Style Scout: David Brown


Ali Edwards

David Brown, Lawrence. Clothing details: Hat, custom made by O’Farrell Hats, SantaFe, two years ago; jacket, Jack Henry, four years ago; shirt, L.L. Bean (the Freeport, Maine, store) 20 years ago; pants, Weavers, two years ago; boots, Lucchese custom shop, Santa Fe; belt, The Etc. Shop, three years ago; nutcracker socks, a gift, years ago.


Ali Edwards

David Brown's nutcracker socks.

Age: 60

Relationship status: Married happily

Hometown: Lawrence. Originally from New York.

Time in Lawrence: 23 years

Occupation: Attorney

Dream job: Attorney

What were you doing when scouted? Looking at art by Janet Davidson-Hues

Describe your style: Hippie traditional

Fashion trends you love: Cuffs, pleated pants, boots, hats

Fashion trends you hate: Sweatpants, people wearing inappropriate things (whatever that means)

Fashion influences: My wife. I just buy what I like.

What would you like to see more of in Lawrence? High quality men’s suits, local retail stores on Mass. St.

Less of? Chain stores, conservative Republicans

Tattoos or piercings? No

Who do people say you look like? An aging rock star

Tell us a secret … I always wear crazy socks.


Clovis Sangrail 5 years, 6 months ago

Finally, something other than a 20-something in his dress t-shirt, And he's actually wearing a belt.

This guy's shirt is older than most of the Style Scout subjects.

Excellent hat.

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