Best of Lawrence 2012: Best Artist

John Sebelius


Visual artist John Sebelius as made a documentary, "Searching for Sturgis," about the famous motorcycle rally. He says he learned for a national dust up that followed a controversial board game he created when he was 21.

Four years removed from marketing a controversial board game that drew national headlines, John Sebelius has moved into the world of clothing lines, 2-D, film and sculpture. This summer he released a documentary, “Searching at Sturgis,” and a series of vignettes, “71st Annual Rally.”

His clothing line, Gillius, features limited-edition prints of sketches for men and women. He earned a master of fine arts from Kansas University this past spring and says his art invokes “people whose stories deserve an audience,” the result of growing up in a household of progressives.

All this, he hopes, will create discussion around America’s marginalized communities.

Next up is a documentary about the California community Slab City, made of old World War II-era Army barracks.

“I think it’s best for me to stay busy,” Sebelius says of his variety of art. “If it’s something that intrigues me, I jump into it. I’m not one to be just into one thing — I get bored.”

Runners up

Molly Murphy,

Stan Herd,


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