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Dr. Marvin Heinbach shows some X-rays to his patient, Jerod Shufflebarger, 13, of Oskaloosa. Nick Krug/Journal-World Photo

Personalized Family Dental Care

10 E. Ninth St., Suite C/D • 785-749-2525

Lawrence dentist Marvin Heinbach is a former accountant, and he figures that’s his backup plan if he ever accomplishes his goal: for his patients to no longer need him.

“We say our goal is to have you not need our services,” said Heinbach, who owns Personalized Family Dental Care.

He said that goal is reflected in his clinic’s emphasis on education and prevention, making sure that patients know what’s going on with their teeth and gums so that there’s no need for any trips to the dentist for anything but a routine checkup.

Heinbach, who has worked in Lawrence for 10 years, said he and the other dentists who work out of the clinic also work hard to get to know each of their 4,000 or so patients, starting each with an hour-plus introductory session.

“They’re thorough, and they genuinely care about their patients,” said Kim Shufflebarger, Heinbach’s assistant.

And, funnily enough, Heinbach had similar things to say about his staff, whom he credited for much of the clinic’s strength.

“They care about patients,” Heinbach said. “They care about each other. And if you’re here, you’ll get that sense pretty quickly.”

—Matt Erickson,

Runners Up

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