Off the Beaten Plate: Bibimbap at O Café Korean Restaurant


Bibimbap with pork at O Café Korean Restaurant, 1530 W. Sixth St., Suite E.

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Say it, bee-bim-bahp. Fun, huh? In Korean, bap means rice, and bibim means mix. This filling, one-bowl dish has rice on the bottom, topped with mushrooms and julienned vegetables, your choice of meat and a fried egg. Mix, then eat.

Where to get it: O Café Korean Restaurant, 1530 W. Sixth St., Suite E

What you’ll pay: $8.95 plus tax

Try it with: One of the little snacks they bring out before your meal. Might be radish or cabbage kimchi, or a mung bean pancake stuffed with seafood.

Also on the menu: Korean specialties such as bulgogi (marinated meat served on a hot skillet, with lettuce for wrapping) and Jja Jang Myeon (noodles and veggies topped with black soybean paste). Note: Some dishes are offered only one day a week.

Restaurant website:

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