Style Scout: Bryan Wilcox


Ali Edwards

Bryan Wilcox, Lawrence. Clothing details: Cardigan, H&M;, September 2012, $25; tie, Express, fall 2011, $35; shirt, Express, June 2012, $40; jeans, Target, October 2012, $20; shoes, Nordstrom Rack, April 2012, $65.

Age: 32

Relationship status: Engaged

Hometown: Kansas City, Mo.

Time in Lawrence: 12 years

Occupation: IT for the School of Journalism at Kansas University

Dream job: Owning a brewery

What were you doing when scouted? Having dinner with friends

Describe your style: Pee-wee Herman with a touch of Rudy Giuliani

Fashion trends you love: Cardigans, plaids, ties

Fashion trends you hate: UGGs

Fashion influences: GQ

What would you like to see more of in Lawrence? Bars with great cocktails and better happy hours

Less of? Pretentious people

Tattoos or piercings? No

Who do people say you look like? Mr. Belding, Vincent D’Onofrio

Tell us a secret … I was born in the ‘70s


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