Stories for July 2013


Monday, July 29

10 things to do when it's too darned hot

If summer’s version of cabin fever hits you, here are a 10 suggestions for getting through.

The Fashion Column: Simple outfits help you stay cool

One thing I really love about living in Kansas is that we get to experience all four seasons. As someone who takes their fashion seriously, the changing seasons mean that I get to wear new and different clothes.

No wool over these eyes: Knitting CSA members meet the sheep producing their yarn

Bosco, according to his owner Barbara Clark, is “somewhat of a contrary sheep.” Yet his thick, fluffy coat can be turned into things as soft and sweet as anyone could imagine — like the whimsical charcoal-gray stuffed bunny rabbit Lawrence resident Marianne Wille is pulling from her knitting bag. Joining the Maggie’s Farm CSA doesn’t get you vegetables from a farmer you know — it gets you wool from sheep you can meet. By Sara Shepherd

Sunday, July 28

Mommy bloggers to visit Lawrence for best-selling book reading event

Area mommy bloggers Stacey Warner Hatton and Jen Mann will appear at an upcoming reading for the best-selling book they contributed to, “I Just Want to Pee Alone.”

Theatre Lawrence plans 'Footloose' auditions this week

Kick off your Sunday shoes. Auditions for Theatre Lawrence’s production of “Footloose” are this week.

Kansas City Connection: Alive and kicking for MLS all-star week

Only a year after hosting the Major League Baseball All-Star Game, Kansas City has all-star fever again this week as it gears up for the Major League Soccer All-Star Game on Wednesday night at Sporting Park in Kansas City, Kan.

'Nightmarriage' — funnier than you think

Lawrence writer publishes first book with illustrations by area artists

The name may sound like the title of a slasher movie, but really, as author Chad Thomas Johnston explains in the forward, "Nightmarriage" is a wordplay reflecting what's inside the book: a collection of humorous essays inspired by his recent foray into marriage and childrearing.

Thursday, July 25

Tease photo

Off the Beaten Plate: Hamburger-don at Dondon

Dondon serves simple, homestyle Japanese rice and noodle bowls, so the word “hamburger” looks pretty out of place on the menu. But it's probably not exactly what you're picturing.

Style Scout: Christopher De La Cruz

Whom do people say you look like?! I hope no one harasses me about this!

Style Scout: Brittany Bowman

Fashion trends you hate: I hate anything to do with neon. There has to be something better out there! It’s so awful!

July Final Fridays Preview: Artwork by Kansas talents on display everywhere you look

There is no dearth of talent in Kansas as witnessed by this month’s Final Fridays, where dozens and dozens of native Kansans will show off their skill and artistry in music, cooking and the visual arts.

Young designers refashion Quantrill’s Raid

History is being made at the Lawrence Public Library. Well, remade, with a modern, teen-inspired twist.

Tarragon in your cocktail, anyone? Lawrence restaurants put herb garden on the rocks

Of course mixologists find inspiration from the array of increasingly unique spirits available to them. They’ve also started craning their necks to see what kind of fresh ingredients are coming into the kitchen — and that includes a bouquet of herbs.

Monday, July 22

Iwig Dairy Store opens second Lawrence location north of the river

Iwig Family Dairy has opened its second Lawrence store, this time in North Lawrence where parking is a little dusty but isn’t such a tight squeeze. In addition to attracting North Lawrence residents, the owner hopes his store will be a regular stop for commuters and rural residents on their way home from work. By Sara Shepherd

The Fashion Column: Night and day

There are a few tricks you can use to instantly transform your look from a casual summer day to a spontaneous night out with friends.

Sunday, July 21

Kansas City Connection: Under the sea

Much of the excitement in Kansas City this week is at the theater, due in large part to the Fringe Fest, which we previewed in last week’s column. Today we’ll take a quick look at some of the highlights on city stages this week before moving on to some other fun summer destinations.

Here we go: Victor Continental takes a final bow

It’s a reflective time for the cast of the Victor Continental Show. Though they’ll miss performing the naughty live sketch comedy, musical and theatrical production so many Lawrencians look forward to, they agree it’s time to close the curtain.

Behind the Lens: Tips to limit overexposure

Simplifying the picture-taking process has led to some common operator errors. Over the next several columns I will address a few of these issues and describe some solutions.

Thursday, July 18

Do-over: Area band The Pedaljets back together after 23 years

It’s not uncommon to hear bands talk about taking a break. But when they do it’s either for a little while or forever. In the case of The Pedaljets, the Lawrence-born band that was on the cusp of national stardom, it turned out to be about a quarter century.

