Stories for May 2012


Thursday, May 31

Style Scout: Kyle Dingman

Tell us a secret... I’m a secret fan of Ace of Base.

Style Scout: Cait Curtis

Do you have any piercings or tattoos? I have a tattoo I gave myself but never finished. It was supposed to be a Pisces sign.

Wednesday, May 30

1 part pie, 1 part crumble, all delicious

Strawberries and rhubarb all but scream summer. Just add some lemonade and you’ll be totally over the top with warm weather food.

Pineapple skin a tasty plank for grilling

As I stood at the cutting board slicing slabs of thick skin off a fresh pineapple, a thought occurred to me — the strips of skin were an awful lot like the cedar planks some people use to add flavor to food on the grill. Perhaps they could be used the same way.

Sugar fight takes bitter turn

The Sugar Association is accusing the makers of high fructose corn syrup of trying to candy-coat their image by calling their product a “sugar.” The Corn Refiners Association is firing back by calling the accusations another attempt to censor its efforts to explain to the public that high fructose corn syrup is, well, a form of sugar.

After NYC beer museum tour, hop on over to its bar

Beer was hip in New York long before hipsters were into craft brews, according to a new exhibit at the New-York Historical Society that traces the history of beer all the way back to drunken Colonial times.

Honeycomb adds depth to dishes

Honeycomb also has a completely different texture than liquid honey. It’s not like chewing on a candle. Rather, the wax gives the honey a pleasant body, transforming it from something merely absorbed by the other ingredients into something that stands on its own to contrast and enliven the rest of the dish.

Tuesday, May 29

Tease photo

A garden revolution on Delaware Street

Delaware Street's gardens figure prominently in this Saturdays Lawrence Food Garden Tour.

Monday, May 28

Offbeat Occupations: DJs responsible for keeping life in the party

It was his freshman year at Kansas University, and Nick Reddell needed a job. He started working bars: cleaning toilets, sweeping floors, doing the grunt work no one wanted.

Retreat offered for writers

Mostly, writing is a solitary act, and like many lonesome endeavors, it benefits from company every now and again.

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Lawrence Laundry: Nurse practitioner says Converse sneakers lessen patients’ anxiety

Susan Stuever believes her shoes serve a purpose other than bridging the gap between function and form.

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Heartless Bastards shoot straight with latest release, 'Arrow'

100 degrees in a packed Lawrence bar? "That there is rock and roll," says singer and guitarist Erika Wennerstrom.

Book helps family heal after tragedy

Big Springs mother finds peace in writing, speaking about daughter’s murder

You know from the outset that this isn’t a happy tale: A 19-year-old woman is murdered in the California countryside. But, from Carol Noe’s perspective, the story of her daughter’s life isn’t a tragedy.

Remnant Rehab: Cheaply frame fabric art

At an estate sale in Topeka, I found some paintings on fabric that I thought were interesting enough to take home with me. The more delicate ones are on silk; the one I mounted for this column is on a synthetic fabric.

Sunday, May 27

Library kicks off reading program

Lawrence Public Library’s summer reading program isn’t just for reading anymore.

Summer class teaches kids how to make a feature film

In the early 1990s, the storefront at 731 N.H. was a treasure trove.

Summer Arts Guide: Your guide to Lawrence’s arts scene from now until Labor Day

Whether you’re a kid or adult, bookworm or concert junkie, want to dress up like Harry Potter or Elvis, Lawrence has plenty of opportunities to keep you busy this summer.

Saturday, May 26

Pianist from Lawrence wins jazz competition

A Lawrence native made a splash this week at the Jacksonville (Fla.) Jazz Piano Competition.

Behind the Lens: When packing for vacation, go light on camera gear

When it comes to camera gear, I prefer to pack small and light. Nothing gets in the way of a pleasant trip more than carrying too much gear. For a general, non-photography-specific vacation, here’s a list of my preferred method of traveling with camera gear:

Thursday, May 24

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May Final Fridays Preview: The beautiful and the absurd

When it comes to Final Fridays, we have come to expect variety in the pieces, in the artists and in the messages they convey.

