Stories for January 2013


Thursday, January 31

Horoscopes for Jan. 31

For Thursday, Jan. 31: This year you will want to detach, especially when you are triggered. You also will make more of an effort to look at the big picture. If you are single, you could become involved with someone very different and creative. If you are attached, develop a new hobby together, or plan that long-desired trip.

Wednesday, January 30

Hey, Dudes: Granada hosting 'Big Lebowski' party

Lawrence’s Achievers will don their favorite ratty sweaters, put on some Creedence and sip on some Caucasians at the Granada on Thursday night. By Mike Krings

Tune In Tonight: 'Americans' go undercover for the KGB

Yikes! Our little Felicity has become a hooker and a Communist spy! In the opening scene of “The Americans” (9 p.m., FX), Elizabeth Jennings (Keri Russell, “Felicity”) dons a blond wig and come-hither clothing. All the better to ensnare blabbermouth FBI agents in boudoir confessions.

Horoscopes for Jan. 30

For Wednesday, Jan. 30: This year you merge innovative thinking and efficiency. This powerful combination sometimes gets stunning reactions, but for the most part, it encourages creativity within your immediate circle. If you are single, romance will head your way. If you are attached, take up a new hobby with your significant other in order to reduce stress.

Tuesday, January 29

To our readers: undergoing site maintenance tonight,, and are undergoing maintenance this evening that will temporarily prevent the posting of new stories and new comments, as well as new user registrations. The sites are being upgraded to a cloud-based server, and the work will temporarily disable some functionality until about 2 a.m. Wednesday. However, users will still be able to access stories and other content on all of our sites during the maintenance period on a read-only basis.

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Lawrence native's 'Catnip' nabs honor at Sundance Film Festival

It must take some kind of perfect storm to nab an online people’s choice award at the Sundance Film Festival, Jason Willis surmises. In his case, it was a twister of cats, drugs, classroom films and the Internet. By Sara Shepherd.

Tune In Tonight: 'American Experience' gets under the hood of Henry Ford

Ford, the man and the car, get their due on “American Experience” (8 p.m., PBS).

Horoscopes for Jan. 29

For Tuesday, Jan. 29: This year your focus remains on your self-image and how others see you in the community and/or professional circle. You could find that you have to work very hard, as additional responsibility has been tossed into your daily routine. If you are single, others will think that you are far more serious than you are. If you are attached, you might not enjoy going out so much; cozy times at home will have far more appeal.

Monday, January 28

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Strike a pose: Yoga practices available for wide variety of interests, skill levels

With the increasing popularity of yoga has come an increasing number of specialized classes being offered in Lawrence’s numerous yoga studios: kids, prenatal, hot, Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa, gentle, Iyengar, Kundalini, restorative, ailment-specific — and the list goes on. By Sara Shepherd

Offbeat Occupations: Volunteer scores unique vantage point to KU athletic events

At the last second, Kansas University red-shirt freshman Ben McLemore banked in a three. The usual 16,300 paying customers screamed. Allen Fieldhouse shook. The fans knew the game that a moment earlier had seemed like a sure loss was headed to overtime. The scoreboard told them so. Scoreboard operator Robbie Vannaman had done his job, just as he had at 800 other games in the old barn. By Adam Strunk

Horoscopes for Jan. 28

For Monday, Jan. 28: This year your focus is on a partnership, especially if you are attached. Sometimes you might feel as if you give too much of yourself, which could cause you to become resentful. If you are single, you could form several different bonds. If you are attached, confusion surrounds communication.

Sunday, January 27

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Off the Beaten Plate: Drive-thru Tamales at Burrito King

Tamales from a drive-thru? Decorated with a mural of a Jayhawk in a sombrero? Until 2 a.m.? Burrito King has that market cornered. By Sara Shepherd.

Vega brings songwriting prowess to audience, aspiring musicians

If you were familiar with Suzanne Vega’s hits, it takes but a snippet of each for them to zoom forward a few decades and re-stick in your head. Since “Luka”and “Tom’s Diner," Vega has kept on singing, writing songs, recording and performing. By Sara Shepherd.

Presbyterian Manor seeking work by artists 65 and up

Artists who are 65 or older are invited to submit work for Lawrence Presbyterian Manor’s upcoming “Art is Ageless” exhibit.

Spencer Museum to host Xijing Men for 'art summit'

This week, the Xijing Men will open their first North American exhibition in Kansas City, Mo.