Beatles cover band, area musicians come together for tribute concert

An Evening With the Music Of The Beatles, a fundraiser for KKFI radio station, will be at Liberty Hall on Friday night. The fundraiser features a house band that will play three hours worth of Beatles music, including hits like "Hey Jude" as well as songs that were never performed live, such as "She's Leaving Home."

A cool treat on every block

Stave off a sidewalk sale meltdown with these beat-the-heat snacks and drinks

Forecast for a meltdown: temperature pushing 100 degrees, no cloud cover, zero percent chance of rain, all day in the sun, tired feet, fighting crowds, and realizing someone already got those half-price shoes you had your eye on. Is there an antidote?

Style Scout: Blake Shmalberg

Whom do people say you look like? My mom thinks I look like Nicolas Cage. I don’t know if that’s true or not!

Summer Youth Theater a hit with Lawrence kids

The Lawrence Arts Center’s Summer Youth Theater hosts four productions every summer students from third through 12th grade can participate in. By Meagan Thomas

Style Scout: Ryann Pem

Less of? I would like to see less guys wearing those shirts with the crocodile on them. Less Lacoste, more creativity!

Tease photo

Off the Beaten Plate: Tortellini Cordon Bleu at Basil Leaf Cafe

This pasta is like chicken cordon bleu turned inside out and souped over the top of cheesy tortellini. It's decadent — even if it is served in a plastic foam box.

Wednesday, July 17

Arts Center wins national grant to take film festival beyond screens

A national grant will enable the Lawrence Arts Center to take its next Free State Film Festival beyond the Arts Center walls, and even beyond film. The Arts Center received a $150,000 Our Town grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, expected to be formally announced today. By Sara Shepherd

Bite Sighs: Gluten-free muffins pass the kid taste test

When you’re the 5-year-old son of an avid baker, you come to accept certain things as givens: There are always cookies in the house, your birthday cakes are unfailingly awesome and your role as Chief Taster is unassailable.

Monday, July 15

Business owners share tricks of the trade to a successful sidewalk sale

Over the years, despite the chaotic nature of Sidewalk Sale day, most businesses have learned a thing or two, and have tips of the trade to keeping customers and employees happy. By Meagan Thomas

The Fashion Column: Have a game plan for the Sidewalk Sale

As a veteran sidewalk sale shopper, here are some tips on how to navigate the packed sidewalks and hopefully walk away with some steals.

Sunday, July 14

Black poetry institute to include free public events

A Kansas University institute focused on black poetry is planning public events that will examine the relationship between poetry and culture, both locally and broadly.

American Indian artist draws on modern views of her people

Jodi Webster chosen for residency at Santa Fe Indian Market

Jodi Webster’s art seeks to portray American Indians in a way she says can be hard to find — the way they really are.

Banned books trading card project is back

Library now accepting submissions of artwork

Last year, the Lawrence Public Library’s first banned books trading card project proved so popular that the library got orders for cards from across the country. The library is repeating the project this year and now seeking new artists.

Kansas City Connection: Arts festival has fringe benefits

For the past decade Kansas City has hosted its own Fringe Festival, bringing together live theater, dance, performance art, visual art, spoken word, puppetry, storytelling, film and fashion into one 10-day summer extravaganza.

KU grad goes from on-set medic to filmmaker

For Kasi Brown, a Kansas University theater and film graduate, on-set experience managing chaos in Los Angeles as an EMT has uniquely prepared her for her biggest challenge: Making a feature film.

Saturday, July 13

Food rescue effort connects restaurant's surplus with people in need

Inevitably, there are going to be days when a steakhouse ends up with more baked potatoes than its customers order. Instead of dumping those surplus spuds in the trash, one Lawrence restaurant is taking a few extra steps to get the potatoes — and other fresh but unused food — into the hands of people who desperately need it. By Sara Shepherd

Thursday, July 11

KU's ‘Kiss Me Kate’ to bring ‘magic of theater’ to life

There is a special feeling to being onstage — the lights, the applause, the thrill of performing for friends and strangers alike. John Staniunas wants to share it with his audience.

60 years of shenanigans at Johnny's Tavern

Bar has been racking up stories since 1953

Ask for favorite stories from Johnny’s Tavern and more than a few people chuckle, “Ummm, do they have to be printable?” In its 60 years, the self-proclaimed “longest runnin’ tap in Lawrence” has seen some shenanigans.