Style Scout: Lauren Browning

Fashion influences: I love Zooey Deschanel. If she wears it, I want to wear it.

Style Scout: Keith Clark

Current favorite fashion trends? I start them.

Wednesday, May 23

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Not asking for a billion: Local musician funds latest work through donations

Sam Billen's latest work is an ambitious family affair funded through Kickstarter.

Tuesday, May 22

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Edible heirlooms: Favorite recipes help remember loved ones

While Memorial Day was officially created to honor America’s war dead, many people now take the holiday as an opportunity to remember other deceased loved ones and to spend time — often around the table — with those who are still living.

Monday, May 21

Senior curator ousted at Kansas State’s art museum

The former senior curator at the Beach Museum of Art said he believes his ouster after nearly two decades on the job signals a shift away from expanding the collection at the institution on the Kansas State University campus — a charge that university officials deny.

Wind damages set of E.M.U. Theatre's 'Waiting for Godot'

After their outdoor set fell prey to wind, the cast of “Waiting for Godot” is teaming up to piece it back together before this weekend’s performances.

Offbeat Occupations: Doula wants positive experience for moms

One day when Sara Wornock and her husband were visiting their obstetrician, they spotted a brochure for Complete Doula Services. It was a serendipitous moment, as the Wornocks wished to have their first baby naturally but had determined home birth was not for them.

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This too shall pass: Xiu Xiu on depression, transistion and music

Xiu Xiu will play at the Jackpot on Tuesday.

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Recipes for fresh-picked strawberries

Even if you’re not planting a garden of your own this year, you can still take part in a harvest.

Lawrence Laundry: Maxi dresses a summer statement

Imagine wearing a blanket at all times.

Bite Sighs: Great-grandmother’s catastrophe cake

Even the best chefs have their off days, so an amateur like me shouldn’t be too shocked to have a baking session worthy of the Marquis de Sade now and then.

Sunday, May 20

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E.M.U. Theatre's 'Waiting for Godot' makes most of outdoor venue

There is art that makes sense; there is art that requires a little more effort. Line by line, "Waiting for Godot" makes sense.

Art Tougeau events next weekend to celebrate art on wheels

Art on wheels will again roll through downtown Lawrence during the annual Art Tougeau parade at noon Saturday.

Behind the Lens: When it comes to a camera’s sensor size, bigger usually better

Many decisions go into purchasing a digital camera.

Saturday, May 19

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Art display in K.C. gives area students self-esteem boost

Jonathan Jackson attends Horizon Academy in Roeland Park, a private school for children in grades kindergarten through 12 who struggle with learning disabilities. Kit Bardwell, art teacher at Horizon, says her class puts all students on an equal playing field.

Thursday, May 17

Californian Cory Phillips performing 'soul jazz erotic grove funk' with local musicians

"It’s really sexual, sensual groove funk. I think the wine sales go up in bars I play because it’s swooning dance music," Cory Phillips says of his music. He'll play at the Jazzhaus tonight.

Donna Summer, Queen of Disco, dies at 63

Disco queen Donna Summer, whose pulsing anthems such as "Last Dance," ''Love to Love You Baby" and "Bad Girl" became the soundtrack for a glittery age of sex, drugs, dance and flashy clothes, has died. She was 63.

Style Scout: Steven Thompson

Fashion trends you hate? Underpants. Just hate underwear in general.

Style Scout: Stephanie Bowlin

Tell us a secret... I’m engaged to my former professor. That’s juicy, right?

Tuesday, May 15

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Bang! k.d. lang sweeps into Lawrence for the first time

k.d. lang talks touring, inspiration and Pee Wee Herman.

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Amateur and professional brewers work together to celebrate American Craft Beer Week

It’s American Craft Beer Week, and at least here in Lawrence, it’s not about competition.

Monday, May 14

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Delicious/Nutritious: When life gives you lemons

This month, our Go! chefs have come up with several variations on lemons — a meal, a snack and a drink. What more could you ask?

