Style Scout: Sarah Stern


Clothing details: This entire outfit was customized in felt and fake diamonds in Paraguay; boots, $50, Nordstrom.

Age: 21

Relationship status: Taken

Hometown: Lawrence

Time in Lawrence: 21 years

Occupation: Student/commercial photography

Dream job: Anything in the marketing field that will let me travel back and forth to Latin America.

What were you doing when scouted: Promoting KU’s Brazilian Student Association’s Brazilian Carnival on Wescoe Beach.

Describe your style: I would say it’s a Paraguayan twist on Brazilian Carnival.

Fashion trends you love: Summer dresses

Fashion trends you hate: Leggings as pants — I’m sure everybody says that — and gauge earrings.

Fashion influences: Things I see while I travel. Also, when you grow up in Lawrence, anyone you see walking down the sidewalk becomes a fashion influence. Lawrence is really a fashion-forward town.

What would you like to see more of in Lawrence: More international nightlife and coffee shops open all night.

Less of? Apartment buildings

Tattoos or piercings: Just my ears

Whom do people say you look like? In Latin American, from any guy, it’s Marilyn Monroe, Alicia Silverstone and Nicole Kidman! Just because of my blond hair, they start naming any actress with blond hair!

What type of music do you unwind to: Bossa Nova and folk music.

Tell us a secret… I go through a pack of gum in 15 minutes.


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