Best Mexican Restaurant - Best of Lawrence: 2013 - Food

El Mezcal

1819 W 23rd St. • 785-832-8775

804 Iowa St. • 785-331-2710 1520

Wakarusa St. Suite F • 785-832-2200

In this town, maybe it is appropriate that the winner in the Best of Lawrence Mexican restaurant category is an eatery named after a popular Mexican liquor. Narrowing down your choices in Lawrence’s crowded Mexican food market can cause a diner to work up a thirst.

El Mezcal — the name comes from a distilled agave-based liquor — is a longtime mainstay of the Lawrence restaurant scene.

Take your taste buds

It started out with a single location in the 1990s at 1819 W. 23rd St. Now the El Mezcal name is on restaurants throughout the area.

But the West 23rd Street location remains the embodiment of the festive and colorful philosophy of the company. Piñatas, colorful artwork and salsa music give the location its feel.

And, of course, there is salsa of the other

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type. The restaurant brings out individual bottles of it to each table, to go along with a lineup of Mexican food favorites: enchiladas, tacos, tamales and fajitas.

And yes, the restaurant has a full bar too, in case you need a pick-me-up after sampling all of the Mexican food Lawrence has to offer.

—Chad Lawhorn

Runners Up

  • LaFamilia
  • TIE: El Potro and La Parrilla


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