Stories for May 2013


Friday, May 31

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Local auto mechanic completes his crusade to build Batmobile

Rich Johnson isn’t crazy about the Batman TV show. He doesn’t obsess over the classic 1960s series or own a Batman cape or suit. What Johnson does obsess about is restoring cars, and what he does own is a replica Batmobile — which he built by himself and plans to drive in Saturday’s Art Tougeau Parade in downtown Lawrence. By Meagan Thomas

Thursday, May 30

New exhibit strings together artwork of more than 70 artists

Ask a physicist about string theory and you get talk of particle theory, dark matter and quantum physics. Ask an artist about string theory and you will get something like what is currently on display in the front gallery of the Lawrence Arts Center.

May Final Fridays Preview

This month’s Final Fridays not only offers wonderful art but also gives participants an opportunity to catch up on what people and companies are up to.

More wineries, more elbow room expected for this year's Winesong at Riverfest

Organizers learned two big lessons after turning hundreds away from the inaugural Winesong at Riverfest wine tasting event in De Soto. People — a lot of people, it turns out — are interested in trying Kansas wine. And, in order to better accommodate them, this year's event would need some major tweaking.

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Off the Beaten Plate: Pig Pie at Mr. Bacon BBQ

Jeff Frye conjured up his idea for the Pig Pie during a night out with friends at 23rd Street Brewery. Once he deciphered all the notes he’d scribbled on little yellow pieces of paper, he knew he was on to something.

Style Scout: Jennifer Cook

Describe your style: Modern librarian. I like things that are kind of feminine like my ‘Mary Poppins’ skirt.

Style Scout: Mark Landau

Tell us a secret… I’m deathly afraid of slugs.

Monday, May 27

Lawrence flair shines bright through new public mural in Korean ‘city of the future’

Hailed as the city of the future, Songdo, South Korea, was built from the ground up and opened for business in 2009. Against the city’s modern, concrete-and-steel-heavy architectural landscape, a shot of color from a brand-new outdoor mural really pops. If “A City on the Rise” looks similar to something you’d see on the side of a building in Lawrence, your eyes aren’t mistaken. By Sara Shepherd

The Fashion Column: Summer vacation style

I remember vacations as a kid when I didn’t even have to pack for myself; those were the days. Now, prepping for a vacation involves a lot of stress and endless hours of outfit planning because, let’s face it, a girl must have options.

Library launches most delicious book club ever

It’s an unusual type of book club where you eat the answers to discussion questions. Don’t worry, though, there’s a twist to make them more palatable. At this club, instead of toting in matching books and paper handouts, your fellow members are probably packing a batch of cupcakes or a hot, steaming pan of enchiladas. By Sara Shepherd

Sunday, May 26

Kansas City Connection: All aboard for Paradise City

Whether or not you arrive there via Amtrak, Kansas City’s Union Station is a worthwhile destination of its own, with a number of gastronomical and entertainment options.

Japandroids find success celebrating rock

Japandroids, the Vancouver-based two-man rock band, were just about to call it quits when their music started to catch on. They’ve been touring the world essentially nonstop for the last five years and reveling in every minute of it.

Singer Kelley Hunt to help raise money for woman's medical bills

Singer and songwriter Kelley Hunt will perform a solo benefit concert at 7:30 p.m. May 30 at Unity Church, located at 900 Madeline Lane.

Escape to Matthewland: Child's imagination inspires art event to support finding cure for rare disorder

In Matthewland, a Slinky-shaped planet inside the universe’s smallest galaxy, Scrogs swim and Squics sting. Bhrams use their specialized mini-arms to cut into trees for food, and Tiaills flaunt their many curly tails. Matt Reimer’s imagination, as one adult friend describes it, is boundless. His 9-year-old body, however healthy it may appear on the outside, is not.

Lawrence artists among those selected to show at upcoming Topeka art fair

Four Lawrence artists will be among those showing their work this weekend at the annual Mulvane Mountain-Plains Art Fair in Topeka.

Thursday, May 23

100 years ago: 'The vulturous Kaw triumped' over Billie Bob Atkinson

"The child was helpless in the fight against the waters."

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Style Scout: Gabriel Barbosa

Fashion trends you hate: The only thing I feel kind of awkward with is people in gothic black shirts. I just feel weird around them.

