Stories for January 2012


Tuesday, January 31

Nutrition Q&A: How to get a healthy start in the morning

K-State extension agent Susan Johnson sings the virtues of breakfast.

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Chocolate lovers can get their fill while helping out the arts

The Feb. 12 Chocolate Auction is a benefit for the Baldwin Community Arts Council and The Lumberyard Arts Center.

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Conquistadores: Suddenly, downtown Lawrence is rife with Latin-tinged restaurants

Business owners are split on whether there's truly space for seven Latin American restaurants within a four-block radius.

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Hit by a train: The Old 97's return to Lawrence

Rhett Miller talked with about the band’s evolution, its upcoming show Wednesday at the Bottleneck and its penchant for board games.

Monday, January 30

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Pivot point: Taking careers in a new direction

Career changes throughout the timeline of anyone’s working life are to be expected, through job changes, promotions, retirement, etc. But sometimes a career change is a dramatic one, a quantum leap of fields that requires courage, foresight, hard work and more than a pinch of luck.

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Cheap eats: How to save money but not sacrifice health

This winter, struggling Greeks found space in their economy-trashed budgets for a little book called “Starvation Recipes” by Eleni Nikolaidou.

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Toby Leaman of Dr. Dog invites you to the 'best show you'll ever see'

Toby Leaman of Dr. Dog prepares Lawrence show-goers for "the best show they'll ever see" Feb. 2 at the Granada, 1020 Mass., and talks about the "edgier" sound of the band's new album, out soon on Anti- Records.

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Cupcakes for Super Bowl dudes

These are not your girlfriend’s cupcakes. There is no frilly pastel frosting piped on top. They are not delicate. They are not pretty. They are big, bold, manly and totally down for a Super Bowl spread.

Lawrence Laundry: How to dress when you’re 50 without looking like you’re 80

My mom, Carolda Edwards, is a beautiful woman. She’s in her late 50s, and her simple, practical style and the way she wears her clothes with such ease leaves people regularly saying in bewilderment, “You’re how old?”

Sunday, January 29

Area author’s sci-fi debut honored on ‘best of’ list

It took nearly three decades, but Bryan Thomas Schmidt took the seed of an idea and spun it into acclaim from a national book seller.

Behind the Lens: Finding a perfect feature photo

Our photography staff is often relied upon to gather stand-alone images for the newspaper.

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Lawrence locations, cast and crew set the scene for 'Sublime and Beautiful'

Welcome to the set of an independent film. The playroom, the wooden model trains and the Christmas decorations are all part of Les and Kendra Kuhlman’s actual Lawrence home, but they are also live sets for Blake Robbins’ directorial debut, a feature he wrote called “The Sublime and Beautiful.”

Dreams come true: Local author Mary O'Connell's debut novel, "The Sharp Time," was a late-night labor of love

Lawrence author Mary O'Connell's debut novel, "The Sharp Time," has won rave reviews. "It is sort of a dream come true," she says.

Saturday, January 28

Faith Forum: What’s your favorite “children’s time” lesson?

The Rev. Glenn Fletcher and the Rev. Mary Newberg Gale answer.

Friday, January 27

On Screen Offspring blends film, theater

Theater lovers are in for a real treat this Friday and Saturday at the Lawrence Arts Center when they can witness a hybrid stage-and-screen storytelling extravaganza called “On Screen Offspring.”

Lost Art Space takes advantage of empty storefront to create 'sweet' art

Members of the Fresh Produce art collective have set up a new gallery in the former home of Penny Annie’s Sweet Shoppe, 845 Mass. St.

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Burns' Night celebration Scottish fun 'for everyone'

You don’t have to be Scottish to appreciate ol’ Rabbie Burns, kilts, bagpipes and maybe even a little haggis. You just have to like a good party.

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Friends and family say Eudora's "American Idol" Jason "Wolf" Hamlin sticks to his roots

Jason "Wolf" Hamlin, the 24-year-old born-and-raised Eudora native, used to sing in lieu of a broken truck radio. Now he might actually have a shot at being on the radio himself.

Thursday, January 26

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January Final Friday preview

January's Final Friday events include unsettling imagery at the Invisible Hand, two exhibitions at the Percolator, and a community project at the Lawrence Arts Center.

Stull residents wary of rock guitarist Slash's film project

According to reports in The Hollywood Reporter, a trade publication that covers the movie industry, Slash’s newly formed film company has signed a deal to produce a horror movie with a plot that centers on the Stull Cemetery and the urban legend that the cemetery about 10 miles west of Lawrence is one of the seven gateways to Hell.

Style Scout: Joanna Fewins

Current favorite fashion trends: I am loving ankle boots, usually without heels, right now; also known as booties!

