Style Scout: Vanessa Thomas


Vanessa Thomas, Lawrence. Clothing details: Scarf, Express, November, $25; long-sleeve shirt, Calvin Klein; red top, Michele Bohbot, summer 2012, $40; shoes, Etienne Aigner, don’t remember when purchased, $80; jeans, Express, two years ago, $50; sweater, purchased in Minneapolis, 2010, $40; earrings, Target, August, $10; gold purse, Plato’s Closet, awhile ago, about $10.

Age: 36

Relationship status: Married

Hometown: Clay Center

Time in Lawrence: 14 years

Occupation: I’m a professional singer and I also play the piano for Lawrence Public Schools at LHS.

Dream job: I’m doing it! I sing with Doc Severinsen. We sing jazz and sometimes we sing with symphonies where I sing well-known classical pieces.

What were you doing when scouted: Leaving parent-teacher conferences for my 9-year-old daughter.

Describe your style: I just wear things I like and I wear them together in a random way that makes sense to me.

Fashion trends you love: Infinity scarves are my favorite right now.

Fashion trends you hate: I am not a fan of low rise anything!

Fashion influences: I like to mix urban influences with extremely dressy styles — like urban meets society.

What would you like to see more of in Lawrence: I wish there were more occasions where people got totally dressed up. However, I don’t think that everyone should be spending a fortune on clothing and only wear designer brands … but dressing up for a concert or to go out is a must for me.

Less of? I love the individuality and variety of style in Lawrence. Maybe less people wearing hemp packs?

Tattoos or piercings: Just two piercings in my ears.

Who do people say you look like? I get introduced as Vanessa Williams a lot and there’s always a collective sigh of shock and then bam, it’s me. Some people also think I look like Thandie Newton.

What type of music do you unwind to? It depends on what ever I feel like in the moment. It can span from opera to jazz to pop, etc. I just like music.

Tell us a secret … I used to have an Afro!


Delit_Austin 1 year, 1 month ago

Oh my, she looks fabulous! I can't wait to see her and Doc Severinsen on tour. Argh... do I miss Lawrence!!


unsolvedmysteries 1 year, 1 month ago

Love her look- and she puts the pieces together so uniquely. But it all seems to fit! Love love love!


Pepe 1 year, 1 month ago

Best one in a long time. Someone with some style and flair. Plus, we finally have a non-hipster. Please have more folks like Vanessa with some actual style as opposed to the hipster metrosexual sorts that are usually on here.


Sunny_Relay 1 year, 1 month ago

Wow! What a great find! When I used to live in Lawrence, I think she was the one that blew the roof off at Allen Fieldhouse when she sang the National Anthem! What a nice find!


traveler12 1 year, 1 month ago

Yawn. What happened to the last 'Style Scout' reporter?


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