Stories for February 2013


Thursday, February 28

Style Scout: Brian Vollbracht

Fashion trends you love: Wing tip shoes, bow ties and watches.

Style Scout: Vanessa Thomas

Dream job: I’m doing it! I sing with Doc Severinsen. We sing jazz and sometimes we sing with symphonies where I sing well-known classical pieces.

Horoscopes for Feb. 28

For Thursday, Feb. 28: This year you seem to inspire others on a deep level, especially close loved ones and friends. Your trademark will be to look squarely at life-and-death issues before coming to your own conclusions about a life philosophy. If you are single, you certainly are desirable. If you are attached, your sweetie most likely will want to participate in your search for depth and meaning.

Wednesday, February 27

Earthworks artist Stan Herd to give presentation Monday

Internationally acclaimed earthworks artist Stan Herd will share details of his latest projects, including a future earthwork in Brazil, during a presentation Monday at the Lawrence Arts Center.

Horoscopes for Feb. 27

For Wednesday, Feb. 27: This year you will deal with a plethora of unexpected events. You have what it takes to meet life’s demands, and your ability to flex will be tested. If you are single, you will yearn for a close bond. If you are attached, the two of you seem to have a quality of the unexpected linked to your relationship.

Tune In Tonight: Nashville talent visits 'Nashville'

A surprise party draws an A-list crowd on “Nashville” (9 p.m., ABC), including music stars Dan Auerbach (the Black Keys), Vince Gill, Pam Tillis, Kip Moore and Kate York.

Tuesday, February 26

No snow days for KU's residential dining halls

Staff spent night on campus to ensure breakfast would be served on time

A skeleton crew of KU Dining Services employees spent Monday night on campus to ensure they’d be in place to open all residence hall cafeterias for breakfast by the usual 7 a.m. Tuesday — not that they expected an onslaught of students at that hour, But there were some. By Sara Shepherd

Tune In Tonight: New cop drama 'Golden Boy' cliched in some parts, but worth a shot

“Golden Boy” (10 p.m., CBS, TV-PG) becomes the latest television drama set in the New York Police Department. After airing tonight and March 5 in the “Vegas” slot, it will move to Fridays on March 8, right before “Blue Bloods,” taking the place of “CSI: NY.” Too bad we can’t collect a pension from just watching all of these NYC cop shows.

Horoscopes for Feb. 26

For Tuesday, Feb. 26: This year you often find yourself caught in the middle of arguments. You can see the pros and cons of each side, but you might not feel confident enough to offer your opinion. If you are single, you might be challenged to meet the right person. If you are attached, a relationship needs tending if you want it to work.

Monday, February 25

Tease photo

Offbeat Occupations: FSHS grad follows lifelong dream

Spencer Lott acknowledges that few children’s dreams come to fruition. But his did.

Tease photo

Special-needs pets become special to owners

Lawrence residents who own pets with disabilities say their animals are worth the extra TLC. Most of the time, their special-needs dogs and cats don’t seem to notice they’re any different from other pets. By Sara Shepherd

The Fashion Column: Hat tricks

Hat shopping tends to be tricky thanks to the endless styles out there. But like any fashion choice, it all depends on the occasion and what makes you feel comfortable.

Horoscopes for Feb. 25

For Monday, Feb. 25: This year you will look at life’s issues through many different lenses. As a result, the decisions you make will tend to be grounded. If you are single, your love life becomes very exciting come summer. If you are attached, your sweetie could find you to be exciting, yet he or she might feel challenged by everything that is going on in your life.

Sunday, February 24

World renowned religion and ecology scholar visits Lawrence for documentary screening, talks

The producer of “Journey of the Universe” — a documentary exploring the human connection to Earth and the cosmos — will be in Lawrence for a screening and series of talks.

Not your average junkyard dogs: Jazz jam band keeps dance scene spry

Group celebrates induction into Kansas Music Hall of Fame

For more than 30 years, the Junkyard Jazz band has shared its more-the-merrier style of play with the Lawrence community, most notably as the main entertainment Thursday nights at the American Legion. This year the band’s artistry and longstanding popularity are being recognized in a big way, with a spot in the Kansas Music Hall of Fame. By Sara Shepherd.

