Off the Beaten Plate: The Murder Burger at Pachamama's

The Murder Burger at Pachamama's, 800 New Hampshire St.

The Murder Burger at Pachamama's, 800 New Hampshire St.


The Murder Burger at Pachamama's, 800 New Hampshire St.

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Is a gourmet heart-attack-on-a-plate an oxymoron? Maybe. However you want to classify it, one of Lawrence’s fanciest restaurants is home to one of the city’s most over-the-top burgers: the half-pound beef patty is breaded and deep fried.

Pachamama’s usually has at least one such “country fried” burger on its menu. Currently, that would be the Murder Burger, the hefty fried patty is stacked on a pineapple ring, doused in asadero cheese fondue and chile rojo sauce, topped with a dollop of guacamole and served on a thick, toasted bun.

Make no mistake, this is a “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives”-worthy burger. But the presentation is exquisite.

Where to get it: Pachamama’s, 800 New Hampshire St.

What you’ll pay: $9. Sides are extra.

Try it with: A knife and fork — this is a messy meal. A salad might be in order, too.

Also on the menu: Roasted Marrow Crostini appetizer, Flash Fried Spinach, a sandwich called “The Turducken” (fried duck tenders, chicken liver paté, sage-turkey sausage on an English muffin), and high-end entrees such as the Colorado Lamb Rack and Wood Roasted Arctic Char — for now. Many items on the Pachamama’s menu change seasonally.

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irvan moore 10 years, 1 month ago

i know it's gonna be bad for me but i've gotta get one

Beth Ennis 10 years ago

I would like to try a bite, but I would only eat 1/4 of that; and even at that the calorie count would be way over my limit! It does sound good though.

msezdsit 10 years ago

Way far the best burger in town. However, you would expect a high end restaurant to make a better burger than BS.

KidSpatula 10 years ago

ok,ok, call me politcally correct....I've been trying to see how long i can go without hearing or seeing anything about death....farthest i've gotten is two days. Third rate name for a first rate burger.

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