Stories for July 2012


Tuesday, July 31

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Fair horticulture competition not what it used to be

Fewer people, especially youths, working in gardens these days

With fewer people entering the Douglas County Fair's vegetable contest, fair veterans worry for the future.

Monday, July 30

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Best of Lawrence 2012 voting kicks off

This year's contest features more than 70 categories, and it's up to readers to determine the Best of Lawrence.

Lawrence Laundry: Step out of comfort zone in sheer pants

During my senior year of high school, I bought some sheer pants, and I wore them exactly once before tucking them in the back of my closet.

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Offbeat Occupations: Longevity proves everybody loves a clown

If Richard Renner were to craft a resume, under skill summary would be the following: juggling, pantomime, unicycling, rope-walking, stilt-walking and acrobatics.

Sunday, July 29

Local filmmaker wins Emmy award for editing short film

Lawrence filmmaker Marc Havener won a regional Emmy award last week for his short film about fatherhood, “And What Remains.”

Crash course: 10 things to know about the Demolition Derby

Whether you’re in a car or in the stands, the Douglas County Fair’s Demolition Derby promises a visceral experience. Here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about the Douglas County Fair’s Demolition Derby.

Harry and the Potters, Potter Puppet Pals coming to Lawrence

One year after the release of the final Harry Potter movie, fans who may be suffering from withdrawal have an alternative to help feed their Harry Potter addiction.

Saturday, July 28

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Behind the Lens: Tweak camera settings to find an ISO that’s A-OK

Through advances in health-care technology, as well as healthier lifestyles, many consider age 80 to be the new 65. There’s a similarity in photography, where 1600 ISO may be the new 800 ISO.

Friday, July 27

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'Jayhawkers,' local film about Wilt Chamberlain, seeks funding

Thursday is the last day for the upcoming feature film “Jayhawkers” to receive much-needed funding from the community whose story it tells.

Thursday, July 26

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July Final Fridays preview: Rise of the Warehouse Arts District

This month's Final Fridays is highlighted by new developments and galleries in east Lawrence.

Style Scout: Sophie Archuleta

Fashion trends you love: Maxi dresses, obviously. Large sun hats. Moustaches.

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Poolside with Victor Continental

It's that time of year again when local comedy favorite Victor Continental hosts his annual sketch variety show, poking fun at life, love and Lawrence. Our Megan Stuke put down her flying fork to talk with Continental, whose humor remains sharp as the rest of us wilt in this heat.

Style Scout: George Mavungu

Who do people say you look like? The love child of Carlton Banks and Irv Gotti.

Wednesday, July 25

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Developer hopes popular project sparks east Lawrence renaissance

Developer Tony Krsnich was pretty confident he was on to something last year when he started converting the 1904 Poehler Grocery Warehouse in east Lawrence into a 49-unit apartment building.

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Oklahoma's Great Divide is back on the road after hiatus

"A lotta people – we live in their college memories,” says Great Divide front man Mike McClure.

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KC's Making Movies making music without barriers

An upcoming record and a growing audience has the Latin-indie fusion group feeling good.

Tuesday, July 24

Sherman Hemsley of TV’s 'The Jeffersons' dies at age 74

Sherman Hemsley, the actor who made the irascible, bigoted George Jefferson of “The Jeffersons” one of television’s most memorable characters and a symbol for urban upward mobility, has died. He was 74.

Monday, July 23

Lawrence Laundry: Summer accessories, spotted and found

On the off chance I decide to venture out of my dark, air-conditioned basement into the blistering heat, I try to wear as few clothes as possible without looking like I’m trying to wear as few clothes as possible.

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Remnant Rehab: Cat toy encourages playtime

As we talked about the issue of overweight pets, which is the topic of our Go! cover story, I wondered how a cat owner could entice their cat to be more active.

Veterinarian takes holistic approach to healing pets

Cathy King, a holistic veterinarian, sometimes jokes about what she calls a “case dispensary in the sky.” That omnipotent being that determines what sort of animals will walk into her office. And in some cases, those animals are carried. That was the case a couple years back when a woman brought in a small poodle who had blown a disc and could not walk.

Sunday, July 22

Olympic expression rings true

Pentathlete-turned-artist captures spirit of multifaceted sport in sculpture

Pentathlete-turned-artist captures spirit of multifaceted sport in sculpture.