Indie photo books on display for ‘A Fair’ exhibit

A new exhibit at Kansas University’s Art and Design Gallery features more than 200 independently published photography books, journals and magazines from across the globe.

Visiting student musicians to give free concert at Lied

Outstanding high school musicians participating in this year’s Prairie Winds Festival will culminate a weekend of instruction with a free performance for the public.

Langston Hughes writing award winners announced

The Lawrence Arts Center and Raven Book Store have announced the winners of this year’s Langston Hughes Creative Writing Awards.

Lawrence mandolin quartet celebrates 40 years with free concert

Beth Dearinger didn’t know how to play mandolin. But when she heard several of the unique instruments playing tremolo together, she was entranced. By Sara Shepherd.

Horoscopes for Jan. 27

For Sunday, Jan. 27: This year you become even more aware of the differences between you and others. You often could become discouraged by the demands of a professional situation. If you are single, be careful not to give up your power for a relationship; be yourself. If you are attached, you each will work on making an equal contribution, whether it is regarding your bills, your home or even walking the dog.

Calexico brings desert mind-set to its music

Musician Joey Burns of Calexico, which make its way to Lawrence this Saturday, says it’s the proximity to Mexico that brings the inspiration for Calexico’s sound — something evident in their latest album, “Algiers.” By Alex Garrison

Saturday, January 26

Catdance elevates cat videos to Sundance level

Lawrence native's short film among those at festival

Everyone’s favorite Internet meme — the cat video — has hit the big time.

Horoscopes for Jan. 26

For Saturday, Jan. 26: This year you will have many opportunities available to you. You might question which way to go. If you are single, you have no excuse for not going out. If you are attached, as a couple you will decide to take up a new, creative interest or hobby.

Friday, January 25

Horoscopes for Jan. 25

For Friday, Jan. 25: This year, you often juggle different views, feelings and thoughts. You wonder whether to do what you feel or do what you think. If you are single, there is a constant flow of potential suitors. If you are attached, a newfound intensity emerges, especially if you defer to your sweetie.

Thursday, January 24

Style Scout: Cleo Lemaster

Describe your style: Bust magazine meets "The Virgin Suicides" meets Harajuku

Style Scout: Ryan Desett

What would you like to see more of in Lawrence? Nothing. It’s nice.

Horoscopes for Jan. 24

For Thursday, Jan. 24: This year you’ll want to avoid power plays at all costs. You might generate a lot of plans only to find that many of them will fall apart. If you are single, your nurturing style draws many people to you. If you are attached, dive into a new hobby with your sweetie.

Wednesday, January 23

Bite Sighs: Ultimate cheesecake a resolution-buster

Did you make a bunch of resolutions like eating healthy foods, cutting back on sugar and losing weight? Here's a recipe here that’s gonna break all of them at once.

Soup swap: Friends gather to exchange soup at parties nationwide

Now in its seventh year, National Soup Swap Day where groups of friends get together to exchange soup — is officially celebrated on the third Saturday in January — this year it’s Jan. 26.

Horoscopes for Jan. 23

For Wednesday, Jan. 23: This year you often might be inclined to risk. What you take chances on will define how you feel about success and failure. If you are single, you could meet someone through your day-to-day life. If you are attached, the two of you might decide to splurge on a long-desired trip.

Tune In Tonight: 'Drones' investigates unmanned aircraft inventors, pilots

“NOVA” (8 p.m., PBS) lifts the veil off our most secret weapon — just slightly. “Rise of the Drones” examines the inventors and pilots behind the unmanned aircraft that have been an essential — and largely clandestine — part of American espionage and warfare since 2001.

Tuesday, January 22

Horoscopes for Jan. 22

For Tuesday, Jan. 22: This year your self-expression attracts many people, and often inspires them. Your words carry power and energy with them. If you are single, you will establish a meaningful bond, if that is what you desire. If you are attached, you’ll romance your sweetie and reinvigorate your bond.

Tune In Tonight: New cooking show uses blind taste tests

When in doubt, imitate. “The Taste” (7 p.m., ABC) borrows a concept from “The Voice” and asks competitors, ranging from professional chefs to adventurous home cooks, to submit their offerings to a “blind” taste test. The celebrity judges won’t be told the name of the dish, the nature of its ingredients or the biography of its creator until they sample and pass judgment.

Monday, January 21

Small changes add up to new look

Treat yourself to a makeover, one small step at a time

Maybe you don’t have a head-to-toe makeover scheduled anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try out a new, better look. We talked to local fashion and beauty experts to get ideas for easy small changes that make a big impact.