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Offbeat Occupations: Bartender shakes things up by creating cocktails

On a Sunday night in April, Katy Wade, 29, works behind the bar of 715, at 715 Mass.

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Lawrence Laundry: Mix it up with sunglasses this summer

I’m in a perpetual game of hide-and-seek with my sunglasses.

Sunday, May 13

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Deer Tick: down with stadiums, up with dive bars!

"Give us the opportunity and we'll play our asses off for you," says Deer Tick front man John McCauley.

Saturday, May 12

Arts Center exhibit looks at human body

A new exhibition at the Lawrence Arts Center will focus on the human figure.

EMU performing 'Waiting for Godot' at powwow space

The EMU Theatre is putting on free performances of a critically-deemed-important-but-infrequently-seen modernist play.

Summer film academy seeking youth applicants

LightLyre Films, 731 N.H., is looking for teenage participants in its summer film academy program.

Tickets for 2012-13 Lied Center season on sale Monday

The Lied Center on Kansas University’s campus is opening ticket sales to the public for its 2012-13 season Monday.

Watkins exhibit explores energy use past, present and future

Exhibit highlights sustainable energy — concept may not be as new as you think.

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Watkins Museum exhibit explores fallout from 'The Day After'

Chelsea Kapfer was just 7 when she perched on Massachusetts Street and watched buildings, cars and people fall victim to nuclear fallout during filming for “The Day After.”

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Behind the Lens: Camera tempts subjects to break the fourth wall

In news-gathering situations, most photographers make a conscious effort not to allow their presence to influence the events around them.

Thursday, May 10

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Stage set for new theater

Groundbreaking is latest act for community-produced plays

Years of campaign fundraising and planning culminated in a curtain-raising for a new act for the 35-year-old community theater group’s history in an event Thursday afternoon. Staff, volunteers, supporters and property developers gathered at 4660 Bauer Farm Drive near Sixth Street and Wakarusa Drive to mark the ceremonial beginning of construction, which they hope to complete within a year.

Free State Film Festival lineup set

The Lawrence Arts Center, 940 N.H., has announced the lineup for the first Free State Film Festival, which runs Friday through Sunday.

Style Scout: Brandy Stratton

Current favorite fashion trends? Neons — not all-over, but in accessories and paired with neutrals. It’s all about accessories; you can always make a basic look amazing with the right accessories.

Style Scout: Keith Moore

Fashion trends you hate? I hate Crocs. I know everyone does, but still.

Wednesday, May 9

Dark meat chicken climbs pecking order

Thighs and drumsticks are climbing the pecking order as Americans join consumers abroad in seeking flavor that isn’t found in ubiquitous, boneless, skinless chicken breasts. The poultry industry used to have trouble finding a market for dark meat, but changing domestic tastes and growing exports to countries that prefer leg quarters are pushing up prices and helping pull the poultry industry out of a deep slump.

Sertoma announces barbecue winners

Four Men and a Pig won a ticket to October’s American Royal Barbecue Invitational by being named overall grand champions of this year’s Sertoma 48 BBQ competition.

Steamed hake packs in the flavor

Admittedly, steamed fish doesn’t exactly scream mouthwatering. But what it lacks in excitement it more than makes up for in health cred.

International flavors put to taste test

The spread of international snacks included “Forest Mushroom” and “Grilled Meat” Lay’s from Russia, fruity Oreos from China and lemon-peppered flavored Tang drink from Saudi Arabia. The reactions were mixed.

Snacks translate oddly overseas

American favorites barely recognizable in foreign flavors

Growth in the snack food industry has been virtually flat in the U.S. for the past two years, according to market research firm Euromonitor. Meanwhile, combined sales in China, Brazil and Russia — three major developing markets — rose 15 percent in 2010 and 11 percent last year to $17 billion. That’s half the size of the U.S. market but it’s growing.

Monday, May 7

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Recipes for a kid-and-dad-proof Mother's Day breakfast

Mom deserves a break. Here's how to give her a mayhem-free Mother's Day.