Nominations sought for Phoenix Awards

The Lawrence Cultural Arts Commission is looking for artists worthy of winning the next Phoenix Awards.

Fading art form: Youths learn dying practice of darkroom photography

The timer on the enlarger clicks off, the light snaps out and Nina Friesen pulls a seemingly blank sheet of glossy white paper from beneath the easel. As the paper bobs in a tray of developer, there’s just enough glow from a red light on the ceiling to see the street number at Red Lyon Tavern creep over the surface.

Time to survey, protest Emmy nominations

That sound drowning out the applause for this year’s Emmy nominees announced Thursday morning is the grinding of teeth over worthy shows and stars Emmy ignored.

Opening ceremony tensions boiling over at Olympics

Transforming the Olympic Stadium into a rural idyll is proving far from serene for Danny Boyle ahead of the opening ceremony.

Broadway at Baker students performing 'All Shook Up'

Students in the Broadway at Baker summer camp and the Music Theatre for Young People at Baker University want audience members to be ready to rock and roll for their rendition of “All Shook Up” at 2:30 p.m. July 29 at Baker University Rice Auditorium in Baldwin City.

Quantrill, Brown exhibits to kick off with reception at Watkins Museum

An exhibit about Quantrill’s Raid on Lawrence, which took place Aug. 21, 1863, will open in a public reception at 6 p.m. Friday at the Watkins Community Museum of History, 1047 Mass. Missouri State University professor Jeremy Neeley will lead a theatrical performance of “Guerilla Warfare: Bushwackers and Jayhawkers” to kick off the event.

Local artist’s work on display in Mo. gallery

Inspired by rivers of the Midwest, picnics, people and everyday things, a collection Lawrence artist Nancy Lehenbauer Marshall’s paintings will be on display Monday through Aug. 31 in Parkville, Mo.

Victor Continental shows this week

Like Santa Claus, they say, Victor Continental only comes once a year. But Victor’s not for children.

Award-winning LHS grad trying to surround himself with art

Eighteen-year-old Jim Kittel, like most high school graduates, is excited to head to college in the fall.

Thursday, July 19

Style Scout: William Franklin

Describe your style: Timeless. I try to choose clothes that are well-made and will last for a long time.

Style Scout: Jesse Unruh

Fashion trends you love: Braids! And anything that makes someone feel sexy.

Wednesday, July 18

Agave nectar a sweet substitute for sugar

Agave nectar — the current darling of the alternative sweetener world — is made from the same plant that is used to produce tequila. And it goes down so much easier (squeeze of lime and dash of salt are optional).

A toast to a healthier PB&J sandwich

Most kids — and many adults who want to remember being kids — love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Problem is, this lunch box staple is high in fat and sugar. So it’s time for a remake of that beloved sandwich.

Rocky Ford cantaloupes return; growers put emphasis on safety

Nearly a year after the nation’s deadliest foodborne illness outbreak in more than two decades, Colorado cantaloupes are back in supermarkets.

Pack school lunches with global inspiration

If you — or your kid — are blanching at the thought of yet another school year of day-after-day brown-bagged sandwiches, perhaps this is the year to mix up the lunch box offerings a bit.

Tuesday, July 17

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Iwig store hopes to help farm-fresh milk prevail despite dairy industry woes

Tim Iwig’s milk, butter and ice cream have attracted an almost cult-like following in Topeka, where he opened his first retail store two years ago. He's hoping his new Lawrence store will catch on as well.

Monday, July 16

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Sidewalk sale: Get what’s hot and stay cool with our smart shopping tips

After 20-plus years manning the Downtown Lawrence Sidewalk Sale, Weaver’s Department Store Vice President Earl Reineman has a trove of tips for shoppers hunting the bargains he and other merchants are slinging. For one, he warns, “If your husband doesn’t love to shop, leave him at home.”

Bite Sighs: Kansas rangoon

Raise your hand if you love oinking out on crescent rolls when Thanksgiving rolls around. Yeah, me too. Fortunately for our arteries, it’s summer. Huge meals and heavy ingredients are too much trouble for hot-weather digestion, so light grazing becomes the norm.

Offbeat Occupations: Acupuncturist helps heal when traditional medicine stops

Some of the worst words you’ll ever hear from a doctor: “There’s nothing we can do.”

