Style Scout: Zack McQuiston


Ali Edwards

Zack McQuiston, Shawnee. Clothing details: shoes, DSW, August, $50; jeans, Gap, $110; shirt, Urban Outfitters, one year ago; sweater, J. Crew, a couple weeks ago, $100.

Age: 21

Relationship status: In a relationship

Hometown: Shawnee

Time in Lawrence: Four years

Occupation: Student

What were you doing when scouted? Shopping for a birthday card for my mom

Describe your style: Pretty traditional. I’m colorblind so I don’t get too adventurous.

Fashion trends you love: I love that business professional is becoming OK again for young men. I’m happy that I’m able to get away with wearing a pair of Oxfords to class.

Fashion trends you hate: Croakies are pretty tacky.

Fashion influences: Because I’m colorblind, I need to marry a woman with good taste, so I’d say my biggest style influence is the women in my life because I have to take one shopping with me every time I go.

What would you like to see more of in Lawrence? More of the “keep Lawrence weird” phenomenon. I feel like it’s kind of getting replaced by all the Johnson County kids. I’m one of them so I can’t judge, but I would like to see more of the eclectic side of Lawrence come out again.

Less of? Tights as pants. That’s not a thing, girls.

Tattoos or piercings? No

Who do people say you look like? I got Frankie Muniz when I was a kid.

Tell us a secret … I put absolutely no thought into the outfit I’m wearing right now.


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