Stories for June 2013


Sunday, June 30

Kansas City Connection: Fourth of July fireworks to light up the river

For Lawrencians, enjoying fireworks and festivities along the Kansas River on the Fourth of July is a long-standing tradition. In Kansas City, it’s a fairly recent option, but one undertaken admirably by the KC RiverFest, which lasts from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m. on Independence Day.

Little gallery, lofty goals

Wonder Fair wants to make Lawrence a destination for prints, an art form for the people

Meredith Moore is hunched over a minuscule sink in a closet-sized bathroom, water running, furiously scrubbing. Watermelon-colored goo drips through her hands, making an electric pink waterfall in the sink basin before swirling down the drain.

Arts Center's Behind the Story Series travels back in time to the '60s

Directors at the Lawrence Arts Center don’t just want audience members to come to the Summer Youth Theater shows. With the Behind the Story Series, they want them to learn about the cultural and political themes surrounding the plots.

Abe & Jake's fireworks-viewing party to benefit local nonprofit

Abe & Jake’s Landing will celebrate Independence Day with something truly American: charity.

Friday, June 28

Protopunk band ‘Death’ lives on in documentary

"A Band Called Death" tells the story of how an obscure Detroit band from the '70s, known only to record collectors, came to light 30 years later as the band that pioneered punk music before it existed and began playing shows again.

Thursday, June 27

June Final Fridays preview

Art Party moves into new home

Big news for Final Friday fans: One of most popular venues, the Lawrence Art Party, which had been at Hobbs Taylor Lofts since Final Fridays’ beginnings, has moved to its new space at 512 E. Ninth St.

SeedCo Studios celebrates first anniversary

At 826 Pennsylvania St., in east Lawrence’s Warehouse Arts District, sits a seemingly inconspicuous monolithic brick warehouse, save for the stenciled “SeedCo” above the building’s front doors.

Quick flicks

Film festival features short movies made in 48 hours

Last weekend might have been relaxing for some, but for the teams of filmmakers participating in the Ninth Annual Wild West Film Festival, it was undoubtedly chaos and no sleep.

Style Scout: Adam Staley

Describe your style: My style comes from my wife, her approval. I get her advice on some things ... OK, just about everything.

Style Scout: Katie Staley

Tell us a secret… I haven’t bought one piece of maternity clothing!

Tease photo

Off the Beaten Plate: Vegetarian Reuben at WheatFields

Being a vegetarian and enjoying Reuben sandwiches are not mutually exclusive in Lawrence, home of the Vegetarian Reuben. The soybean chunks aren't even that noticeable.

Monday, June 24

Preschool chef fills tall order: Get creative with kid food (just not too creative)

Rob Wood, the chef at Lawrence’s Hilltop Child Development Center, cooks for a tough crowd. He puts out meals for roughly 250 toddlers through elementary aged kids daily, and his job description encourages him to include things the kids might not have tried before. At the same time, he says, getting creative doesn’t do much good if no one eats what you make. So how's the tikka masala going over with 3-year-olds? The answer might surprise you. By Sara Shepherd

The Fashion Column: Staying stylish in the workplace

There are many ways you can freshen up your work wardrobe to look up-to-date and trendy.

Make your own mulberry gin

While you could bake mulberries in a pie or tart, when I see mulberries starting to drop from the tree in my backyard, I know that there’s only one thing to do: make mulberry gin.

Sunday, June 23

Kansas City Connection: Maker Faire at Union Station showing off waves of the future

When it comes to variety, innovation and hands-on education, it’s hard to top the Maker Faire, a weekend-long event that drew thousands of visitors to Union Station last year and returns this weekend.

FSHS and Art Institue grad embarking on public-minded art career in Kansas City

Free State High School grad Hannah Lodwick, with an art institute degree and recent sculpture competition win under her belt, is embarking on a career in art with a goal of creating publicly accessible work that blurs the lines between fine art and academia.

