Lawrence Libations: Schooners at Louise’s Bar downtown

Schooners of beer (Bud Light, at left, and Free State Ad Astra Ale) at Louise's Downtown, 1009 Massachusetts St.

Schooners of beer (Bud Light, at left, and Free State Ad Astra Ale) at Louise's Downtown, 1009 Massachusetts St.


Schooners of beer (Bud Light, at left, and Free State Ad Astra Ale) at Louise's Downtown, 1009 Massachusetts St.

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Back when Louise herself owned and operated Louise’s Bar downtown, the bar’s big draw was 10 cent pints. Those went by the wayside long ago (rats!), but the next big thing has been going strong since the 1970s or earlier: schooners.

Let’s face it — unless you drink slowly enough that the beer’s warm by the time you reach the bottom — there’s no reason a beer as big as your face served in a cool, king-like glass chalice would go out of style in a college town. Students, who aren’t usually “living high on the hog,” like schooners because they’re a good deal, bar manager John Davis says. For alumni, who regularly come in for schooners on visits to Lawrence, they’re a trip down memory lane.

If the bar runs out of clean glasses on a busy night, you’ll get your 32 ounces of beer in a giant plastic cup. Some patrons, however, actually prefer the lighter-weight version, Davis says. “They’re easier to walk with.”

The hard stuff: Beer — 32 ounces of it. Your choice of 15 brews on tap.

Where it’s served: Louise’s Bar, 1009 Massachusetts St.

What it costs: $4.50 for domestics (note: Shiner Bock and Boulevard Pilsner count as domestics) or $6.50 for microbrews.

When it’s on special: On Tuesdays, microbrew schooners are $4.50. On Thursdays, domestics go for $2.50.

Other libations at this location: Lots of beer in bottles, the usual bar cocktails and bloody mary’s served with bacon and pickles, on special every Sunday.

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mikekt 5 years, 2 months ago

Perhaps a sign in the window of this establishment, or any other, offering to pay your expensive court costs, fines, lawyers fees.......and to drive you around for free for the period of your drivers license suspension, if you loose your license due to a DWI ......or maybe an offer to do your jail time,.... for you, your place...... if you get drunk in their establishment, get in your car..... and go kill someone ?!

Do fools really need this kind of encouragement ?!

Does society really need to clean up after this all ?!

Bursting 5 years, 2 months ago

what on earth are you talking about? Quit trippin

woodscolt 5 years, 2 months ago

Bicycles, taxis, designated driver, walking, bus...............Yes, its ok for a private business to make up their menu and patrons to consume responsibly. Your diatribe is just that. A diatribe. Prohibition ended a long time ago.

xyz243 5 years, 2 months ago

mikekt.... get a life. the fool is the guy who cant realize there is a taxi service... its not the bar that is the problem

agrabass 5 years, 2 months ago

The more fishbowls you drink, the cleaner the restrooms appear, Duh¡!¡ ...If I planned an excursion of nostalgic libations with friends in Lawrence centered around the cleanliness of restrooms I would never leave the house. Louise & Louise West are wonderful dives & the fishbowls have caught many a tear over the years. Thanks girl!

Sarah Carr 5 years, 2 months ago

When I was a student at KU, schooners were 50 cents! Does that tell you how old I am? And I agree with the poster "agrabass" - kids in college don't go to bars to run a sanitation check on their favorite watering holes!

asixbury 5 years, 2 months ago

mikekt: What is your point then? That the newspaper or this website shouldn't include articles on alcoholic drinks? You seem bitter over something, but I cannot quite figure out what through your mumbled comments. Drunk driving is idiotic, life-threatening, ridiculous, but I still like drinking. I choose to walk or have a designated what is the point of your rant?

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