Former KU art teacher, student team up for major installation at Spencer Museum

Ann Hamilton, a Kansas University textile design grad, and Cynthia Schira, her former teacher here, became internationally recognized successes in the art world. In a homecoming of sorts, the two artists are teaming up and returning to KU to create an exhibit for the Spencer Museum of Art. By Sara Shepherd.

KU’s annual Jazz Festival, after-hours this weekend

The Kansas University school of music will present its 36th annual Jazz Festival this weekend, with concerts featuring guest artists Bob Sheppard on saxophone and Kurt Rosenwinkel on guitar.

Chuck Mead to make some noise on return home for Hall of Fame show

Chuck Mead says he’s excited he gets another chance to stomp around his old stomping grounds next month — Liberty Hall, that is, where he once worked as he was supporting himself as a Lawrence musician. By Alex Garrison

Kansas City Connection: First Fridays a K.C. must

Whether you’re a longtime resident or a first-time visitor, the quintessential Kansas City night out is still First Fridays in the Crossroads, when all the galleries, businesses and ersatz art spaces open their doors to the masses. By Lucas Wetzel

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Off the Beaten Plate: The Murder Burger at Pachamama's

A deep-fried hamburger, with fancy cheese and sauce — the heart-attack-on-a-plate goes gourmet. By Sara Shepherd.

Horoscopes for Feb. 24

For Sunday, Feb. 24: This year you stay mellow and focused on your daily life. You will find that your attitude brings a lot of satisfaction to others; however, sometimes you could become critical and touchy, especially when dealing with loved ones. If you are single, you meet people with ease. If you are attached, you could be unusually emotional with your sweetie.

Saturday, February 23

Horoscopes for Feb. 23

For Saturday, Feb. 23: This year others are drawn to you like a bear is to honey. Many doors open up as a result. If you are single, it might be difficult to get a relationship off the ground. If you are attached, the two of you will need to work on your communication, as misunderstandings tend to occur too easily.

Friday, February 22

Tease photo

Snow prompts rescheduling of many Final Fridays events

With Lawrence still digging out from Thursday’s snowstorm, most art galleries are rescheduling planned Final Fridays events for next Friday, March 1. However, some activities are still on and others have been rescheduled for other dates. Here's what we know so far. By Sara Shepherd

Horoscopes for Feb. 22

For Friday, Feb. 22: This year others find you to be alluring and nearly magical. You have a flair for the dramatic. It is a given that you will be noticed. If you are single, you could encounter one great person after another. If you are attached, the two of you will spice up your relationship in many ways.

Thursday, February 21

Style Scout: Amanda Albrecht

Fashion trends you hate: It’s hard to say I hate a trend because I really couldn’t care less about what other people are wearing. Fashion on some level is an opportunity to inform people of who you are.

Style Scout: John Dennis

Fashion influences: I’m influenced by what I see on the street or at work.

Tune In Tonight: Shaquille mixes basketball and comedy

“Upload With Shaquille O’Neal” (9:30 p.m., Tru TV) becomes the latest series to showcase video clips from the Internet. Along the way, it shows that the former NBA star is about as good at being funny as a comedian might be at playing basketball.

Horoscopes for Feb. 21

For Thursday, Feb. 21: This year, dare to dream. That step will be important in turning a fantasy into a reality. If you are single, summer 2013 could bring a very special suitor. If you are attached, you will be unusually content with each other.

Wednesday, February 20

Bite Sighs: Subdue your sweet tooth in small bites

You may have noticed from most of my columns that I have a raging sweet tooth. It’s a little hard to keep under control, especially during times of stress. I think I’ve found a way around it: Smaller portions! By Audrey Lintner

Tune In Tonight: Oscar broadcast most often a one-time deal

Got Oscar fever? Didn’t think so. Katie Couric hosts the “20/20” ‘‘news” special “Mad About Oscar” (9 p.m., ABC). This isn’t so much about the chances of “Argo” or “Lincoln” walking away with Best Picture, but clips from past Oscar ceremonies, including memorable winners, inadvertently amusing speeches and unscripted moments.

