Lawrence Libations: Tarantula Margarita at La Familia


Tarantula Margaritas, in mango and strawberry, at La Familia Cafe and Cantina, 733 New Hampshire

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With this feature kicking off the week of Halloween, we picked a drink with a scary-sounding name. In reality, it’s one of the least scary drinks around (though an argument could be made that the potent ingredient — or the choices made after drinking too much of it — is notorious for coming back to haunt people).

There are no spiders in the Tarantula Margarita; rather, it’s a sweet tequila and fruit liqueur mix with the brand name Tarantula.

La Familia serves these in strawberry, peach or mango, with your choice of sugar or salt on the rim.

The hard stuff: Tequila

Where it’s served: La Familia Cafe and Cantina, 733 New Hampshire

What it costs: $5.25

When it’s on special: Thursdays. You can get a smaller pour for 99 cents.

Other libations at this location: Mostly margaritas — house, house by the pitcher, frozen, Blue Moon (it’s blue) and Perfect (fancier liquor, fancier price).

— Drink up. Stay classy. Don’t forget to tip your bartender. And let us know if you want to suggest a libation for this feature — email or Tweet her at Cheers.


Bill_Slu 7 years, 7 months ago

I refuse to give them my business. When I phoned in a carry out, they would not prepare my meal until I got there. I have worked downtown for over 20 years and this is the only restaurant that denies me. I like to phone in an order there once a year and see if anything has changed, the last time I went up to the counter and paid, then they started making my order, then, demanded my money back and walked out.

At La Familia the customer is always wrong!

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