Tease photo

Off the Beaten Plate: Fried Pickles at Jefferson’s Restaurant

These warm, toasty-tangy little discs are a taste of the south, and an alternative to the usual fried bar food in a basket.

Style Scout: Ashley Stewart

Fashion influences: I see a lot of crazy-good styles when I ride the New York City subway.

Style Scout: Christopher White

Fashion trends you love: I like bright colors, but I really don’t follow any styles. If I see what I like, I just buy it and wear it.

Concert to showcase finalists in piano competition

On Monday, Sarah Rasmussen, a 17-year-old from Platte City, Mo., placed second in the final round of the International Institute for Young Musicians piano competition, an annual event that leads into a three-week camp on the Kansas University campus. She will join the other finalists in a Winners Concert on Friday, June 12 at 7:30 p.m. at Murphy Hall.

Wednesday, July 10

Be There and Be Square: Lawrence 'nerds' come together for 'Summer Shorts'

“It’s like the Discovery Channel™…with Beer!” This unofficial motto appears on the welcome page of the Nerd Nite organization’s web site. But for a generation that often seeks enlightenment in the form of T.E.D. Talks and podcasts, that only scrapes the surface.

Monday, July 8

Local burgers gain far-flung following

Lawrence diners can’t get the World’s Best Veggie Burger or an Adzuki Bean Burger with a basket of fries at Local Burger anymore. Does that mean the vegetarian favorites from the shuttered Vermont Street eatery are gone for good? Hardly. By Sara Shepherd

Agritourism provides sales boost for small farmers, fresh air for city slickers

Kansas agritourism sites range from ranches where city slickers can help burn pastures to alpaca farms where visitors can feed the furry animals. On the more refined side, upscale dinners in orchards and cornfields attract people willing to pay $100 per ticket. Agritourism is one way small Kansas farms are increasing visibility of their products to boost their bottom lines. At the same time, farmers say, opening to the public is a chance to share their passion for what they do with people who may not otherwise experience it. By Sara Shepherd

The Fashion Column: Finding fashion inspiration

There are always those dreaded days, specifically Mondays, where I stand in front of my overstuffed closet convincing myself that I have absolutely nothing to wear.

Delicious/Nutritious: Sweet corn a summer treat

Nothing says “summer” like an ear of sweet corn.

Sunday, July 7

Kansas City Connection: In the market for history, food and culture

When showing visitors around Kansas City, one of the first places I visit is the Kansas City River Market, a destination that offers a more international, big-city feel than anything else in the area.

Behind the Lens: Go with the flow of your photo subject

To quote a line from the movie “The Truman Show,” “We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented.” That’s appropriate for photojournalists.

Young musicians to show talent at piano competition at KU

The talent of some of the country’s best young piano players will be on display this week in conjunction with the International Institute for Young Musicians International Piano Competition.

Collaborative exhibit seeks to reflect on Quantrill's raid through art

Some themes of Quantrill’s 1863 raid on Lawrence, and its lasting effects on the town, can be challenging to fully explore through words alone. The Percolator and the Watkins Community Museum of History are inviting Lawrencians to tackle those subjects with art.

Please add your piece to the display, but don't cross the line

Ceramist-in-residence highlights tactile nature of clay in solo exhibition

There are two entrances to Monika Laskowska’s solo ceramics exhibition at the Lawrence Arts Center. To touch, or not to touch?

Thursday, July 4

Style Scout: Kari Riley

Fashion trends you hate: I really hate high-waisted pants where they go up high in the rear. Nobody looks good in that.

Style Scout: Scott Drummond

Describe your style: It’s sort of like thrift store preppy. I like to find clothes that are nice that I can dress them up or down depending on the situation.

Tease photo

Lawrence Libations: The Whipper at Phoggy Dog

Don’t like to taste the alcohol in your drink? This beer cocktail (yes, those are real things) could be your new hot-weather favorite.

Monday, July 1

3 ways to infuse honey with new flavor

Suddenly rich in honey, I thought it might be fun to experiment with some simple infusions and concoctions.

Style for the Ages: Simple summer fabrics help you stay cool

Man-made materials simply aren’t as practical as natural textiles like cotton and linen during the summer months.

Summer reading program combines books, fun to combat brain drain, boredom

Fun activities and books come together during the Lawrence Public Library’s summer reading program, many a parent's summer lifesaver.