Horoscopes for Feb. 20

For Wednesday, Feb. 20: You have many dreams that you choose not to share. This year, you might witness one of them being fulfilled. If you are single, you could meet someone who seems so special that you have to pinch yourself to make sure the experience is real. If you are attached, the two of you seem to develop a new style of communication.

Tuesday, February 19

Tune In Tonight: CW's 'Cult' is something to talk about

A show within a show, “Cult” (8 p.m., CW) isn’t so much a network drama as the idea for a drama, or maybe the marketing scheme for a drama. But given the slim pickings on the CW and other networks, that may be enough.

Horoscopes for Feb. 19

For Tuesday, Feb. 19: This year you experience some tension regarding what you want to do and the way in which you go about executing those goals. You can go from being deeply emotional to highly intellectual within a few minutes. If you are single, you could have a few starts-ups to relationships with different people. If you are attached, the two of you need to work on your communication.

Monday, February 18

Popular painting on loan for landmark exhibit at National Gallery of Art

Visitors to the Spencer Museum of Art may notice one of its leading ladies is missing. Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s “La Pia de' Tolomei” — one of the Spencer’s most famous and popular paintings — is on loan to the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., which is featuring it in a landmark exhibit. By Sara Shepherd

The Fashion Column: Spring closet cleaning

Trying to throw together an outfit in the morning can be quite the challenge, especially if your clothes, shoes and accessories are jumbled together in a mess you call your closet.

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The write stuff: Workshops help first-graders get started on storytelling

For more than a decade, a first-grade language arts teacher at St. John Catholic School has led weekly writing workshops for all the school’s first-graders. While spelling and punctuation are important, she says, children don’t need to wait to master those skills before they start writing.

Tease photo

Daytripper: Hanging with Huck Finn in Hannibal, Mo.

In Hannibal, Mo., you’ll find the spirit of Mark Twain, who penned the classics “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” and “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,” is very much alive.

Go-Getter: Try cooking classes

There’s no time like the present to learn how to cook like a professional, and luckily, Lawrence offers a few learning opportunities to help.

Horoscopes for Feb. 18

For Monday, Feb. 18: This year you have a unique opportunity to expand your horizons. Your creativity soars, and Lady Luck seems to be riding on your shoulder. If you are single, you could meet someone very special and significant to your life history. If you are attached, the two of you start acting like new lovers.

Sunday, February 17

Tease photo

Off the Beaten Plate: Spicy Hot Pot with Pig’s Feet at Jade Garden

No. 118, the Spicy Hot Pot with Pig’s Feet and Shrimp, brought to you courtesy of the "authentic" menu at Jade Garden. By Sara Shepherd.

Visiting Israeli professor to speak at screening of ‘5 Broken Cameras’

A visiting Israeli professor will speak at an upcoming screening of “5 Broken Cameras.” The screening is set for 7 p.m. Feb. 27 at the Lawrence Jewish Community Congregation, 917 Highland Drive.

Art or just plain weirdness? Small gallery space aims to spark big discussion

Just because people make things — very creative things — doesn’t mean those things are art. Or does it? A tiny alcove inside the Lawrence Arts Center is being converted into a new gallery to showcase creations — yes, they’re probably going to be weird — that incite the question. By Sara Shepherd.

February Final Friday Preview: Percolator exhibit features small versions of world’s largest things

If you like art to tell you about where we’ve been as a society or where we are going, you won’t want to miss this month’s Final Friday. By Margie Carr

Behind the Lens: A multimedia balancing act

Now that many of us have smartphones, still cameras and video cameras, it can be difficult to choose what tool to use to visually document a person or event. By Mike Yoder

Kansas City Connection: Trader Joe’s has anything you’d ever want — and more

So far, this column has focused mostly on high-brow events like the symphony, theater and classic film. But your Kansas City Connection recognizes that sometimes you just want to take a little trip to go out and buy stuff.