Painter of 'The Scream' is subject of one-night-only arts documentary screening

Two-dimensional art will collide with the big screen when a film on artist Edvard Munch — best known as the man who painted “The Scream” — is shown this week in Lawrence.

‘Uncommon visions of the common world’ highlight photo exhibit at law library

Photographs by Tony Peterson are the June and July exhibit at the Douglas County Law Library Art Gallery.

Behind the Lens: The long and short of documentary photography

Recently I had the opportunity to do some documentary photography and spend five months watching a local mechanic build his very own Batmobile.

Thursday, June 20

Reflective of community, ‘Ragtime’ opens new Theatre Lawrence building

Say you have a brand new, state-of-the-art theater. What’s the perfect show to open with? It should be something big. But rather than a famous, all-time favorite, Theatre Lawrence selected “Ragtime,” the musical story of America at the turn of the 20th century.

Summer Youth Theater’s production of ‘Macbeth’ not about the curse

Doug Weaver isn’t superstitious. At least not about theater. “I’m intensely superstitious when it comes to my golf game,” he says. “But not when it comes to theater.” So the prospect of directing the most legendarily cursed play of all time — William Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” — didn’t daunt him. In fact, he was looking forward to it.

Style Scout: Anthony Moon

Fashion trends you hate: Those crazy socks people wear that don’t match with their outfits. If you don’t match at all I really can’t say anything for you. I can’t do the pastel pants as well.

Style Scout: Marwa Ghazali

Whom do people say you look like? Maya, Penelope Cruz, Kim Kardashian or Nefertiti. Holla!

Tease photo

Off the Beaten Plate: Reina Pepiada Arepa at Global Cafe

This South American sandwich on a cornmeal cake is served with many fillings, but this version is the "queen."

Wednesday, June 19

Bite Sighs: Moroccan bread turned into dinner rolls

In many parts of the world, meals are eaten with bread. Well, actually, most meals are eaten with utensils, but bread is a common accompaniment. From the high-rises of Manhattan to the courtyards of Casablanca, bread is a well-known staple.

Monday, June 17

The Fashion Column: Summer shoe guide

Because shoes are an essential part of an outfit, I thought I would talk about some of my must-haves for summer. Check out my on-trend styles for this summer so you can evaluate what you already have, and what new styles you’ll want to get your hands on.

Sunday, June 16

Housing organizations team with artists to explore concept of ‘Nesting’

What does it mean to live in a nest, a home or interior? The Lawrence Percolator has teamed up with two community housing organizations to answer through art.

Best Family Doctor - Best of Lawrence: 2013 - Services

Best Family Doctor

Best Vegetarian/Vegan - Best of Lawrence: 2013 - Food

Best Vegetarian/Vegan

Best Gym/Fitness Center - Best of Lawrence: 2013 - Retail

Best Gym/Fitness Center

Best Barbecue - Best of Lawrence: 2013 - Food

Best Barbecue

Triple threat: Young trio wins national music competition

A Lawrence-based music trio is performing in New York City Sunday after winning Grand Prize in the 2013 National Young Artists Chamber Music and Ensemble Competition, sponsored by the National League of Performing Arts.