Fab 5: Desserts with bacon

Bacon: it’s not just for club sandwiches anymore. Putting it in sweet treats, it seems, is now what you might call “a thing” (even Sonic’s doing it). Here are five savory/sweet tastebud trips to be had in Lawrence. By Sara Shepherd

Pale Hearts’ first album runs gamut of emotions

Sometimes, when a certain song comes on, you don’t know whether to dance or to cry. Pale Hearts aims to give people a little something for both urges.

Buran Theatre brings nightmares to Naismith Drive

Traveling theater group recasts show for each performance

The Buran Theatre Company is a traveling theater with a twist. Where a regular touring company casts a show, rehearses, and then takes it on the road, Buran starts from scratch at each location. They'll be performing this weekend at the Inge Theater on the KU campus performing "Nightmares: A Demonstration of the Sublime.”

25 years ago: In spite of objections, commissioners pass rural building code

"I don't want any inspector coming in and telling me I did something wrong."

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Off the Beaten Plate: Black Forest Crepe at A.B.'s

These are not the crepes of French street carts, folded in paper and easy to eat while walking. They come on plates piled with creamy, syrupy, cheesy toppings. By Sara Shepherd

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Style Scout: Olivia R. Gutierrez

Dream job: To be happy! I’m a photographer, so maybe something in front of and behind the camera.

Wednesday, May 22

Bite Sighs: Orange-almond croissants

Well, I finally did it: I tried my hand at making croissants. You know what? They’re not that difficult. They’re a little fiddly, but pretty simple overall.

Monday, May 20

The Fashion Column: Fashion in the streets

It’s about that time again for Kansas City’s annual fashion spectacle, also known as the West 18th Street Fashion Show.

Sunday, May 19

Behind the Lens: Website helps teach photography basics explores the mechanics and functions of a digital single-lens camera in a unique way.

Kansas City Connection: A symphony of American spirit

The biggest outdoor event in the region takes place next Sunday, May 26, at Union Station, when the Kansas City Symphony’s Celebration at the Station treats audiences to a free performance by the Kansas City Symphony, the United States Air Force Concert/Jazz Band of Mid-America, and Musicorps, a musical rehabilitation program at Walter Reed Hospital for wounded warriors.

Registration open for artists wishing to participate in this fall's ArtWalk

Registration is open for fine artists wishing to participate in this year’s Lawrence ArtWalk, scheduled for Oct. 26 and 27.

Upcoming book event features authors inspired by nature

Interacting with nature seems a theme of an upcoming reading and book signing event at the Raven, featuring authors Gail Storey and Priscilla Stuckey.

When furniture turned into art: Wendell Castle's KU connection

Sculptor called father of art furniture movement returns to KU for honorary degree

It was around 1960 when a Kansas University sculpture student named Wendell Castle started work on a “strange, hybrid object” that defied established artistic definitions — even if no one else but Castle knew it yet.

Saturday, May 18

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Photography project reveals much about human condition, creator

Seven years ago, Scott Indermaur set out to do a weekend-long photo project on spirituality. Now, a book, radio show and museum exhibit later, he's learned more about his fellow man, and himself, than he ever could have imagined. Indermaur is screening a documentary about the project, "Revealed," at Unity Church, 900 Madeline Lane, in his former hometown of Lawrence on Sunday. By Giles Bruce

Thursday, May 16

Film screening revisits former Lawrence photographer's project, 'Revealed'

In the seven years since its first subjects were photographed in Lawrence, Scott Indermaur’s “Revealed” project has developed a resume spanning multiple states and artistic media. The project will have a homecoming of sorts this weekend, with a film screening at Unity Church. By Sara Shepherd

Interactive, collaborative art exhibit will string viewers along

What exactly does “String Theory” mean? An expected 70 artists and community groups will each contribute their interpretations in a collaborative art installation opening this week at the Lawrence Arts Center.

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Off the Beaten Plate: Menudo at Tres Mexicanos

The Tres Mexicanos menu describes this simply as “Special Mexican Soup.” It’s so special, in fact, that you can only get it on weekends, and not many — if any? — other Mexican restaurants in town serve it. By Sara Shepherd

The java experiment: Downtown resident opens Alchemy Coffee at 19th and Massachusetts

To see Benjamin Farmer at work is to know why he named his new coffee shop “Alchemy.” By Sara Shepherd

Style Scout: Jennifer Doores

Fashion trends you love: I like an eclectic mix of global, flapper, peasant and ranch-hand styles, but any style can be great looking if someone works it and owns it.