Curly hair care: Stylists encourage women to ‘embrace it,’ not straighten it

Women often view their stylists as pseudo-therapists, and stylist Ryan Crowell said curly haired clients are among his most guilt-ridden. For several years, straight and sleek served as the coveted hair style for women throughout the country, leaving women with curly hair frustrated and apologetic over their natural texture but that isn’t the case now.

Lawrence Laundry: Secrets of a style scout

"This is your job?” is the question I’m most frequently asked when I interview someone for Style Scout, a Q&A column in the Journal-World that features Lawrence’s most fashionably (or interestingly) dressed. Style Scout is a simple and fun piece, but for me, for a mere five minutes, I get to be entrenched in a person’s everyday life.

Daytripper: Oklahoma City is more than OK

When Bobby Troupe wrote “Oklahoma City looks mighty pretty” in the Route 66 song back in 1946, he had no idea just how beautiful OKC was going to get by 2013.

Horoscopes for Jan. 21

For Monday, Jan. 21: This year you are more verbal than usual. Your imagination stars as one of your strongest assets, and loved ones admire your creativity. If you are single, you could meet one of your greatest loves at any moment this year. If you are attached, you start acting like newfound lovers who are full of romantic expectations.

Friends' 'Kansas Bestiary' tells stories of 15 native animals

"A Kansas Bestiary," from three Lawrence-area friends who share an interest in nature and conservation, draws on a medieval tradition to tell the stories of 15 animals that represent the state of Kansas. Using watercolor illustrations and essays, it connects the animals to literature, American Indian traditions, Kansas' past and more. Like its European ancestors from 800 or so years ago, this Kansas bestiary is no encyclopedia. But that doesn't mean it didn't require painstaking work to produce the essays and watercolor illustrations devoted to 15 different creatures native to the state. By Matt Erickson

Sunday, January 20

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Off the Beaten Plate: Pig in a Blanket at 715

Think “pig in a blanket,” and you most likely think “Oscar Mayer wieners” and “elementary school cafeteria.” How could this kid-favorite land a spot on the lunch menu at an artisan, foodie-approved European bistro? By Sara Shepherd.

January Final Fridays Preview: Percolator exhibit feels the love

“When you put creative people together, amazing stuff happens,” Eric Kirkendall says.

Behind the Lens: Carrying a backup a good idea in case camera breaks

Camera equipment failure is unavoidable.

'Riverkings' exhibit highlights fishermen who made living on the Kaw

“Riverkings” — these generations of fishermen who made their livings and supported their families on the Kansas River are the subject of a new exhibit at the Watkins Community Museum.

Arts Center is finalist for placemaking grant

The Lawrence Arts Center has announced it’s one of 104 applicants nationwide to be named a finalist for a grant from ArtPlace, an initiative to accelerate creative placemaking.

Jewish films, discussions will delve into Holocaust and stereotypes

Two upcoming documentary film screenings and discussions are planned at the Lawrence Jewish Community Center. Films to be shown are “Hiding and Seeking: Faith and Tolerance after the Holocaust” and “Mamadrama: The Jewish Mother in Cinema."

Drag queens to help transform contestants at charity fundraiser

Ten women will be transformed by consultants into glamorous performers and compete for $10,000 to be donated to their charity of choice during the second annual Transformation by Invitation Only on Jan. 26 at Liberty Hall. The catch - the contestant's consultants are drag queens. By Meagan Thomas

Baker invites residents, students to sing in community choir

Baker University students, Baldwin City and area residents interested in singing are welcome to participate in the Baker University Community Choir. The choir begins its spring season rehearsals Thursday.

Spencer's new permanent exhibit puts 'Things' back in place

In museums — where artworks traditionally are isolated by time period, type or region and lined up in one-way-only galleries — those connections fade away. The Spencer Museum of Art's newest permanent exhibit, however, aims to put things back in their place. By Sara Shepherd.

Horoscopes for Jan. 20

For Sunday, Jan. 20: This year you become more stubborn than you have been in the past. Once you become entrenched in a certain way of thinking, you have a difficult time seeing any other path. If you are single, you could fall into a volatile relationship. If you are attached, work on new ways of expressing your frustration and anger with each other.

