Lawrence Laundry: What to wear in your 30s

You’re a young mother, perhaps. Maybe you’re not married. Or you’re quite possibly married and divorced.

You’re painfully bridging the gap between youthfulness and adulthood. You like to go out with your girlfriends and pretend you’re still in college, and you also fully appreciate staying in for movie nights.

You’re in your 30s, and whether you’re living the single life or married with kids, we can agree on two things: 1) You must dress your age, and 2) The fashion world is doing nothing to help you dress your age.

When in doubt, stick with these four style concepts to get you through this tender decade.

Proper outerwear

Nothing says, “I know where I’m going in life” like a good coat. As a 30-something who is over the whole “impressing boys” thing and more fixated on practicality, you should demonstrate you are capable of dressing appropriately. Because if you can’t dress for the weather, what can you do?

I’m especially digging ladies’ trench coats right now, and this type of investment piece will last winter after winter.

Classy accessories

Every 30-something needs a good bag. Whether you’re carrying around pacifiers, a professional portfolio or a collection of trinkets that seem to end up in your purse at random, a nice age-appropriate bag will separate you from the 20-year-olds carrying backpacks and messenger bags without seeming “too old.”Also, having one pair of nice boots, flats and pumps will ensure that you at least look like you have your life together. Try a practical shoe with a little sass — understated details make all the difference.

Limited skin

By now, you should know that modesty is, in fact, a virtue. I know Halle Barry shows skin for a night out on the red carpet, but you don’t have to. Nor should you.

This is Lawrence, Kan., after all. The Midwest isn’t keen on skin, and I appreciate that. Our sensuality comes from ease — being relaxed and confident with ourselves, holding tightly to our femininity.

There’s something especially feminine and sophisticated about not showing skin and every curve. Choose clothes with movement, clothes that skim the body without hugging it.

Quality clothing

While teenagers and 20-somethings can usually get away with wearing clothes that don’t actually quite fit, a 30-year-old’s clothes require more tailoring. The sad truth is, our bodies change as we age. So will our size. Accept it. Get the size that creates the best-looking silhouette and cut the size tag out. The older you get, the more important fit becomes.

Consider investing in higher-quality pieces as you age. Cheap clothes look even cheaper when women over the age of 25 wear them. Quality garments will last longer, look classier and fit better.

Whatever you do, whether you heed any of these suggestions or not, please, embrace this decade of life.



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