Style Scout: Samuel Carmean

Fashion trends you hate: I don’t hate. There’s a place for everybody.

Performer deals with traumatic experience through art

Samin Son's experience in military service provides the inspiration for the Toothpaste Action Series, a performance art/mixed-media show he is bringing to Lawrence this weekend.

Wednesday, May 15

Beer and food — a hoppy couple

Craft beer movement creates flavorful, complex brews that make food taste even better

The craft beer movement — being celebrated this week during American Craft Beer Week — is creating new, flavorful and multidimensional brews every day.

Monday, May 13

Art on the go

Free program draws kids, families to museum to create art projects

On a recent Saturday morning, the weather outside was disgusting, but it wasn’t enough to keep kids from filling the fourth floor gallery of the Spencer Art Museum. The draw? The museum’s weekend Art Cart.

The Fashion Column: Unleash your inner flapper

Whether it is the bell bottoms from the 1970s or the edgy grunge trend of the 1990s, significant fashion periods in history have always been of interest to me.

Delicious/Nutritious: And the beet goes on

“The beet is the most intense of vegetables. The radish, admittedly, is more feverish, but the fire of the radish is a cold fire, the fire of discontent not of passion. Tomatoes are lusty enough, yet there runs through tomatoes an undercurrent of frivolity. Beets are deadly serious.” — Tom Robbins, “Jitterbug Perfume”

Sunday, May 12

Album campaign launched with special incentive

When Lawrence native Jordan Brown reflects on his experience in public schools, he sees a system that needs to better address educational needs of aspiring musicians. By Nadia Imafidon

Area bands excited to play star-packed Kanrocksas

A group of folk-rock musicians, brothers who make music on the fly and a few beautiful bodies will be among local and area talent taking the stage this summer at the Kanrocksas Music and Arts Festival.

Kansas City Connection: Festivals, fashion highlight summer in KC

In summer, a number of outdoor events, festivals and destinations reinforce the strong sense of community spirit that has been hibernating through the winter months. Let’s take a look at some of the season’s most enticing prospects.

Summer movie preview: Which new franchises will take flight?

Nobody ever accused Hollywood of being original, so it’s no wonder that so many sequels and reboots are on deck for 2013. The big question is whether any new franchises will be able to separate themselves from the pack this summer.

Public reception planned to honor retiring dance director

A public reception is planned to honor Candi Baker, who has announced her retirement after 29 years as director of dance at the Lawrence Arts Center.

KU students’ art and design work on display

The best student photo media and design projects from Kansas University’s Department of Design are being displayed this month on campus.

2013 Summer Arts Guide

Winter is finally dead (we hope) and it’s time to shed some layers. As 100-degree temperatures approach, here’s a look at some notable upcoming summer entertainment in the area to help Lawrencians have fun in the sun or beat the heat inside. By Sara Shepherd, Chance Dibben and John R. Phythyon Jr.

Thursday, May 9

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Off the Beaten Plate: Peanut Butter Pie at Intorno

This pie has a gooey ribbon of what could be described as peanut butter ganache (if such a thing exists). That's only the first layer. By Sara Shepherd

Style Scout: Louis Anajjar

Describe your style: Keanu Reeves meets Marwa Ghazali: eclectic and comfortable.

Style Scout: Ruby Love

Fashion trends you hate: Tights or leggings as pants. Anything where you are not wearing pants.

Indian food, fast: New restaurants feed curry cravings on the quick

The Indian food scene along Massachusetts Street isn’t just heating up, it’s speeding up. Downtown Lawrence diners now have four restaurants to satiate Indian cravings, and the three newest are fast-casual or carryout concepts. By Sara Shepherd

Jealous? Artist, filmmaker explores difficult topics in 'NV in KC'

Judith G. Levy uses art to explore difficult subjects for which words alone oftentimes can't suffice. Envy is a topic that frequently goes untalked about, particularly in the art world, Levy says. In "NV in KC," the Lawrence artist takes on the topic full force in a playful sendup of the Kansas City, Mo., art scene. By Giles Bruce

Tuesday, May 7

Lawrence falls short in bid for national ArtPlace grant

Lawrence fell short in its bid to win a competitive national grant that would have been a major springboard for the city’s creative placemaking efforts, the Lawrence Arts Center learned Monday. By Sara Shepherd

Monday, May 6

Go-Getter: Photography

Spring is a great time to pick up a camera and maybe sneak into a few photography classes that could aid your future reminiscing and impress your friends.