Saturday, January 19

Party on: British indie-rock group Bloc Party stops in Lawrence after long hiatus

Russell Lissack is a musician, not a politician. He’s a guitarist, a vegetarian, a lion-bite survivor, a producer, and, doubtlessly, many things good and bad to his friends and family. But to the public, he’s a member of Bloc Party. By Alex Garrison

Horoscopes for Jan. 19

For Saturday, Jan. 19: This year you often question your direction and energy. You have what it takes; you are just being challenged. If you are single, your desirability summons many potential lovers. If you are attached, you do a lot of kissing and making up this year.

Friday, January 18

Horoscopes for Jan. 18

For Friday, Jan. 18: This year you discover the importance of sharing your decision-making process with others. When you withhold this information, people don’t understand where you are coming from. If you are single, you could meet someone quite desirable after June. If you are attached, your openness creates a new avenue of communication, which your partner appreciates.

Thursday, January 17

Style Scout: Natalie Schaefer

Fashion trends you hate: Not dressing for the weather.

Style Scout: Skylar Cowdry

Describe your style: Old-fashioned with a modern twist.

Horoscopes for Jan. 17

For Thursday, Jan. 17: This year you will make an unusually strong effort to keep the peace; however, remember that you are human. If you are single, a serious yet attractive member of the opposite sex strolls right through your door. If you are attached, the two of you have serious talks and become more accepting of each other.

Wednesday, January 16

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Early Kansas breweries kept even small-town residents in drink, culture

State prohibition snuffed once-big business

Early Kansas settlers from Germany were accustomed to a life where celebrations, meals and most Sundays were washed down with fresh beer. To make that possible, even small towns had their own breweries. By Sara Shepherd.

Tune In Tonight: Remote control holds escape from 'Ghost Mine'

It’s getting increasingly difficult to mine comedy from cable series, when so many already seem like parodies. The new series “Ghost Mine” (9 p.m., Syfy) is a perfect example.

Horoscopes for Jan. 16

For Wednesday, Jan. 16: This year you become more forthright and direct, especially where your domestic life is involved. To some people, your energy is inconsistent and changes with the snap of a finger. If you are single, you are most likely to meet someone of importance come summertime. If you are attached, your significant other becomes even more dynamic.

Tuesday, January 15

Problems with World Company websites resolved

The World Company websites experienced some technical problems today, beginning around 8 a.m. Users of the sites most likely encountered error messages when attempting to accessing the sites. By Shaun Hittle

Tune In Tonight: History's 'Presidents' borders on the frenetic

Try making a documentary without footage. That’s always been the bane of the filmmaker covering a historical period that predates motion pictures. Ken Burns offered a nifty solution with his patented panning and zooming of old photographs in “The Civil War” and other series.

Horoscopes for Jan. 15

For Tuesday, Jan. 15: This year you develop a new hobby or interest. Though you might have flirted with the idea of trying this pastime before, it wasn’t until recently that you decided to become informed on the subject. If you are single, you have a unique opportunity to enrich your inner circle and meet someone very different. If you are attached, as a couple, you will socialize more and share more with each other.

Monday, January 14

New business model on Mass.: Local stores hope to make 'positive change in the world' by selling fair trade

“Fair trade” is not a brand name; rather, it is an adjective that expresses fair business practices between buyer and seller, and speaks to sustainability of the Earth.

Lawrence Laundry: UGG boots a point of contention

I can usually count on one of two comments being made when I ask the question, “What are some trends you hate?” A majority of the time, people answer this question of distaste with either “sweatpants” or “UGGs.”

Delicious/Nutritious: Pity the fool who doesn't try these recipes for tea

During the cold month of January, a cup of hot tea might sound enticing. But that’s not the only way to enjoy it — Megan and Sarah share their tea treats.

Horoscopes for Jan. 14

For Monday, Jan. 14: This year many opportunities appear. If you want the end results, trust yourself and the path you must take. If you are single, come summer 2013, your love life will become very lively. If you are attached, the two of you need to plan several getaways together in order to stoke the embers of romance.

Sunday, January 13

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Off the Beaten Plate: The Retro Cupcake at Billy Vanilly

Unlike its prepackaged, semi-crusty convenience store counterpart, The Retro’s white curlicue frosting actually smears if you stick your finger in it. By Sara Shepherd.

Kansas City Connection: Foodies rejoice! Restaurant Week is here

Kansas City Restaurant Week is back: 10 glorious, gluttonous days in January when many of the metro’s best restaurants (as well as a few mediocre ones) serve three-course prix-fixe dinners for only $30, and lunches for $15. By Emily Farris

EMU Theatre premieres ‘Let My Mind Flash with Blades'

Based on the therapy sessions of Sigmund Freud and poet Hilda Doolittle, “Let My Mind Flash with Blades” is a “what-if” exploration of the pair’s relationship.