At annual film festival, silence is golden

Film buffs will get a chance to see silent films almost 100 years old, complete with live music accompaniment, at the 17th Annual Kansas Silent Film Festival on Friday and Saturday at Washburn University in Topeka. By Eric Melin

Church hosting performance to commemorate Black History Month

St. Luke AME Church, 900 New York St., hosts a musical every February but it isn't the typical singing, acting and dancing expected of such a show. This musical is a collaboration of performances by musical groups from the Lawrence and Kansas City area meant to commemorate Black History Month.

NPR quiz show host to speak Monday at KU

The longtime host of National Public Radio’s current events quiz show, “Wait, Wait … Don’t Tell Me!” — sharp-witted author, broadcast personality and commentator Peter Sagal — is planning an appearance at Kansas University.

Horoscopes for Feb. 17

For Sunday, Feb. 17: This year you move away from some of your firmly held positions. You see the power of being flexible and giving others their space. If you are single, Cupid’s arrow could hit the bull’s-eye this year. If you are attached, there might be times when no one can find the two of you.

Saturday, February 16

Life lessons

Artist teaches incarcerated youths to help them get positive attention

Every Friday for the past 15 years, artist Laura Ramberg has been teaching art to people convicted of some very serious crimes: Battery. Breaking and entering. Drug use. And none of her students are older than 17. By Margie Carr

Horoscopes for Feb. 16

For Saturday, Feb. 16: This year you might say one thing yet do something else. If you get feedback regarding this issue, it would be wise to work on resolving it; otherwise, people might not know what to expect when interacting with you. If you are single, the first couple of choices you make for a potential sweetie might not be the right match for you. If you are attached, the two of you will become closer if you accept yourself and are willing to transform.

Friday, February 15

Horoscopes for Feb. 15

For Friday, Feb. 15: This year your imagination and creativity flourish. Be careful not to overthink a possible financial bonus or change. If you are single, you could find that you become unusually possessive of someone you are dating. If you are attached, you might consider keeping separate checking accounts.

Thursday, February 14

Style Scout: Liz Adcock

Who do people say you look like? I don’t personally see it, but style-wise, people say I look like Liz Taylor when she was young. Or Flo, the Progressive (Insurance) girl.

Style Scout: Tristan Penn

What would you like to see more of in Lawrence? I would like to see more winking.

Horoscopes for Feb. 14

For Thursday, Feb. 14: This year your words carry a lot of weight. You don’t need to fight for an audience; others make it their pleasure to listen to your ideas. If you are single, you don’t need to go far — your magnetic personality attracts many potential suitors. If you are attached, your interactions are full of intensity and understanding.

Wednesday, February 13

Tune In Tonight: 'NOVA' special shows Earth from space

Sometimes you have to leave this world to get a good look at yourself. That’s the lesson of “Earth From Space” (8 p.m., PBS), a “NOVA” special.

Horoscopes for Feb. 13

For Wednesday, Feb. 13: This year the unexpected runs rampant in your day-to-day life. It prevents boredom, and it helps you identify your priorities. If you are single, you could have a sequence of intense potential sweeties. If you are attached, the two of you have a great time together.

Tuesday, February 12

'Rhythm and Meaning: Jazz at KU' opens Friday with live music, discussion

Prominent jazz collections of the Midwest will star in a new exhibit on the Kansas University campus. “Rhythm and Meaning: Jazz at KU” opens with a free public reception at 5:30 p.m. Friday.

Roots of Southern rock-blues band Delta Saints extend to Kansas

Not many bluesmen have lamented over the Sunflower State, but a pair of homegrown boys are starting to make noise with the Delta Saints, a blues-rock band that summons ghosts of the South and makes them dance to a steady rock rhythm. By Mike Krings

Tune In Tonight: New 'Face' looks familiar

In many ways, “The Face” (8 p.m., Oxygen) takes the “America” out of “America’s Next Top Model,” a series it resembles in so many ways. Although it is set in New York and many of the 12 mannequin hopefuls hail from the 50 states, “The Face” has a certain international flair. It could be shot anywhere, and often it seems to be taking place on Mars.

Horoscopes for Feb. 12

For Tuesday, Feb. 12: This year you alternate between being emotionally detached and being oversensitive. If you have an artistic talent, it is likely to emerge. If you are single, someone could come into your life unexpectedly. If you are attached, you often have very emotional talks.