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Lawrence Laundry: High-waisted shorts can be flattering

Mom jeans. You know what I’m talking about: The term coined on “Saturday Night Live” for those high-waisted, light denim, tapered-ankle jeans that somehow flatten the curvature of every woman’s body into ill-defined lumps and crevices.

Sunday, July 15

Class act: KU Theatre gives 'My Fair Lady' a mostly lively voice

When you run into someone on the street, how do you know what class of society they belong to?

Local author’s novel creates art from schism

Mom and most everyone else is fictional, but her abusive Dad is the real article in “The Divorce Girl” by Lawrence resident and Poet Laureate of Kansas Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg.

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For 'Do-Deca-Pentathlon,' 'Mad Men' actor Mark Kelly, Lawrence is 'a second home' as Hollywood beckons

The actor, whose wife is a Lawrence native, is relishing his new role.

'Mad Men' actor brings new film to Lawrence for one night only

“The Do-Deca-Pentathlon,” a new film from Jay and Mark Duplass, directors of “Cyrus” and “Jeff, Who Lives at Home,” will be shown for one night only, Wednesday, July 18, at the Hollywood South Wind 12 theaters, 3433 Iowa. The showing is at 7:30 p.m.

Designing women: Local designers display collections in horse-race-themed fashion show

On June 9, boutiques in the Crossroads District of Kansas City, Mo., transformed west 18th Street into a stadium of sorts. The theme of the 18th Street Fashion Show, Triple Crown Summer, suggested a horse race would be taking place, but instead of horses on the track, models cascaded down the runway showing off collections of 18 area fashion designers.

Library series kicks off with mature look at comic books

Comic books aren’t just for kids anymore.

Pencil artist draws line between professional, personal works

Travis Bailey realized his passion for art when he was in the eighth grade. Bailey’s older brother was baby-sitting and took Bailey to his college art class. Bailey sat in the back of the class listening and learning.

Saturday, July 14

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Behind the Lens: Covering celebrities part of the job

I often forget how fortunate I am to be a photojournalist.

Friday, July 13

Theatre Lawrence's "Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley" debuts tonight

Poor Stanley Lambchop. Everything’s normal with the 10-year-old boy, until a bulletin board falls, flattening him. Soon he embarks on a whirlwind trip around the globe – as he is folded up, stuffed in an envelope and sent around the world.

Thursday, July 12

Style Scout: Lindsey Kellenbarger

Describe your style: First-grade teacher meets 1940s movie star

Style Scout: Jon Wilson

Tell us a secret… You caught me on an online date.

Wednesday, July 11

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Kids reclaim wall with art

Sixteen-year-old Madeline Chestnut spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday painting on what some would call an extremely large canvas.

De Soto won’t let Kill Creek barn die

Everything’s coming up sunflowers at a site along Kill Creek Road that, at times, has seemed cursed. This weekend, Zimmerman’s Kill Creek Farm in De Soto will host the third annual Sunflower ArtFest.

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Hidden Pictures return with latest effort, 'Rainbow Records'

Lawrence/KC band laments the music biz while reinventing and improving their sound with a new release, "Rainbow Records."

Tuesday, July 10

Salute Winefest kicks off Thursday

Salute Winefest will once again have the wine flowing along Massachusetts Street and at the Oread Hotel.

On-the-farm wine dinner celebrates local food

Pachamama’s chef Ken Baker will be preparing an outdoor farm-to-table dinner this weekend, to be served in the peach fields at Gieringers Orchard.

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Oil boom: Extra Virgin captures niche olive oil market

Extra Virgin, 937 Mass., has more than 50 flavors of extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars.

Monday, July 9

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Peachy keen: In northeast Kansas, a banner year for mid-summer stonefruit

After the 2011 Kansas winter resulted in a summer with little to no peaches, Vertacnik’s Orchard and some other area fruit growers are experiencing a banner year.

Delicious/Nutritious: 4-ingredient avocado dishes

A favorite of our two cooks takes center plate, and they couldn’t have made it simpler: Each recipe has only four ingredients.

Lawrence Laundry: Guide to business casual

While the term “business casual” seems to be as relative and cerebral as a theory of Einstein’s, choosing appropriate outfits becomes even more complicated in the summer.

Sunday, July 8

Offbeat Occupations: Work of an art curator

The project was a lofty one: find and collect art created by Harlem Renaissance painter Aaron Douglas for a touring exhibit. The project was lofty partly because of the sort of work Douglas, a 1930s artist born in Topeka, created: book illustrations, book jackets, murals — things not easily preserved or portable.

