Fab 5: Desserts with bacon


Janice Nesler-Loux serves up her bacon-laced fudge at the Lawrence Farmers Market.


The peanut butter bacon milkshake, which Sonic added to its menu this month.


A peanut butter and bacon cookie with chocolate chips at Alchemy Coffee, 1901 Massachusetts St., Suite B.


Bacon maple donut from Hurtz Donut, sold at the Saturday Lawrence Farmers' Market.


Vosges bacon chocolate bars, sold at Au Marche in large or mini size (pictured).

Bacon: it’s not just for club sandwiches anymore. Putting it in sweet treats, it seems, is now what you might call “a thing” (even Sonic’s doing it). Here are five savory/sweet tastebud trips to be had in Lawrence.

1. Bacon fudge

Sticks Catering at the Saturday Farmers’ Market, 824 New Hampshire St.

Janice Nesler-Loux’s fudge is new to the market this year. Not only does she sell bacon fudge but also multiple kinds of bacon fudge, including milk chocolate with peanut butter and bacon, dark chocolate with bacon and maple praline with bacon.

2. Peanut butter bacon milkshakes

Sonic, multiple Lawrence locations

Sonic rolled out a new, 25-choice summertime milkshake menu last week. The hands-down most unusual choice is peanut butter and — you guessed it — bacon. Sonic says they want to give “adventurous guests options they never knew possible.”

3. Peanut butter bacon cookies

Alchemy Coffee, 1901 Massachusetts St., Suite B

These giant cookies — which also have a generous amount of chocolate chips in them — are made by Chelsea’s Bakehaus in the River Market neighborhood of Kansas City, Mo. Alchemy gets fresh shipments on Fridays.

4. Maple bacon donuts

Hurtz Donut at the Saturday Farmers’ Market, 824 New Hampshire St.

Bryant Bickel works through the night making his lineup of crazy donuts to sell bright and early Saturday mornings at the market. This one, with maple frosting and crumbled bacon for sprinkles, is among his most famous.

5. Bacon chocolate bars

Au Marché, 931 Massachusetts St.

Vosges Haut Chocolat makes bars with hickory-smoked, uncured bacon and alderwood-smoked salt. Mo’s Dark Bars (with 62 percent dark chocolate) and Mo’s Milk Bars (45 percent milk chocolate) come in full- or mini-size.


oldvet 6 years, 10 months ago

Two slices of white bread, lightly toasted. Lots of your favorite jelly (grape works well, also strawberry). Lots of crisp bacon... lots!

Best sandwich ever!!!

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