Lawrence Libations: The Float Trip at Pachamama’s

The Float Trip at Pachamama's, 800 New Hampshire St.

The Float Trip at Pachamama's, 800 New Hampshire St.


The Float Trip at Pachamama's, 800 New Hampshire St.

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Everything about this drink says summertime. First, its name: the Float Trip. Second, its ingredients: fresh local blackberries (from Pestock Farms of Tonganoxie), a sweet apertif and ice cream. But even better than plain ice cream, this is Pachamama’s much more interesting house-made fromage blanc ice cream — made with a soft, slightly sour French-style cheese not unlike crème fraîche. Finishing with soda gives the drink a fizzy pink top.

The hard stuff: Aperol, a rosy-orange-colored Italian apertif (which, at 11 percent alcohol, isn’t really all that hard for a spirit).

Where it’s served: Pachamama’s, 800 New Hampshire St.

What it costs: $8

When it’s on special: Happy Hour. The Float Trip and Pachamama’s other specialty cocktails are $5 each from 5 to 6 p.m. every day the restaurant’s open (Tuesday through Saturday).

Other libations at this location: The Agent Orange (vodka, ginger liqueur, carrot and orange), Whiskey in a Jar (Irish whiskey, black tea, soda and lemon), several cocktails made with fresh herbs, local craft beer and boutique wines.

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