New store adds Indian color downtown

A step inside one of Massachusetts Street’s newest stores gives one the feeling of visiting a faraway land — but without having to travel more than 30 hours to get there.

Back to school

Adults pursuing advanced degrees have options throughout area

When the executive director at his previous job departed, Rob Rawlings was hired to fill the spot on an interim basis.

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A day at the beach with Victoria Legrand

Beach House singer discusses downside of corporate radio and making honest music

Baltimore two-piece Beach House became something of an indie zeitgeist representative with its 2010 record, “Teen Dream,” forcing even casual music fans to reckon with the term “dream pop” and its implications.

Arts Center concert to pay tribute to Guthrie

In honor of Woodie Guthrie’s 100th birthday, the Midday Ramblers will host a tribute concert Saturday at the Lawrence Arts Center as part of its 940 Live series.

007 exhibition looks at screen spy as style icon

If there’s one thing James Bond has taught us it’s that behind every great spy is a great tailor.

Kansas Summer Theatre staging ‘My Fair Lady’

The rain in Spain is coming to Kansas University.

Kan. Poet Laureate releasing 1st novel

Kansas Poet Laureate Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg will be holding a book launch celebrating the release of her first novel, “The Divorce Girl.”

Sunflower Artfest starts July 13

The De Soto Arts Council is hosting the third annual Sunflower Artfest next weekend, July 13-15, at The Barn at Kill Creek Farm, 9200 Kill Creek Road, De Soto.

Saturday, July 7

Behind the Lens: Stuck in a photo rut

Several readers have commented to me before that they can often pick with a great success rate which Journal-World photographer shot a particular photo on a given day without looking at the credit.

Friday, July 6

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Grand pianist: 12-year-old plays through blindness

Luther Fuller said once he gets to the piano, everything’s fine. The 12-year-old musician and Liberty Memorial Central Middle School student has been blind ever since his earliest memories, but he said that doesn’t hamper how he plays the piano.

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Humble Approach: Lawrence hip-hop artist back to making music in town

There’s a lot to notice about Sean Hunt. In short, if you haven’t yet noticed one of the area’s best MCs, you ought to.

Wednesday, July 4

Style Scout: Christina Smith

Fashion trends you hate: Fairy wings and fluffy leg warmers

Style Scout: Jimmy Calderon

Describe your style: 100 percent Colombian

Tuesday, July 3

Watkins Community Museum hosting parties to celebrate ragtime music

The Watkins Community Museum, 1047 Mass., will hold two summer ragtime parties Sunday and Aug. 12, both at 2 p.m.

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Special Spencer exhibit depicts color, texture of Turkey

Rugs — they’re not just for walking on.

Andy Griffith, beloved TV star, dies at 86

TV's Andy Griffith dies at 86.

Party in the Park features global cuisine

At Wednesday’s July Fourth Party in the Park, you’ll find fare from all corners of the earth — Indian and Latin American included. But there will be even more good ol’ American treats.

Monday, July 2

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Happy hour officially returns to Kansas

A new state law took effect Sunday that once again makes happy hours and several other alcohol-related promotions legal in Kansas after a more than two-decade prohibition.

Offbeat Occupations: Future's up in the air for flight instructor

Craig Harper has red hair and blue eyes, a swath of freckles splashed across his cheeks. He’s a fast talker, words marching from his mouth with a mission: to teach people how to fly an airplane, and to do it well. So no one gets hurt.

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Style for the Ages: Summer shoes for men

We’re now in full swing of yet another (surprise) hot, muggy Kansas summer — that time when heat waves ripple off the blacktop and central air becomes your refuge. Unfortunately, the heat’s not going away anytime soon, but neither should your classic, practical style.

Sunday, July 1

Teacher, author, singer, smile: Flecktones and Dave Matthews alum Victor Wooten keeps busy on and off the stage

"I hate to even say that, but there’s something very sensual and soft about female vocalists that you have to understand to support them properly with your instrument, especially with the bass."

City approves $500,000 in tax rebates for art gallery plan

A plan to convert a former apple cider factory into a new east Lawrence art gallery and event space has received a major boost.

Field Day concerts celebrate local music

It’ll be a field day for grown-ups. Or at least semi-grown-ups.