Monday, February 11

Home brewers hope to make their hobby legal

Representatives from home brewing clubs throughout the state have gotten together to try to make their hobby legal. They're pushing for legislation to allow them to share their homemade beer with other fans. By Nicole Wentling

The Fashion Column: Valentine’s Day style

Typically one’s relationship status determines on which side of the Valentine’s Day love-hate spectrum you stand. Personally, my feelings are indifferent toward this Hallmark holiday full of roses and heart-shaped boxes of chocolate. Truth be told, my excitement stems from my favorite pastime, dressing for the occasion!

Tease photo

Invite love in, all year round: 7 tips

Lawrence psychologist Harriet Lerner shares relationship tips to remember not just around Valentine’s Day but all year long.

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Offbeat Occupations: Arborist finds risk, reward in trees

“I trust my life every day to a 2-inch thick limb,” says arborist Dan Parker-Timms. “I should knock on wood as I say that. I’ve been lucky so far.”

Delicious/Nutritious: Figs figure into intriguing Valentine’s Day treats

This month, try figs — they might be a little mysterious, but getting to know them is definitely worth it.

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Bring sexy back: Rekindling romance takes effort

With Valentine’s Day — the final day of National Marriage Week — on Thursday, revving up romance seems to be on the brain, and experts say strengthening your emotional connection is the best place to start.

Horoscopes for Feb. 11

For Monday, Feb. 11: This year you have a lot to say, and you’ll say just that ... provided you have a receptive audience. Your way of thinking changes in the course of the year, and something that irked you in the past no longer will be an issue by 2014. If you are single, you could meet someone unexpectedly. If you are attached, avoid struggling over money by keeping separate checking accounts.

Sunday, February 10

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Off the Beaten Plate: Chicken and Waffles at the Burger Stand

This isn't the bone-in chicken and waffles a la soul food restaurants, but it's easier to eat. Battered and fried chicken fingers top a crispy round waffle, the whole shebang drizzled with maple syrup. By Sara Shepherd.

Kansas City Connection: Love, Mardi Gras in the air

On Valentine’s Day week, Kansas City offers mass weddings, romantic movies and Mardi Gras celebrations.

Play about Lincoln, civil rights coming to Arts Center

Play about presidential leadership and civil rights coming to Lawrence to celebrate President's Day.

Statewide writing contest open to students

Kansas students in third through 12th grades are invited to submit their essays for this year’s Kansas Book Festival Writing Contest. Students are asked to get creative and set straight a common myth about Kansas by writing on the theme, “Kansas Isn’t Flat It’s...”

Director of basketball rules documentary to appear at screening

Kansas University’s Student Union Activities will host KU basketball super-fan Josh Swade for a movie screening and discussion. Swade directed “There’s No Place Like Home,” the ESPN “30 for 30” documentary that chronicles his quest to bring James Naismith’s original rules of basketball to Lawrence.

Sorority alumnae club plans wine tasting to help Van Go

An upcoming wine tasting and hors d’oeuvres fundraiser planned by Lawrence’s Pi Beta Phi Alumnae Club will benefit Van Go Inc.

Church music event to help with Habitat house

Representatives from six churches will come together for a good cause during the Lawrence Habitat for Humanity MusicFest.

Events aim to reassure bullied teens 'it gets better'

Events tied to the It Gets Better project that brings attention to the issue of bullying and the community's attempt to stop it will be held throughout Lawrence this week. By Rebekka Schlichting

One man's trash: Artist’s project highlights unusual gift economy in downtown alley

The blue metal garbage container at the Social Service League Thrift Store defies its outward appearance as just another alleyway trash bin. Over the past decade, maybe longer, the bin has evolved into its own unlikely circular micro-economy and a gathering place for comfortable people and the down-on-their-luck alike. By Sara Shepherd.

Horoscopes for Feb. 10

For Sunday, Feb. 10: This year you have an opportunity for a new beginning. Your charisma and energy are what separate you from many people. If you are single, you draw quite a few people toward you. If you are attached, try to walk in your sweetie’s footsteps more often.

