Readings planned Thursday, Friday at Raven

The Raven Book Store has readings and book signings planned on both Thursday and Friday nights this week. Both events begin at 7 p.m. at the store, 6 E. Seventh St.

Thursday’s event features Jerry Dobson, author of “The Waters of Chaos: The Ancient Saga” and “The Waters of Chaos: The Modern Quest.” “Saga,” set at the end of the last Ice Age, brings to life a cast of heroic characters living in that long-ago time and coping with the imminent global catastrophe of sea level rise. “Quest” follows twin brothers as they search for evidence of a lost civilization beneath the sea, employing the most advanced technologies available.

Friday’s event will feature Mike Wehmeyer, author of “Good Blood, Bad Blood: Science, Nature, and the Myth of Kallikaks.” Psychologist Henry Herbert Goddard invented the pseudonym “Kallikak” to illustrate the eugenic belief in the role the contrasting fates of the disparate Kallikak ancestral lines reigned for decades as seemingly conclusive proof of the hereditary nature of intelligence, feeblemindedness, criminal behavior and degeneracy. Incredibly, as revealed in detail for the first time in “Good Blood, Bad Blood,” Goddard had it all wrong.


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