Off the Beaten Plate: Bloomin’ Bloody Mary at Dempsey’s

Bloomin' Bloody Mary at Dempsey's Burger Pub, 623 Vermont St.

Bloomin' Bloody Mary at Dempsey's Burger Pub, 623 Vermont St.


Bloomin' Bloody Mary at Dempsey's Burger Pub, 623 Vermont St.

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It’s a cocktail! It’s an appetizer! It’s ... the Bloomin’ Bloody Mary! This menu item is more powerful than a normal drink or sampler platter, able to fill multiple gastric needs in a single glass.

Yes, a drink with a small meal sticking out of it will turn heads at the bar. The drink part is a bloody mary in a jar. The food part — shooting out the top on an array of skewers — is a mini-cheeseburger, a chicken wing with hot sauce, a piece of bacon, a stalk of celery, a pickled banana pepper, olives, a cocktail onion, fresh jalepeño slices and a dill pickle spear.

Deciding whether this was “Off the Beaten Plate” or a “Lawrence Libation” was a tough call. But Dempsey’s is billing it as an appetizer, so who are we to argue?

Where to get it: Dempsey’s Burger Pub, 623 Vermont St.

What you’ll pay: $12

Try it with: French fries. Also a straw, so you can sip on the drink part while nibbling the food part at your own pace.

Also on the menu: An array of full-size gourmet burgers, fish and chips, fries, wings and another new item that blurs the lines between bar and kitchen: Dempsey’s Dirty Sunday — vanilla ice-cream with Guinness, house-made Irish cream, a sprinkling of cocoa powder and a cherry.

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flloyd 4 years, 10 months ago

Is this served with a supply of Lipitor and blood pressure lowering medication?

dipweed 4 years, 10 months ago

Good grief, this is no bargain. Just order a regular Bloody Mary and a hamburger for less.

Ron Holzwarth 4 years, 10 months ago

It's not being billed as a bargain. It's the panache that's being sold.

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