'Ebullient' VIM exhibit opens Friday at Arts Center

VIM — a first-time collaboration between painters Kent Michael Smith, Lisa Lala and Archie Scott Gobber and ceramist Ben Ahlvers — opens this week with a public reception at the Lawrence Arts Center.

For 25th anniversary, downtown sculpture exhibit will be local artists only

The Lawrence Cultural Arts Commission is now accepting entries for its 25th Annual Outdoor Downtown Sculpture Exhibition, and a couple changes are in store for the milestone year of the event. By Chad Lawhorn.

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The wedding singer: Performing at 'Bachelorette' nuptials boosts native Lawrencian's career

When “Bachelorette” sweethearts Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum tied the knot on national TV last month, all eyes were on them. But during key moments of the wedding ceremony, all ears were on someone else: Lawrence native Lisa Donnelly. By Sara Shepherd.

Horoscopes for Jan. 13

For Sunday, Jan. 13: This year you focus on your financial, emotional and creative assets. You might opt to pursue an innate talent and develop another moneymaking resource. If you are single, you do not need to impress a potential significant other. If you are attached, your significant other might wish you would spend less.

Saturday, January 12

Horoscopes for Jan. 12

For Saturday, Jan. 12: This year you often think that all is well, only to discover later that controversy surrounds you. You’ll find that exterior events do not matter if you stay grounded. If you are single, you have many potential sweeties. If you are attached, the two of you could become involved in power plays if you choose not to respect each other’s differences.

Friday, January 11

Horoscopes for Jan. 11

For Friday, Jan. 11: This year you often overthink situations; at other times, you are too impulsive. Learning to seesaw between these two qualities will demand a lot of your time and self-discipline. If you are single, your unusual magnetism attracts quite a few admirers, who all want your time and attention. If you are attached, your sweetie might find you to be very me-oriented, which might be true.

Thursday, January 10

‘Lincoln’ leads Oscars with 12 nominations

Steven Spielberg had a great day at the Academy Awards nominations, where his Civil War saga “Lincoln” led with 12 nominations.

Style Scout: Nick Reid

What would you like to see more of in Lawrence? A more dominant art scene, more art studios.

Style Scout: Martha Leonard

What would you like to see more of in Lawrence? I wish Mass. Street was a pedestrian street.

Horoscopes for Jan. 10

For Thursday, Jan. 10: This year you make waves wherever you go. Your combination of high energy, strong intellect and charisma draws in many opportunities for you. If you are single, you attract many admirers who want to make you theirs.

Wednesday, January 9

Horoscopes for Jan. 9

For Wednesday, Jan. 9: This year you often are inspired to live out your dreams. Verbalizing these desires will be the first step toward making them become a reality. If you are single, nearly every person you date this year could feel as if he or she is the right one for you. If you are attached, you feel more in harmony with each other than you have in many years.

Tune In Tonight: Fox's celebrity high divers land in vat of cheese

“Battle of the Network Stars” was one of the cheesy pleasures of the late 1970s, an era overstuffed with the overripe. For the uninitiated, these spectacles pitted “teams” from ABC, CBS and NBC in contests like tug of war, volleyball, tennis and bowling.

Tuesday, January 8

Horoscopes for Jan. 8

For Tuesday, Jan. 8: This year you might feel as if you have a lot of ground to cover. Don’t worry so much, and you will do just that. If you are single, you could be wondering what might be the best way to meet people. If you are attached, the two of you will experience a lot of energy between you.

Tune In Tonight: 'Abolitionists' even better than expected

The history of noble and righteous people can often be dull. So I was apprehensive about “The Abolitionists” on “American Experience” (8 p.m., PBS), a three-part documentary that airs on Tuesdays through Jan. 22.

Monday, January 7

Horoscopes for Jan. 7

For Monday, Jan. 7: This year you focus on your goals, as you have the potential to make them so. You also gain the support of a key person, which allows you to head down a long-desired path. If you are single, you might meet someone who resents your friends or isolates you in some manner. If you are attached, the two of you love to socialize and party together.

