Style Scout: Meredith Moore


Ali Edwards

Meredith Moore, Lawrence. Clothing details: Earrings, Wonder Fair, Scarlet Garnet, yesterday, $58; dress, Nomads, 2 weeks ago, $80; belt, Vintage, years ago, 10 cents; boots, TJ Maxx in Cape Cod, 3 years ago.

Age: 29

Relationship status: Married

Hometown: Lawrence

Time in Lawrence: On and off for 6 years

Occupation: I work at the Spencer Museum of Art, and I own Wonder Fair.

Dream job: I think I have it. I work with artists and bring more tasteful things to peoples’ lives.

What were you doing when scouted? Setting up for Sip & Shop

Describe your style: Kansas class

Fashion trends you love: Collars; the fact that fashion is scaling back up to loose, sophisticated and modest. It’s now more about putting pieces together rather than the body underneath.

Fashion trends you hate: UGGs. They represent a kind of marketing I find distasteful.

Fashion influences: Korean dramas, my friend Grace Chin who lives in Lawrence

What would you like to see more of in Lawrence? Food trucks

Less of? Frozen yogurt places, parking tickets

Tattoos or piercings? Ears pierced

Who do people say you look like? I used to get Tina Fey, but then I got new glasses.

Tell us a secret … No!


asixbury 7 years, 5 months ago

You really don't know or being sarcastic? It's an art gallery/handmade goods store on Mass. Been around in one form or another for a while.

Bassetlover 7 years, 5 months ago

And the problem with frozen yogurt places is.....?!?!?!?! Good grief. The yogurt places on Mass. Street are small businesses trying to survive....just like yours, dear.

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