Style Scout: Adam Staley


Clothing details: Shoes, Walmart, a month ago, $13; Chaps Ralph Lauren golf shorts, six months ago, T.J. Maxx, $7; Sean Jean shirt, Ross, a year ago, $11; watch, garage sale, three months ago, $4.

Name: Adam Staley

Age: 29

Relationship status: Married

Hometown: Seminole, Okla.

Time in Lawrence: Seven years

Occupation: Sales associate at Payless Furniture

Dream job: Head football coach of any team.

What were you doing when scouted? Getting breakfast at Fuzzy’s Tacos

Describe your style: My style comes from my wife, her approval. I get her advice on some things ... OK, just about everything. A lot of times there’s stuff that I think will be awesome for me and I show it to her, and it’s far off.

Fashion trends you love: I like deck shoes because they are comfortable and they can be casual or dressy.

Fashion trends you hate: I think the fedora hats are going out of style for men.

Fashion influences: My wife. However, my style comes down to what fits me the best. Often times I have to compromise colors or styles because they do not fit well.

What would you like to see more of in Lawrence? More of the old-fashion family fun like skating rings and drive-in theaters.

Less of? Construction.

Tattoos or piercings: None.

Whom do people say you look like? Clark Kent

What type of music do you unwind to: Everything. I’m into rock, hip-hop, country and metal. I like it all.

Tell us a secret… I secretly follow the TV show “Teen Mom 2.”


Nikki May 4 years, 9 months ago

Coach Staley, you rock. Hope to see you guys soon! It's almost LYF time!

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