Style Scout: Robert Knapp

How would you describe your style? Dead-head shaman punk

Wednesday, January 25

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Appetite for production: Slash to make film about Stull cemetery

Former Guns N' Roses' guitarist Slash will produce a film about the cemetery in Stull, rumored to be a gateway to Hell.

Tuesday, January 24

Be heart-healthy and have your eggs, too

Extension agent Susan Johnson talks about the ins and outs of eggs.

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A dead time for farmers? Not quite

On the farm, there’s work to be done, season be darned, though this warm winter has certainly helped.

Scorsese's 'Hugo' leads Oscars with 11 nominations

Martin Scorsese's Paris adventure "Hugo" leads the Academy Awards with 11 nominations, among them best picture and the latest director slot for the Oscar-winning filmmaker.

Monday, January 23

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As I See Fit: Time to get to work on fitness regimen

In November, I wrote about the importance of getting a fitness game plan in place before the holidays hit. Maybe you did and maybe you didn’t. As January is a month of renewal, let’s consider it a second chance of sorts and revisit the issue.

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Finding a gym? Don't sweat it

We take a look at what types of workout spaces you can choose from if you happen to be in the market.

River City Jules: The next Rocky … or not

My friend, Jill, makes the most marvelously addictive fried fondue balls. I know this because I ate no less than 200 of them at bunko last month. This unleashing of my not-so-inner turophile, along with an upcoming vacation and the bikini I plan to pack, inspired me to try a conditioning session at a nearby boxing club.

Offbeat Occupation: Local writer is serious about comics

Jai Nitz’s desk contains objects sacred to comic book lovers: a statue of Jack Kirby, an Aztek action figure and a copy of Wally Wood’s 22 Panels — a strip that outlines the art of comics. The last item is significant if only because writing comics is what Nitz does. A rare thing, to turn a childhood passion into a career, but Nitz has done it.

Burn calories with winter sports

A half hour is all you need to maintain proper weight, get your blood flowing and improve health, according to the Society for Vascular Surgery, which forwarded us a list of calories burned by various winter sports from

Lawrence Laundry: Psychologist has fun with clothes

Dr. Juliet Nelson, a psychologist employed by Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center, and I had originally planned to meet at La Prima Tazza downtown to chat about style over warm drinks, but when we showed up, the local coffee hot spot was packed.

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Fix-It Chick: Moldings help give finished look along baseboards

Installing quarter round molding along the baseboard of any room will provide a more finished look, while reducing unwanted air flow and eliminating hiding spots for unwelcome critters.

Sunday, January 22

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The Lemonheads' Evan Dando keeps making music for himself

“Where are we playing this time, I wonder?” Evan Dando will play Jan. 27 at The Granada, 1020 Mass.

Garden Calendar: Master Gardeners seek trees of historic significance

The Douglas County Extension Master Gardeners are kicking off a new project to locate trees of historical significance in the county. The end goal of the “Historic Trees of Douglas County” project is to educate residents and visitors about those trees, sharing the stories that connect us to our heritage.

Behind the Lens: Effective lighting kits don’t have to be expensive

In last week’s column I mentioned using household table lights as a possible source of illumination to re-photograph prints or other hard-copy documents. It is a make-do solution only and not one I recommend if you plan on doing a lot of tabletop photography or have a growing interest in photographing other subjects requiring artificial lighting.

Saturday, January 21

Faith Forum: Is “saying grace” still a common occurrence for your members’ families?

The Rev. John McFarland and the Rev. David Rivers answer.

Friday, January 20

Album review: Truckstop Honeymoon’s “Steamboat in a Cornfield”

Lawrence-based bluegrass-vaudevillian-cowpunk duo Truckstop Honeymoon proudly wears its duality on its sleeve on its latest “Steamboat in a Cornfield,” its eighth album.

Legendary blues singer Etta James dies in California

Etta James, legendary for "At Last" and other songs, dies at age 73.

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'The Articulate Body': Finding beauty in gestures

Posture is more than just something your mother complained that you didn’t do well enough: It’s a window into how we treat each other.

Thursday, January 19

Bottleneck redecorates, introduces free rewards program at event tonight

The Bottleneck is under new management and revamping its appearance as well as introducing a free reward card, distributed Thursday night.

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Lawrence Arts Center's new concert series brings varied acts, and an early bedtime

A new concert series at the Lawrence Arts Center aims to change how people view music shows in downtown Lawrence.

Style Scout: Malcolm Miller

Fashion trends you hate: Wearing sports apparel if not currently attending a sporting event

Style Scout: Jessica Birney

How would you describe your style? A little bit of everything, kind of edgy. In one word? Costumes.