Saturday, February 9

Horoscopes for Feb. 9

For Saturday, Feb. 9: This year your creativity soars as it rarely has before. Idea after idea keeps tumbling out of your mouth. If you are single, your magnetism and intellect attract several suitors. If you are attached, try to remain sensitive to your sweetie.

Friday, February 8

Horoscopes for Feb. 8

For Friday, Feb. 8: This year you will alternate between being reclusive and being open and friendly with others. During the times you spend alone, you will center yourself and become more grounded. If you are single, you could change that status quo, if you so choose. If you are attached, your sweetie finds you to be unusually magnetic and caring this year.

Thursday, February 7

Style Scout: Brett Baugh

Describe your style: I try to embody the mystique of an elderly man.

Style Scout: Judy Brynds

Fashion trends you love: I like trends that involve mixing and matching pieces. Anything goes when you’re able to have fun and mix bits and pieces of everything together.

Horoscopes for Feb. 7

For Thursday, Feb. 7: This year, when thinking about difficult situations, you often feel as if you would like to throw away all the hard work you’ve done in order to start over. Be careful if you choose to proceed in this manner, as few people can adjust to such radical actions. If you are single, you could attract someone who often is involved in uproar. If you are attached, be sure that you both agree on how to handle a situation that could affect your relationship.

Wednesday, February 6

Tune In Tonight: 'Traitorous Eight' build an enduring revolution

Say the words “revolution” and “Northern California” in the same sentence, and you wouldn’t be blamed for conjuring images of Beat Generation poets or Berkeley hippies. But the revolution discussed on “Silicon Valley” (8 p.m., PBS), an “American Experience” presentation, was hatched by guys with skinny ties, slide rules and multiple doctorates in chemistry and physics. And it proved to be much more permanent and profound.

Tune In Tonight: Unknowns still the real stars of 'Idol'

“American Idol” (7 p.m., Fox) enters its Hollywood round. This is when the competition moves beyond the good-to-awful initial auditions and when possible favorites emerge.

Horoscopes for Feb. 6

For Wednesday, Feb. 6: This year you forge a new path. You also often stop and reflect. This combination proves to be very effective in your day-to-day life. If you are single, your friends or colleagues might prove instrumental in introducing you to someone who intrigues you. If you are attached, spend several weekends together as a couple.

Tuesday, February 5

Replay Records to release album by local rockers Dry Bonnet

Local label Replay Records is releasing a seven-inch record for Lawrence rockers Dry Bonnet and throwing a release party. By Mike Krings

One-day art market to feature fresh artists, functional works

High-end fine art isn’t for all artists. It’s not for all patrons’ pocketbooks, either. That in mind, a dozen under-the-radar artists are planning an event that combines fresh, original artistic designs with practical items and approachable-sized — and priced — canvasses. By Sara Shepherd

Horoscopes for Feb. 5

For Tuesday, Feb. 5: This year you emphasize your long-term goals. You also have a wide collection of friends, all of whom seem to be strong supporters. If you are single, you could meet someone through a friendship. If you are attached, make sure that you focus on the friendship as well as the romance.

Monday, February 4

Commission to propose designating downtown area a 'cultural district'

It’s no secret that the heart of Lawrence is ripe with culture. A group of stakeholders led by the Lawrence Arts Center wants the area to have an official definition that reflects it, and the Lawrence Cultural Arts Commission is proposing that the city designates it a "cultural district." By Sara Shepherd.

Kids can make eco-friendly valentines

Last year we were on a beach vacation over Valentine’s Day, so I got a pass on what would have been my first round of valentines for my toddler’s school classmates. This year, I’m not so lucky, in many respects, so I’ve been thinking about what we can make to take to school for my little man’s beloved friends.

Double Take: Trips abroad often inadvisable in high school

Dear Dr. Wes and Katie: My high school student wants to go on a senior trip out of the United States. This isn’t exactly sponsored by the school, but adults from the school are going. I have heard some negative things about these trips in the past, and it bothers me that I won’t be there to see it for myself. What do you recommend?

Fix-It Chick: Start seeds indoors

Get a jump on spring by starting garden seeds indoors. By Linda Cottin

Remnant Rehab: Create cards that pop

You can choose from any number of pre-made valentines at the store, but to put a personal touch on them, why not have kids make their own? Add some pizzazz with pop-up cards this year.

