Lawrence Laundry: Great ‘gift’ deals abound after Christmas shopping rush

Unless you’re my dad, you have all your Christmas gifts wrapped and under the tree today. And if you are my dad, I really appreciate your readership, but you should probably be out shopping.

I love Christmas. There’s nothing I’d rather do than travel the five hours back to the farm in southwest Kansas where I was born and raised. I enjoy spending time with my family drinking coffee, participating in a daylong feast, shooting guns and trying to convince my grandmothers that marriage is a long way off for me.

With that said, I’m ready for Christmas to be over. I really love the season, and I am fully “present” (ha!) during all the festivities, but the whole Christmas present-buying, consumerism overload gives me anxiety unlike any other I’ve felt throughout the year.

I’m ready to get back to pressure-free shopping. We all can accurately assume that clothes are the most returned gift of the holiday, and we all can all smile at the thought that the winter coat that’s been on back order for the last month will be in stock again. And it’ll be cheap.

I’m hoping to nab a couple of the following items after Christmas:

• leather pants

• a proper hat

• a to-the-knees down coat

• the gift I was supposed to get my mother on behalf of my three brothers and me but didn’t because I waited too long and every option was on back order. Sorry, Mom. Sorry, brothers., though designed to overwhelm, is an incredible online source for all the greatest deals that brands have to offer. It reports on the best after-Christmas deals from apparel merchants like New York & Company, Polo Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic factory stores, Express, Old Navy and Gap. These companies have historically offered as much as 50 percent off sale items on Dec. 26.

For winter outerwear, expect prices to drop significantly in January and February. The waning winter and post-Christmas season both contribute to brands trying to get their product off the rack and into your closet. Though the options will be more limited, the sales, in my mind, are completely worth it.

Other winter apparel will surely be deeply discounted. You can stock up on this season’s newest trends at the lowest prices you’ll see any time of year and have them in the hopper for next winter’s wardrobe. Be careful to choose items that will likely be trending for another couple years. Leather pants? Yes. Neon sweatshirt? No. Leather pants are just coming into trend, while the neon trend has run its course.

If you’re super ambitious, you can get a jump on next year’s Christmas shopping 364 days early. I, however, will be looking for a gift for my mom, one day late.


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