Best Road Trip - Best of Lawrence: 2013 - Community

Best Road Trip

Best Place for Family Fun - Best of Lawrence: 2013 - Community

Best Place for Family Fun

Best Golf Course - Best of Lawrence: 2013 - Community

Best Golf Course

Best Local Artist - Best of Lawrence: 2013 - Community

Best Local Artist

Best Professor - Best of Lawrence: 2013 - Community

Best Professor

Best Local Nonprofit - Best of Lawrence: 2013 - Community

Best Local Nonprofit

Best Neighborhood - Best of Lawrence: 2013 - Community

Best Neighborhood

Best Realtor - Best of Lawrence: 2013 - Services

Best Realtor

Best Breakfast - Best of Lawrence: 2013 - Food

Best Breakfast

Best Mexican Restaurant - Best of Lawrence: 2013 - Food

Best Mexican Restaurant

Best New Business - Best of Lawrence: 2013 - Retail

Best New Business

Best Hair Salon - Best of Lawrence: 2013 - Services

Best Hair Salon

Best Vintage Clothing Store - Best of Lawrence: 2013 - Retail

Best Vintage Clothing Store

Best Dentist - Best of Lawrence: 2013 - Services

Best Dentist

Best Handyman - Best of Lawrence: 2013 - Services

Best Handyman

Best Landscaping Service - Best of Lawrence: 2013 - Services

Best Landscaping Service

Best Place for a Date - Best of Lawrence: 2013 - Going Out

Best Place for a Date

Best Beer Selection - Best of Lawrence: 2013 - Going Out

Best Beer Selection

Best Place to Watch a Game - Best of Lawrence: 2013 - Going Out

Best Place to Watch a Game

Best Fine Dining - Best of Lawrence: 2013 - Going Out

Best Fine Dining

Best Bartender - Best of Lawrence: 2013 - Going Out

Best Bartender

Best Event Venue - Best of Lawrence: 2013 - Going Out

Best Event Venue

Mask collection brings personality to new theater's lobby

The walls of Eleanor Woodyard’s study suddenly seem very, very bare. More than 180 colorfully adorned visitors from across the globe that once smiled, frowned and grimaced at Woodyard and her late husband have taken up residency elsewhere — a place they’ll undoubtedly be able to make more friends.

Best Delivery - Best of Lawrence: 2013 - Food

Best Delivery

Best Fast Food - Best of Lawrence: 2013 - Food

Best Fast Food

Best Coffee - Best of Lawrence: 2013 - Food

Best Coffee

Best Sandwich - Best of Lawrence: 2013 - Food

Best Sandwich

Best Bookstore - Best of Lawrence: 2013 - Retail

Best Bookstore

Best Ethnic Market - Best of Lawrence: 2013 - Retail

Best Ethnic Market

Best KU Souvenir Store - Best of Lawrence: 2013 - Retail

Best KU Souvenir Store

Best Men's/Women's Clothing Store - Best of Lawrence: 2013 - Retail

Best Men's/Women's Clothing Store

Best Bakery - Best of Lawrence: 2013 - Food

Best Bakery

Odd 'drawings of little note' make public debut in offbeat gallery

Michael Krueger teaches art at Kansas University, has exhibited and lectured internationally and had work featured in art publications in major U.S. cities. But no one’s ever written about his bizarre, palm-sized (and some pinkie-sized) cutout “drawings of little note” — no one’s ever really seen them.

Best Burger - Best of Lawrence: 2013 - Food

Best Burger

Best Auto Repair - Best of Lawrence: 2013 - Services

Best Auto Repair

Best Pizza - Best of Lawrence: 2013 - Food

Best Pizza

Best Ice Cream - Best of Lawrence: 2013 - Food

Best Ice Cream

Best Local Charity Event - Best of Lawrence: 2013 - Community

Best Local Charity Event

Best Restaurant Server - Best of Lawrence: 2013 - Going Out

Best Restaurant Server

Best Bar Scene - Best of Lawrence: 2013 - Going Out

Best Bar Scene

Best Place to Buy a Car - Best of Lawrence: 2013 - Retail

Best Place to Buy a Car

Best Local Controversy - Best of Lawrence: 2013 - Community

Best Local Controversy

Best of Lawrence 2013: The Results

Ask Lawrence residents for an opinion, and they’ll sure give it — especially if it’s about the best place for a sandwich, a cold beverage or a hot deal. More than 7,500 ballots — a record — were cast in the 2013 Best of Lawrence contest. Voters picked winners in more than 130 categories spread out among five broad topics: Community, Food, Going Out, Retail and Services.

Victor Continental prepares for 'big finish'

Lawrence’s long-running sketch comedy and musical show hosted by incorrigible European playboy Victor Continental will soon be coming to an end.