Style for the Ages: Historical Threads, Barbour waxed cotton jacket

Our general love for all things Brit has most definitely crossed over to the fashion world.

Tease photo

Massachusetts Street has all the makings for a delicious Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and it’s time to start thinking about gifts. Stumped again? For a lover, a crush or a friend, young or old, man or woman, it’s hard to go wrong with food. Here's some of our favorite finds from Massachusetts Street shops.

Horoscopes for Feb. 4

For Monday, Feb. 4: This year interpersonal communication plays a very strong role in your success. You often might find that your efforts go unnoticed, but because of your constant attention and others’ strong feedback, you will achieve what you want and more. If you are single, you’ll want to decide what type of relationship you want. If you are attached, the two of you might start acting like young lovers again.

Sunday, February 3

Behind the Lens: A religious experience in Nicaragua

In 1994, I went to Nicaragua to visit some friends and was wowed. This December, after years of pestering, I had to go again. And I came back with some incredible photographs. By Richard Gwin

Kansas City Connection: Events worth going gaga over

This week in Kansas City, Lady Gaga comes to the Sprint Center, "Small Apartments" screens at the Alamo and get your death wings at Grinders.

Readings planned Thursday, Friday at Raven

Thursday’s event features Jerry Dobson, author of “The Waters of Chaos: The Ancient Saga” and “ The Waters of Chaos: The Modern Quest.” Friday’s event will feature Mike Wehmeyer, author of “Good Blood, Bad Blood: Science Nature, and the Myth of Kallikaks.”

Multi-piano concerts to celebrate Kansas City culture

More than 525 musicians performing in duet teams on 16 grand pianos — that’s what’s in store for audiences Feb. 10, when the Kansas City Music Teachers Association presents its 20th annual Multi-Piano Concerts: “Kansas City, Here We Come!”

Joyce Castle plans free performance Monday

Joyce Castle, mezzo-soprano and Kansas University professor of voice, will give a free performance Monday evening at KU.

Arts Center accepting entries for annual film festival

The Lawrence Arts Center is accepting submissions for the second annual Free State Film Festival, planned for April 26-28.

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Lawrence Libations: French Kiss martini at the Jayhawker

If you find February better suited for curmudgeonry than romance, this probably isn’t your kind of Lawrence Libation. No problem. Go have a Scotch on the rocks and check back another month, because we’re about to make a corny connection between Valentine’s Day and a drink. By Sara Shepherd.

Humanities Council picks up poet laureate program from dissolved state arts commission, now seeking applicants

With Gov. Sam Brownback’s dissolution of the Kansas Arts Commission, the Kansas Humanities Council is taking over coordination of the state’s poet laureate program. With the change will come a shift in focus, making the program less about creating poetry and more about how poetry — the laureate’s own and others’ — speaks to the human experience. By Sara Shepherd.

Horoscopes for Feb. 3

For Sunday, Feb. 3: Try to lighten up this year. You often are extremely serious, and you could make more of certain situations than exists. If you are single, be careful of a very intriguing and mysterious person you meet. If you are attached, the two of you will enhance your bond by taking off on adventures together.

Saturday, February 2

Horoscopes for Feb. 2

For Saturday, Feb. 2: This year you alternate between being efficient and displaying a non-present, dreamlike attitude. Others won’t know for sure which side of your personality they will encounter. If you are single, you could find meeting someone with your same versatility to be challenging, though it is a possibility. If you are attached, your sweetie will love your changeability.

Friday, February 1

Style Scout: Jaclyn Howell

Fashion trends you love: Anything that is boho chic, like they stepped out of an Anthropologie catalog.

Style Scout: Joel T. Luber

What would you like to see more of in Lawrence? Late-20s, early-30s young professionals and jobs to support them

Horoscopes for Feb. 1

For Friday, Feb. 1: This year you have your share of admirers. You are capable of having a fun time with nearly anyone, but you really appreciate intellectual conversations and challenges. If you are single, you are likely to attract a more cultured type of personality. If you are attached, the two of you will benefit from a special vacation together.