Style Off the Cuff: Seasonal staples can be repurposed

A pair of slip-on shoes that can be dressed up or down. I prefer something like leather Sperry Top-Siders or, as of late, leather-soled loafers like Bass Weejuns. These are shoes that work both thoughtfully dressed up for a summer wedding, or tossed on to go to a barbecue or farmers’ market. Check out Foxtrot and Urban Outfitters in downtown Lawrence for a nicely curated collection of spring shoes.

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Offbeat Occupations: Artist’s creations fueled by positive energy

Now 80 years old, Jack Ozegovic is still creating art.

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Like mother, like daughter: Pairs bond through shared careers

When Jeanne Averill learned her daughter Trish wanted to follow in her footsteps as a drama teacher, Averill was thrilled but sort of mystified.

Sunday, May 6

Have you seen this painting? Artist on the hunt for stolen work

A Lawrence artist is reaching out for help finding his stolen work.

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Lawrence Locales: Haskell Cultural Center

The museum at 143 Barker Ave. on the campus of Haskell Indian Nations University opened 10 years ago as part of a national effort by the American Indian Higher Education Consortium to create repositories for Native American art and culture. Among its missions is tracing the history of Haskell itself, from its origins in 1884 as the U.S. Indian Industrial Training School to its place today as a four-year, degree-granting university.

Children’s Choir wins national award

A music program that pairs children with senior citizens has garnered the Lawrence Children’s Choir a national award.

Writer of Greensburg book to give reading

Author and former Baker University professor Robert Fraga will give a reading at 7 p.m. Friday at the Raven, 8 E. Seventh St.

Community Arts Grant winners named

The Lawrence Cultural Arts Commission has selected five arts projects to receive grants totaling $7,200 in the 17th Annual Community Arts Grant competition.

Event hosting sci-fi, fantasy authors

Hastings, 1900 W. 23rd St., is hosting a “gathering” of several area science-fiction and fantasy authors. The event, where the authors will give readings and sign autographs, will be from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday at the store.

Saturday, May 5

Groundbreaking to set stage for new Theatre Lawrence facility

Theatre Lawrence will break ground this week on its new facility.

Local artist’s N.Y. exhibit draws on personal tragedy, cycles of life

Lawrence artist Darin White is always thinking about the opportunities of life. His latest exhibition, “Overflow,” which he displayed last month at the Soapbox Gallery in Brooklyn, N.Y., focused on life cycles.

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Film festival will try to bridge gap between artists, audience

Award-winning filmmakers both local and national will descend upon Lawrence to be a part of a brand-new event that hopes to bring a sense of community and open dialogue to the area’s music and visual arts scene.

Friday, May 4

Adam Yauch, founding member of the Beastie Boys who went by MCA, dies at 47

The Beastie Boys' Adam Yauch, best known the world over as the thoughtful, witty, in-your-face rapper MCA, has died, according to Rolling Stone and the hip-hop website Global Grind, which is run by Russell Simmons.

Thursday, May 3

Style Scout: Summer Shiflett

Fashion trends you hate? I dislike neon, because not everyone can wear it. (I can’t.)

Style Scout: Deborah O’Neal

Age: Let’s just say over 39.

Wednesday, May 2

Cinco de Mayo wedding has definite Chipotle ring to it

When the couple gets married in Lawrence this Saturday — Cinco de Mayo — guests will munch on Chipotle burritos, chips and guacamole at the reception.

Carne asada: Grilled steak has bold taste

The more time the sirloin tips bathe in this recipe’s punchy marinade of lime juice, Worcestershire sauce and garlic, the better. So while we call for marinating the meat for two hours, don’t hesitate to toss them in as you head out to work in the morning. You’ll be rewarded when you get home and fire up the grill.

Cinco de Mayo cake combines sweet, heat

A bit of heat and a lot of sweet make this mango-topped chocolate honey cake a fine choice for celebrating Cinco de Mayo.

Chicken enchiladas from scratch don’t require much time

The goal was simple — a recipe for mole chicken enchiladas that tastes authentic, but doesn’t take an authentic amount of time to prepare. And thanks to two easy time-saving tricks, it turned out to be easier than I expected.