The Fashion Column: Spring closet cleaning


Elizabeth Kennedy

Displaying shoes on a bookshelf puts them in plain sight and keeps them from getting scuffed.


Elizabeth Kennedy

A cute jewelry holder, at right, keeps accessories in view and makes for a nice display.

I’ve found that a neatly organized closet can change your life. Well not really, but it’s close.

Trying to throw together an outfit in the morning can be quite the challenge, especially if your clothes, shoes and accessories are jumbled together in a mess you call your closet.

My problem is that I, unfortunately, don’t have a spacious walk-in closet, so I’ve had to be creative with organizing my wardrobe.

Storage containers thrown underneath my bed tend to stay there and never come out until I finally realize they were there in the first place.

I also lack space and have too many clothes, so I found a way to incorporate my wardrobe as part of my décor rather than hide it. Here are some tips to tidy your own wardrobes and ditch the chaotic closet forever.

Categorize your clothes

Organizing your clothes based on category will not only help you find pieces quickly, but it will instantly transform your messy wardrobe to an immaculate wardrobe. Group together your coats, jackets, tops, skirts, jeans, pants and shorts.

Display your shoes

Not all of us have a glorious walk-in closet complete with a crystal chandelier, let alone built-in shoe racks.

After years of throwing my shoes in bins underneath my bed, I’ve found that they not only get lost but also get scratched and scuffed, which is not a pretty sight.

I recently bought a simple bookcase to display my beloved shoe collection. This may sound silly at first, but it can actually add some creative flair to a room. You could even look for a vintage bookcase from a thrift store, or garage sale as a cheaper option. My trick is that I only display my most coveted pairs and throw my ill-fated footwear that I have yet to part with into my closet or storage ottomans.

Rearrange accessories

Note to self: Do not throw your jewelry in bags. Yes, I used to do this, and yes, I learned my lesson.

When I was in college, I bought a corkboard and some push pins to hang my lightweight necklaces and bracelets. Now that I actually care about the appearance of my apartment, I’ve found cute and affordable jewelry organizers from craft stores that, again, can be set out for your guests to see. You might even already own unique bowls, or, my personal favorite, vases just waiting to house your rings.

As for your sunglasses, simply use a hanger and hang them side by side if you don’t want to purchase an organizer specifically for your sunnies.

The same goes for your pashminas. A hanger awaits your stylish scarves!

Get organized and stay organized

The key to organization is to maintain it. My parents constantly preached to put everything back where you got it. Granted, I just recently took those words to heart, but better late than never.

Once you have organized your wardrobe into your perfect little (or big) fashion haven, returning each piece to its place will save you the agony of searching for that missing shoe or whatever it may be.

— Emily Kennedy is one-half of the stylish duo behind The Fashion Column blog she shares with her twin sister, Elizabeth. Emily can be reached at


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