Wednesday, January 18

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Internet companies to go dark in protest of anti-piracy bills

Wikipedia, Boing Boing, Reddit and dozens of other lesser-known websites planned to go dark Wednesday in protest of proposed anti-piracy legislation in Congress that Internet companies maintain will encourage censorship of web content and harm technological innovation.

Tuesday, January 17

Wikipedia editors question site's planned blackout

Can the world live without Wikipedia for a day? The planned shutdown of one of the Internet's most-visited sites is not sitting well with some of its volunteer editors, who say the protest of anti-piracy legislation could threaten the credibility of their work.

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Lied Center's performance of "South Pacific" shows America's evolving stance on race

If you are planning to attend Wednesday night’s production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s South Pacific, 7:30 PM at the Lied Center, you might want to get to the theater early enough to participate in a discussion of the show by Kansas University professor of musicology and Broadway historian Paul Laird. Laird will lead a pre-performance discussion of the significance of Rodgers and Hammerstein, and a history of the creation of South Pacific.

Warm up for National Soup Month

Extension agent Susan Johnson shows you how to create soup from fridge leftovers.

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Final Fridays organizers envision full-time city position to promote arts

Final Fridays may just be the beginning. Organizers of the year-and-a-half-old monthly arts event in downtown Lawrence are now envisioning a new full-time city position that would promote the arts and work to bring “creative industries” to the city.

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Smooth operators: Smoothies blend nutrition and a simple package

No matter your health goal in 2012, there's probably a smoothie for you.

Monday, January 16

Library offers free financial fitness classes

Is fiscal fitness at the top of your priorities list for 2012? Lawrence Public Library is poised to help.

Lawrence Laundry: What to wear in your 30s

You’re in your 30s, and whether you’re living the single life or married with kids, we can agree on two things: 1) You must dress your age, and 2) The fashion world is doing nothing to help you dress your age. When in doubt, stick with these four style concepts to get you through this tender decade.

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Web culture breeds wacky and wild holidays

Today is a real holiday: Martin Luther King Jr. Day, but every day's a holiday on the Internet.

Lawrence Locale: Spencer Research Library full of hidden treasures on KU's campus

It’s one of the easier places to miss on Kansas University’s campus, so hidden that it completely eluded me for the four years I spent earning a bachelor’s degree at KU. It is the Kenneth Spencer Research Library, and it is located squarely behind Strong Hall at 1450 Poplar Lane — “probably the shortest street on campus,” says Spencer’s head librarian, Beth Whittaker.

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Bite Sighs: Gluten-free breakfast bake not as hard as it may sound

The very idea of dealing with something as temperamental as pie crust is enough to make many novice bakers turn in their aprons. Throw in a need for gluten-free nutrition, and you’ve got the potential for an uprising that has nothing to do with yeast.

Offbeat Occupation: Bowler combines passion with work

Kristal Scott Wilson is a former professional bowler who now works at Jayhawk Bowling Supply, 355 Iowa.

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Daytripper: West started getting wild in St. Joseph, Mo.

This historic little town, whose motto is “Where the West Officially Started Getting Wild,” is filled with surprises. The Pony Express got its start in St. Joseph on April 3, 1860, and outlaw Jesse James met his end there when he was shot and killed on the same date 22 years later.

Sunday, January 15

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Garden Calendar: ‘Skunk of the insect world,’ stink bug a loathesome pest

Although there are plenty of species of stink bugs already causing problems on Kansas crops and plants, brown marmorated ones are especially atrocious.

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Behind the Lens: Camera, scanner can be used to digitize old photos

Mike continues where he left off last week to give more tips on digitization.

Saturday, January 14

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Museum fundraiser toasts era of the speakeasy

Deep within the archives of the Watkins Community Museum of History is a poster with a classical female figure standing on a pedestal surrounded by somber-looking people. It reads, “Observance and enforcement not repeal.”

Faith Forum: How do you answer questions from your congregation about your political beliefs?

The Rev. Jill Jarvis and the Rev. Josh Longbottom answer.

Thursday, January 12

Style Scout: Erin Shadensack

Fashion influences? Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Peggy Bundy.

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'Bloody Murder' skewers mystery genre

Theatre Lawrence parodies Agatha Christie's body of work with new production.

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Style Scout: Joel Brummett

People say I look like: Tevye from “Fiddler on the Roof”

Wednesday, January 11

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Hive mind: Lawrence's Fourfire readies 'Sticky Bees'

A game designer turned pastor gets help from three members of his congregation to build a new video game for iOS.

Tuesday, January 10

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Local food, made easy: Feaster's Bistro aims for effortless farm-to-table dining

A Baldwin City restaurateur hopes to show just how easy — and affordable — a locally sourced plate of food can be obtained, nothing but taste required.