Upcycled wares on the up and up in Lawrence

Upcycling — not only is it all over websites such as Etsy and Pinterest, it’s an increasingly popular trend in Lawrence. Between downtown shops and individual artisans, creative types are breathing new life into old objects and finding success selling them online and in stores. By Sara Shepherd.

Style for the Ages: Braving the winter in style

I find that January is often a time when many men abandon fashion for function. But bitter-cold weather shouldn’t defeat your fashion sense — if you choose your classic pieces wisely, they should maintain their usefulness through the chilliest of days.

Sunday, January 6

Behind the Lens: Photos worth thousands of words

If I would have made a New Year’s resolution, I might have told myself to resist buying photography books.

Tease photo

Scene Stealers: The best movies of 2012

Most of the best films of the year didn’t exactly catch fire at the box office.

Tease photo

Off the Beaten Plate: Yuca Frita at La Parrilla

Yuca is a key food and income source in many developing countries. Here, it's a novelty you won't find on many menus. By Sara Shepherd

Internationally known public art team plans free talk in Lawrence

The public art duo “Sans façon” — French architect Charles Blanc and British artist Tristan Surtees — will speak in Lawrence about the roles of art and artists in city planning and livability.

Topeka music competition open to Lawrence middle-schoolers

Lawrence sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade music students are invited to participate in the upcoming Topeka Young Musician Awards competition.

Percolator Artspace looking for love

The month of love is fast approaching, and the Percolator Artspace is planning a fitting tribute. The Percolator is seeking artwork about love — or lack thereof.

Enrollment open for arts center’s winter classes

Want to try Solarplate printmaking? Create your own set of cups out of clay? Or, for kids, act in an ensemble or become a junior architect? Enrollment is under way for these and many other winter classes at the Lawrence Arts Center.

Horoscopes for Jan. 6

For Sunday, Jan. 6: This year you become a little more hot-tempered than in the past. Inspiration and industry merge, and you become very driven as a result. If you are single, your temperament could push someone away, but it is unlikely that you will be alone. If you are attached, your sweetie could have a strong reaction to your moodiness.

Saturday, January 5

Budding jazz pianist plans hometown performance

Lawrence native and ascending young jazz pianist Addison Frei is bringing his jazz group, AMP Trio, to his hometown for an upcoming performance.

Horoscopes for Jan. 5

For Saturday, Jan. 5: This year you focus on your goals. Update them as you do your friendships. Be aware that they might be changing as a result of your recent transformation. If you are single, a friendship could become even more. If you are attached, make sure to tend to the friendship that exists under the romance.

Friday, January 4

Horoscopes for Jan. 4

For Friday, Jan. 4: This year others become aware of your plethora of innate skills. You often find that you are being placed on a pedestal. If you are single, you’ll have many opportunities to change your status. If you are attached, a community commitment could keep you busy.

Thursday, January 3

City to prepare report on possible move of weekday Lawrence Farmers Market

A proposal to create a new location for the weekday Lawrence Farmers Market will get more study at City Hall. By Chad Lawhorn

Style Scout: Marcus Ridder

Fashion trends you love: Colored pants, foxes, animals

Tease photo

Style Scout: Janelle Jones

Fashion trends you love: I’m pro-wolf shirts. Also, skinny jeans, Aztec print and tights as tights.

Horoscopes for Jan. 3

For Thursday, Jan. 3: This year you can be very practical one moment, and then unexpectedly switch to being idealistic. When dealing with certain people, you often tend to find that one-on-one relating can push you over the edge. If you are single, your diverse personality attracts many potential suitors. If you are attached, your sweetie will have the experience of not knowing for sure which side of you he or she will encounter.

Wednesday, January 2

Local barbecue team makes TV debut Sunday on Pitmasters

National show to feature duo from Tonganoxie, Eudora

Truebud BBQ out-cooked hundreds of competitive barbecuers last year, but will the local team be able to smoke its competition on national TV? By Sara Shepherd

Horoscopes for Jan. 2

For Wednesday, Jan. 2: This year you could experience unusual tension involving your work and its direction. The wise Goat would take a class or two in order to fine-tune his or her specialization even more. If you are single, you will be drawn to a foreigner or someone quite bohemian. If you are attached, the two of you might choose a new mutual hobby or pastime.

Tuesday, January 1

Horoscopes for Jan. 1

For Tuesday, Jan. 1: This year you have a tendency to reminisce about days past. Often when you are like this, you come up with novel ideas. If you are single, you could meet someone quite exotic and different. If you are attached, the two of you finally might take that long-awaited and often-talked-about trip.