of a wonderful resource in our community when I visited the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility.

Saturday, September 24

Faith Forum: What non-Biblical reading do you recommend to your parishioners?

The Rev. Peter Luckey and the Rev. Robert Leiste answer.

Thursday, September 22

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Style Scout: Diane Patton

What would you like to see less of in Lawrence? I honestly like Lawrence and the atmosphere generated by the students and residents living in a college town.

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Harvest of The Arts Film Festival turns 20

For two decades, Harvest of The Arts has showcased local filmmakers and more than 300 shorts.

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Style Scout: Darren Ricardo

What would you like to see more of in Lawrence? I’d like to see more menswear stores — places like Express and Banana Republic.

Wednesday, September 21

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Costume designers have their work cut out for them in ‘Forbidden Broadway’

Four actors. 60 costumes. Two extremely busy costumiers.

Tuesday, September 20

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Eat like a king with these RenFest recipes

Turkey legs, beef stew and golden apples abound. Huzzah!

Monday, September 19

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The perfect holiday shopping plan: How to stay on budget and organized (with minimal stress)

Not to ruin your Monday morning, but it’s 98 days until Christmas.

Sunday, September 18

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Behind the Lens: Stitching together panoramas

More and more camera manufacturers are incorporating software into their cameras that allow sweeping panoramas to be constructed from a series of shots. Here are some tips to get the most from this new technology.

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Kansas Book Festival showcases homegrown talent

Kansas Book Festival celebrates its debut next Saturday at the Kansas Historical Society in Topeka.

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Garden Calendar: Keep an eye out for stinging stowaways

The change in weather means that striped bark scorpions will be looking for refuge indoors.

Saturday, September 17

Faith Forum: What’s your favorite anecdote or story about your spiritual life?

The Rev. Tom Brady and the Rev. Nate Rovenstine answer.

Thursday, September 15

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Kickstarted: Lawrence artists fund projects through social start-up site

Lawrence bands like Dumptruck Butterlips and other artists are using Kickstarter to get off the ground.

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Review: Bloodrayne: Betrayal

A frustratingly difficult sidescroller yields a satisfying sense of accomplishment.

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Style Scout: Nancy Beeman

What would you like to see less of in Lawrence? Less homeless people, because that would mean that they now have jobs.

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Style Scout: Quinn Wasson

Tell us a secret: If I could wear a suit every day, I would.

Wednesday, September 14

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Part-time pixie

An architectural engineering student during the week, Erika O'Shea becomes Lady Titania, Queen of the Fae every weekend as part of the Kansas City Renaissance Festival.

Tuesday, September 13

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An inside look at fall's signature sweet treat: The apple cider doughnut

In some circles, apple cider is as synonymous with autumn as downed leaves, pumpkins and crisp nights spent watching football.

Monday, September 12

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Holding off on happily ever after: More and more, couples choose to delay their honeymoons

Whether it’s the economy, scheduling issues or simply personal preference, couples are making a trend out of "late" honeymoons.

Sunday, September 11

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Garden Calendar: Compost needs vary from garden to garden

Salt content and the pH of your soil play major roles in choosing the right compost for your garden, but one thing's for certain — any compost is better than none at all.

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Behind the Lens: Connecting Lawrence to 9/11

Tasked with finding a way to visually connect Lawrence residents with the tragedy in New York, Mike Yoder made a couple of attempts before finding something poignant.

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Moving forward in faith: Spiritual leaders plan special messages for 9/11 anniversary

On Sept. 16, 2001, crowds of people streamed into Plymouth Congregational Church looking for answers.

Saturday, September 10

Faith Forum: In your opinion, how has the world's views on religion changed since 2001?

Robert Minor and the Rev. Kent Winters-Hazelton answer.

Friday, September 9

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Krause Dining prepares Dinner Under The Stars

Fundraiser offers a four-course catered meal at a scenic location. Proceeds go to Lawrence Arts Center scholarships.

Thursday, September 8

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Style Scout: Bri French

Do you have any fashion influences? My sister and the clearance rack.

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Style Scout: Keith Middlemas

Tell us a Secret: I love all senses of styles, including those with purple hair or Mohawks.

Wednesday, September 7

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The Painted Donkey: Art auction and story collection meant to send a message from art lovers to Topeka

Organizers of Thursday's art auction hope to do more than raise money.

Tuesday, September 6

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Make time for second breakfast

Breakfast for dinner is cheap, easy and feeds a crowd. And it's perfect for days when you need something simple and filling.

Monday, September 5

Mind Matters: Refocusing treatment as 'addiction' is redefined

Changes in the definition of "addiction" by The American Society of Addiction Medicine have categorized it as a brain disorder, instead of a personality or psychological process.

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Home births see a boost

Midwives like Fran Brier are seeing an increase in home births that may signify an increase in acceptance of birth outside the hospital.

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Fall gardening: How to put things away and squeeze in one last crop

Fall is as much about shutting down for the winter as it is about second chances.

Sunday, September 4

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Garden Calendar: Nothing fantastical about fairy rings

A fairy circle occurs when an underground network of fungi spread outwardly from a center point. Mushrooms spring up as the fruiting body of the fungi.

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Behind the Lens: Dreaming up the perfect camera, digital rot and all

I may have to spend a considerable amount of money, but I’m determined to own a camera that will have everything I will ever need.

Saturday, September 3

Faith Forum: How does your faith affect your daily life?

The Rev. Shannah McAleer and David Berkowitz answer.

Friday, September 2

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Gallery, free local music honors unsung Kansas City artist

If you've been to a regular attendee to shows in Lawrence or Kansas City in the past decade, you've seen work by poster artist Danny J. Gibson.

Thursday, September 1

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Style Scout: Stephen Mockry

What are your least favorite fashion trends? Ed Hardy and Tapout Shirts. No grown man should be sporting a bedazzled dragon on his chest.

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Theatre Lawrence races toward fund-raising goal

With a little more than $600,000 left to raise before Sept. 30, Theatre Lawrence is closing in on a new, bigger building.

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Style Scout: Tonie Barnett

What would you like to see more of in Lawrence? I really love Lawrence with all it's variety. Now that I know Java Break will serve me biscuits and gravy at 2 a.m., I'm set!