Style Off the Cuff: Men's winter wardrobe relies on staples


David Hall

Men's winter wardrobe staples

Last month I gave you “5 Essentials for Guys” as a kind of starter kit for those of you looking to amp up your style. Now that it is the beginning of January and we’ve really only seen hints of winter, I thought I would elaborate on one of those points when it comes to the three or four coldest months of the year (regardless of when those months actually come).

The key for guys when it comes to a winter wardrobe is investing in staples. Winter is my favorite time of year when it comes to getting dressed for a couple of reasons.

For starters, guys should love this season because it is the only time of year when it is acceptable to wear the same main pieces pretty much every day. Secondly, I can finally start layering up the stuff I have worn all through the summer and fall that has grown stale and repetitive like those long-sleeve button-downs, light sweaters, my favorite T-shirts, etc.

I can’t tell you how many times I have jogged through parking lots in a jacket that just wasn’t keeping me warm or sat sideways in my car kicking snow out from inside my shoes that weren’t built for the cold.

Finally, I started planning ahead and picking up one or two good “winter-proofers” every fall. I soon realized I could comfortably make it through the beginning of the year without really having to spend a ton of money or look like a kid on his way home from sledding.

When it comes to winter staples, there are four things that are worth an investment:

  • A pair of boots
  • A good pair of jeans
  • A scarf
  • A versatile jacket

I have provided a set of examples for each specific item, but the important thing to remember is to keep them all versatile.

A jacket should be functional and warm, but you should be able to dress it up or down as well, so keep the colors neutral and the fabrics traditional.

Boots should be tall and sturdy but not so bulky they look out of place with khakis or a nicer pant.

Jeans should be heavy and dark; that way they go with everything.

Finally, I always keep a thick, gray, wool scarf, as it works with all sorts of colors and is wearable every day. Guys, don’t be afraid of scarves. That extra coverage around the neck of your coat is a life–saver, and nothing will make you look more refined.

These four pieces can be worn all through the winter, almost to the point where the only variable is what shirt you pair with it all.

If you aren’t at a place where you can run out and buy up all four of these items at once, then pick up one of these per year for a while; the beautiful thing about making quality purchases that are season-specific is that you won’t have to worry about making a repeat purchase for years and years. They also come in every price range with lots of options.

And perhaps best of all you’ll find that quality boots and a nice-fitting coat will have you looking good and staying warm.


d_prowess 8 years, 6 months ago

You can find some great boots at Foxtrot on Mass. St! They have a bunch of different styles and price points for guys.

d_prowess 8 years, 6 months ago

You can see what they have online even if you don't like to shop in store!

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