Style for the Ages: Innovation in America’s heritage

A huge trend in men’s fashion today is what I’ll call the “American Heritage Movement.” Tapping into Americans’ obsession with all things vintage, fashion designers are increasingly harking back to a “better” time in American history when things were supposedly just made better.

Sunday, May 5

Yellow Red Sparks bringing 'cinematic folk' music to The Bottleneck

It’s not every day that your hobby gets you a $25,000 bonus.

Behind the Lens: Lighting up the night

A recent train ride gets Mike Yoder thinking about one of his favorite photographers, O. Winston Link, a pioneer of nighttime photography.

Local teacher mixes history, mystery, sci-fi for kids in novel

With “Saving Mr. Sharp,” a literary mix of mystery, science fiction and the sixth-grade, Lawrence teacher and author Dan Karasek takes aim at hooking elementary- and middle-school students on Kansas history.

Kansas City Connection: Parks and recreation

With spring weather finally here, this is an excellent time to visit Kansas City for a leisurely stroll in one of the area’s many parks and nature areas, which provide an oasis for city dwellers and an excellent day trip for Lawrence visitors.

Curtain call

Theatre Lawrence building was home to drama, humor onstage and in real life

Last month’s performance of “12 Angry Men” marked the final time the lights would go up on a production at Theatre Lawrence’s current location, 1501 New Hampshire St. “There’ve been a lot of great moments in this building,” Doveton says.

KU student wins creativity award for photography

Two other winners, three honorable mentions also announced

Sarah Stern, a Kansas University student from Lawrence who has been widely recognized for her photography from a poor Brazilian neighborhood has been chosen for a Jack and Lavon Brosseau Creativity Award, KU’s Spencer Museum of Art announced.

KPR drive nets more than $300,000 despite interruption

This spring’s Kansas Public Radio membership drive was not only the station’s first drive to take a day off for breaking news coverage but also its first drive to raise more than $300,000.

KU Youth Chorus plans free performance

The Kansas University Youth Chorus will hold its final performance of the school year at 5 p.m. Thursday in room 328 of Murphy Hall, 1530 Naismith Drive.

Saturday, May 4

Music, dance and art fill museum for arts and culture festival

The weather may have been dreary, but the inside of Spencer Museum of Art was lively with music, dance and art during the annual Spring Arts and Culture Festival on Saturday.

Thursday, May 2

KU student's art project captures child's imagination in precious metal

Result is 'Elepot,' an elephant-inspired teapot made of silver

A lumpy, lopsided and anatomically inexact animal sculpted by a child in modeling clay. A shiny, sleek and symmetrical teapot sculpted by an artist in precious metal. Combine these common objects and you have a not-so-common artwork affectionately known as “Elepot.” By Sara Shepherd

Tease photo

Lawrence Libations: Mint Julep at Mariscos

If any cocktail is capable of showing off whiskey’s refreshing side, it’s a mint julep — serious-tasting yet easily sippable. By Sara Shepherd

Music a spiritual practice for hip-hop group Zion I

MC Zumbi, from hip hop duo Zion I, admits his expectations of unexplored Kansas are rather limited. “I know there will be some corn fields somewhere, right?”

A big deal

Rapper Big Boi focuses on future, wants to break from the familiar

When you’re half of one of the biggest hip-hop acts of the last 20 years, scoring No. 1 hits and selling out tours, it could be easy to stick with the familiar formula. But Big Boi, half of Outkast, isn’t interested in that.

Art, crafts, music en plein air this weekend during Art in the Park

Art, crafts and live music will fill South Park this weekend during the 52nd annual Art in the Park event.

Style Scout: Mallory Hancock

Fashion trends you love: I like colored jeans. I also like the retro hipster, earthy style that is coming back.

Style Scout: Ryan Beckland

Fashion trends you like: Skinny ties and bow ties. I also like the way that suit jackets are being cut now with narrower lapels that make them more slim fit.

Wednesday, May 1

Kansas Humanities Council announces new state poet laureate

As the state’s new poet laureate, a fourth-generation Kansan says she hopes to use poetry to help fellow residents explore the concept of home. The Kansas Humanities Council announced Wednesday that Wyatt Townley, of Leawood, has been chosen as the 2013-15 Kansas Poet Laureate. By Sara Shepherd

Collie Buddz to light up the stage at the Bottleneck

Calling all reggae fans — Collie Buddz with plans to light up the Bottleneck stage with his music Thursday night.