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I’ve never been a huge fan of hats until a couple of years ago, when I really started to immerse myself into fashion trends around the world.

A hat or any obvious accessory wasn’t anything I would seek out when shopping around, but I have to admit now that there’s nothing better than throwing on a hat to completely transform my look. Plus, anyone who is having a bad hair day can’t tell me that a hat isn’t a quick fix.

Hat shopping tends to be tricky thanks to the endless styles out there. But like any fashion choice, it all depends on the occasion and what makes you feel comfortable. I’ve narrowed down my favorite hat styles to those that thankfully can be worn throughout any season.

The beanie

A beanie is probably the most universal style of hat. I like to wear beanies in the winter to keep warm,and in the spring and summer to make a statement with an unexpected accessory.

There are slouchy beanies, beret beanies, fitted beanies; the styles are endless, so the task of finding the perfect one can be daunting. I prefer the oversized slouchy style for no reason other than the fact that I feel comfortable in it and, in my opinion, feeling comfortable is key.

Spring is right around the corner, so blindingly bright-colored beanies are fair game. There’s nothing better than a bold beanie to spice up your look, but you could always play it safe with a more subdued hue.

The fedora

Fedoras are the epitome of cool and don’t seem to be going anywhere as far as trends from season to season. Unless you’re stuck in a windstorm, you should try out this style for the upcoming spring and summer seasons.

I’m currently obsessed with a classic neutral base color with a colored ribbon detail.

Try this style with a simple jeans-and-tee look or even a feminine dress.

The floppy hat

The once vacation-must-have accessory known as the floppy hat is not just for your tropical getaways. I’ve been seeing this paired with something as simple as boyfriend jeans and a tee to maxi skirts and dresses.

I look for simple styles because the oversized brim is already a bold move, but I’ll never turn down a vibrantly colored floppy hat.

If you are leery like I once was about these statement accessories, my advice to you would be try a style that you’re most comfortable with in a less adventurous pattern or color.

Once you’re confident, don’t hold back on radiant shades and cheery prints.

— Emily Kennedy is one-half of the stylish duo behind The Fashion Column blog she shares with her twin sister, Elizabeth. Emily can be reached at


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