Lawrence Libations: Mariposa Azul at Mexquisito

The Mariposa Azul at Mexquisito, 712 Massachusetts St.

The Mariposa Azul at Mexquisito, 712 Massachusetts St.

Thursday, October 3, 2013


The Mariposa Azul at Mexquisito, 712 Massachusetts St.

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Lots of people either love tequila or cringe at the thought of it. Same goes for the flavor of anise (tastes like black licorice). Love both? Try the Mariposa Azul, a tall glass of premium silver tequila, vodka, blue anise liqueur and Sprite.

This cocktail, which translates to "blue butterfly," is bright blue like its namesake, an especially beautiful species found in the rainforests of Mexico and other Latin American countries.

The hard stuff: Patrón Silver tequila, vodka and blue anise liqueur.

Where it’s served: Mexquisito, 712 Massachusetts St.

What it costs: $7

Other libations at this location: More tequila cocktails, some of the most unusual being the Diablito (tequila, Sprite, lemon, salt and chile pequin), Jazz (tequila, blue curaçao, orange liqueur and orange juice) and Charro Negro (tequila, Coke and lime). There’s also margaritas — house, premium, coconut or Tuaca — and lots of Mexican beer.

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