Off the Beaten Plate: Chilaquiles at Mexquisito

Chilaquiles at Mexquisito, 712 Massachusetts St.

Chilaquiles at Mexquisito, 712 Massachusetts St.


Chilaquiles at Mexquisito, 712 Massachusetts St.

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Chilaquiles is a Mexican breakfast staple, and this version is substantial enough for a full meal any time of day. A big, hot bowl of tortilla chips, shredded beef and spicy salsa — the chips on top stay crunchy while lower ones soften in the flavorful juices — is topped with cheese, onions, cilantro and sour cream. Mexquisito uses its signature thick, made-to-order corn chips (the same ones served at Tortas Jalisco, which has the same owner). Go all out and order these chilaquiles the authentic way, with a runny fried egg on top.

Where to get it: Mexquisito, 712 Massachusetts St. (Also available at Mexquisito in Eudora, which just opened this month near 10th and Locust streets.)

What you’ll pay: $7.99

Try it with: A fork. These aren’t nachos, just to be clear.

Also on the menu: Regional Mexican dishes such as the Tamale Oaxaqueño (Oaxaca-style chicken tamale steamed in banana leaf) and Camarones 100 Años (shrimp sauteed in Oaxaca-grown pasilla chile sauce and finished with 100 Años tequila), fish tacos (al pastor or with breaded fish), chorizo pasta and a variety of Latin-inspired specialty drinks.

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msezdsit 5 years, 3 months ago

I'll take a fresh bowl of chips and salsa for free over a bowl full of soggy chips for 8 bucks any day. Thanks but no thanks.

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