Kansas City Connection: Spending summer with the Bard

One of my favorite memories of the years I lived in the Southmoreland Neighborhood in Kansas City occurred during a late-night walk near the Kansas City Art Institute.

Really big show

Theatre Lawrence's new building big enough for everyone — and then some

There are a lot of words that could describe Theatre Lawrence’s new $7.2 million building at 4660 Bauer Farm Drive: beautiful, impressive, exciting. But there’s one that does it best: Big.

Thursday, June 13

New curator plans lunch-hour tour of updated 'Roots and Journeys' exhibit

The Spencer Museum of Art's new curator of global indigenous art will lead a lunch-hour tour on Friday of her inaugural exhibit. “Too often, ideas about ‘natives’ are linked to outdated stereotypes, which can make these communities seem frozen in a particular time and place,” she says. “The reality is that their traditions have undergone as many transformations in form, medium, meaning and aesthetics as European or Asian art has.”

Shakey Graves hauling suitcase kick drum to the Bottleneck

Sometimes heartbreak can launch your career. At least for Alejandro Rose-Garcia, also known as Shakey Graves, the end of his first middle school romance inspired enough vengeance to make him pick up a guitar and find his place as a musician.

Style Scout: Luke Flora

Fashion trends you hate: I hate leggings for pants. I dislike anything that looks like you’re wearing underwear in public.

Style Scout: Shan Li

Whom do people say you look like? A model because I’m tall

Mourning mothers, authors to give book reading

On Friday, June 7, authors Melissa Miles McCarter and Margaret Kramer will present their work and experiences at a book reading hosted by The Raven Bookstore.

Tease photo

Off the Beaten Plate: Bill Self Pasta at 23rd Street Brewery

Winningest coaches call for winningest food combinations — like buffalo chicken and homemade mac ‘n’ cheese. 23rd Street Brewery staffers say that while Kansas University men’s basketball coach Bill Self didn’t necessarily create his namesake dish, he has been known to order it.

Peace, love and local food on wheels

Co-op dishes up ‘Om-style cookin’ from big, yellow truck

Think food trucks are all about greasy gyros and cheap street tacos? Think again, at least if you’re in Lawrence.

Monday, June 10

The Fashion Column: Find the perfect summer swimsuit

Ready or not, swimsuit season is here! The retro style is something I really gravitate toward because my swimsuit style motto is the more coverage, the better. There are endless designs out there to fit your body type, which makes the hunt for a perfect swimsuit that much easier.

Delicious/Nutritious: Blackberries with meat and in a pudding treat

Big, fat blackberries — not too sweet, but plump and delicious. I love them. I love purple tongues and stained fingers.

Shamanic healing has a foothold in Lawrence

From 'soul retrieval' to transformative dance, believers say spiritual practice fills a void

Shamanic healing has a foothold in Lawrence, and followers of the practice say it seems to be growing here as it grows in Western culture as a whole. Shamanism is not widely accepted as effective, but those who practice it say it's filled voids in their lives they previously couldn’t quite put their fingers on. By Sara Shepherd

Sunday, June 9

Sculpture exhibition to spotlight local artists

After 5-year-old Caden White died from cancer in 2009, his father, Darin, created a sculpture in his memory. The artist is now sharing that highly personal piece of art with the community. White is one of eight artists taking part in this year's Downtown Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition.

Lied Center kicks off single ticket sales for anniversary season

For everyone who isn’t buying Lied Center season tickets this year, tickets to individual shows go on sale this week. The Lied is kicking off its 20th anniversary season public ticket sales Monday morning with a radio celebration and special offers.

Lawrence author honored for historical fiction work in national contest

Lawrence author Tom Mach earned recognition in this year’s International Book Awards for his novel, “Angels at Sunset.”

Kansas City Connection: Eating up K.C. originals

I was going to call this series “Kansas City Originals,” but I think it would be more accurate if I labeled this batch “Four Places That Have Made Me Fat.”