Monday, January 9

River City Jules: Mystery of the Redbox rental

I am not sure what my husband and I were discussing during dinner when Luke’s monologue finally registered in our heads with, “I told the guy to leave me alone. I’m only 10.”

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Lawrence Laundry: Spotted it, found it winter looks

I know that just recently it was an environmentally concerning 60 degrees outside, but friends, one of these days, it’s going to get cold.

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Delicious/Nutritious: Peary easy desserts

Megan Stuke and Sarah Henning take advantage of an in-season fruit, pears, for this month’s recipe face-off.

Offbeat Occupations: Yoga teacher a trainer in graceful aging

The sounds of a sitar and a pair of hand drums flow from a stereo in the corner of the room. Ten colored yoga mats are splayed across the center of the floor.

Remnant Rehab: 'Babies ain't free' cross-stitch offers dose of reality

In college, my cousin Leanne came to visit me in Lawrence. During her time here, we happened to see a commercial for that stuck with both of us. In the commercial, a guy is on stage ranting and ends with, “Some of ya gonna have to work two jobs — ‘cause babies ain’t free.”

As I See Fit: Start new routine by making small changes

Do you look forward to your workouts and gym time? Are you “in shape” and enjoying the compliments that accompany a toned body? Are you thinking about amping your program up a notch?

Sunday, January 8

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Garden Calendar: Treating pruning wounds

Sometimes doing nothing is the best course of action.

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Behind the Lens: Preserve old slides by digitization

Mike talks about the process of digitizing old photo slides and offers some first and third party options for getting your slides from the shoebox into the computer.

Saturday, January 7

Faith Forum: New Year’s resolutions involving one’s faith: good idea or bad idea?

The Rev. Jeff Barclay and the Rev. Matt Sturtevant answer.

Thursday, January 5

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Effort under way to replace 'The Guardians of the Arts' mural downtown

For 18 years, the vibrant colors of a community mural greeted anyone going through the walkway between 716 Mass. and 722 Mass. But recent repair work to fix a crumbling wall on the building that houses Signs of Life covered up the well-known mural, leaving a stark white canvas.

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Style Scout: Sammy Wheeler

Fashion trends you hate? Uggs!

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Style Scout: Daniel Hoyt

Dream Job: To be a furniture designer

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A book a month: Must-read books in 2012

We asked the staffs of local book stors and the Lawrence Public Library for their picks on the best books to read this year.

Wednesday, January 4

Artist exploring options for replacing Massachusetts Street mural

For 18 years, the vibrant colors of a community mural greeted anyone walking through the alleyway between 716 Mass. and 722 Mass.

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10 in 2012: The most anticipated movies of the year

From Batman to Django, Eric Melin looks at 10 must-see movies for 2012.

Tuesday, January 3

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Twice baked: Famed cupcake chef chooses Lawrence for second shop

Allyson Fiander brings her recipe for success, as seen on "Cupcake Wars," to Massachusetts Street.

Monday, January 2

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No frills resolutions: Improving the quality of your life in 2012

It’s easy to stare down a new year coming with designs on making everything different over the course of the next turn of 365 days. But actually doing it? That’s another matter entirely.

Style Off the Cuff: Men's winter wardrobe relies on staples

The key for guys when it comes to a winter wardrobe is investing in staples. Winter is my favorite time of year when it comes to getting dressed for a couple of reasons.

Offbeat Occupation: Knack for dog training turns into business

The bulldog was 10 weeks old when Jen Frazier picked him from a passel of puppies at the Humane Society and carried him to the car. Frazier clutched the dog, letting him settle in her lap as she and her husband, Nick, stopped at every pet store on the way home, loading up on food, supplies and toys. Once home, the puppy was introduced to the cats, and the rest of the night centered around play and potty time, excitement thick in the air.

Tim Gunn guides new wardrobe for weight loss

There are people out there who really do stick to their New Year’s resolution and take off those last 10 pounds — or more.

Sunday, January 1

Dave Barry's 2011 in review: A 'train-wreck of a year'

It was the kind of year that made a person look back fondly on the Gulf oil spill. Granted, the oil spill was bad. But it did not result in a high-decibel, weeks-long national conversation about a bulge in a congressman’s underpants. Which is exactly what we had in the Festival of Sleaze that was 2011.

Garden Calendar: How will your garden grow in 2012?

Need New Year’s resolutions you can stick to? How about making some changes in the way you garden? Or starting gardening? The physical and mental benefits gardening provides just might help with any other resolutions you make, and better gardening practices benefit the entire community.

Behind the Lens: a look back and a look ahead

As I look forward to new adventures and photographs in 2012, here are some observations and notes to sweep out 2011.