Thursday, June 6

Chvrch music

Upstart Scottish electro-pop band adjusting to sudden exposure

A long way from home, Glasgow’s Chvrches has already made a name for itself in the states, emerging at SXSW this year as winner of the Grulke Prize for best developing non-U.S. acts.

Sunflower Music Festival offers 10 free concerts

The Sunflower Music Festival in Topeka gives the area an opportunity to attend concerts performed by artists from around the world — for free. Beginning Friday music lovers will have 10 concerts worth of classical, chamber and jazz music they can attend in White Concert Hall at Washburn University.

Tease photo

Lawrence Libations: Oatmeal Stout Float at Cottin’s Farmers Market

This only-in-Lawrence, build-it-yourself libation is available at the sole public location Free State Brewing Co. beer and Iwig Family Dairy ice cream regularly come together.

Style Scout: Chris Shaw

Whom do people say you look like? Someone compared me to Donal Logue once, aka Jimmy the cab driver on MTV. I didn’t know how to take that.

Style Scout: Katarina Elaine

Tell us a secret… I’m a preacher’s daughter.

Wednesday, June 5

A vegetable-eater’s Eden

Home garden, one of 18 on tour, features curb-to-curb produce, chickens

For an easy summertime dinner at home, Bob Gent loves a good stir fry. He’ll toss together potatoes, eggplant, okra and tomato, and maybe a little meat to make a full and savory meal. Such a dinner is especially easy for Gent — everything he needs is growing just steps from his kitchen door.

Monday, June 3

Pizzas for spring

Strawberries, leeks and onions make for fresh, seasonal toppings

While summer ingredients like tomatoes and basil may not be in season just yet, there are plenty of seasonal spring fruits and vegetables that make delicious pizza.

Style for the Ages: Go slim when going to swim

Lawrence summers can be absolutely sweltering. As the thermometer soars to dizzying heights, I often find myself staggering to the pool for temporary relief. While you should by no means treat a pool visit like a fashion show, I think there are some basic tips that can not only help you look fashionable but also fit.

Sunday, June 2

Behind the Lens: Framing can turn boring photos into good ones

Because a photograph can only be a one-dimensional representation of a subject, many photographs tend to look flat and lack dimension and depth. A creative visual device to overcome this problem is to incorporate elements in your scene that fill empty space or add content around your subject.

Kansas City Connection: World culture comes to the Midwest

Those of us in the middle of the Midwest often get told about all the amazing things going on in the cosmopolitan capitals of the world. Fortunately, such worldly pleasures are available to the patient souls of the Plains, too.

Winning prints on display, new works sought for next Wonder Fair Print Invitational

Wonder Fair this month is displaying works by last year’s Wonder Fair Print Invitational winner, and issuing a call for artists for this year’s Invitational.

Big wooden bird, bigger ball of fire envisioned to commemorate anniversary of raid

Performance art seeks to capture attention of folks on the fringe

Some people are interested in history. Some are drawn to art. To engage the rest, artist Gregory Thomas believes, publicly destroying a larger-than-life item in a giant ball of flames usually does the trick. Meet the Quantrill's raid commemoration idea known as the Phoenix Festival.

Artist talk at Cider Gallery to explore graphite drawings on paper, glass

Drawing from the codification of meaning and emotion by the media, Geo Sipp’s work seeks to reevaluate the visual narrative to which we have become conditioned.

Prize-winning scholars, authors fill Hall Center's next lecture series lineup

The Hall Center for the Humanities has announced the lineup for its 2013-2014 Humanities Lecture Series. All lectures are free and open to the public.

Artist bugs out

Printmaking experiment puts real people's faces on bugs' bodies

Printmaker Patrick Vincent set up Stigmergic — aka the Bugs Project — like a science experiment. Define parameters, he thought, then see how things play out. The variables are now on view in a creepy, crawly installation at the Lawrence Arts Center.