Style Scout: Vicky Diaz-Camacho


Clothing details: Shoes, $56, local boutique in El Paso, Texas; pants, $5; necklace, $8, Target; sweater, $20, Target; shirt, Francesca’s in Lawrence.

Name: Vicky Diaz-Camacho

Age: 25

Hometown: San Pedro, Calif.

Relationship status: Married

Time in Lawrence: Since August.

Occupation: I’m a student and I’m studying Journalism.

Dream job: It would be at a newspaper or a publishing house.

What were you doing when scouted? I was just working on a project at CReSIS (Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets).

Describe your style: It’s probably a mixture of my ’30s inspiration with my ’70s adoration for Stevie Nicks and then modern chic, too. I just mix them together!

Fashion trends you love: I love bell-bottoms. I do love clean lines so I try to pair bulky items with really nice lines because I love the juxtaposition of it.

Fashion trends you hate: Nothing particularly. I mean there is a whole trend on chola wear — which I couldn’t jump in — but I can’t think of anything I don’t like because you can mix anything.

Fashion influences: My grandmother was an artist and so is my mom — and my grandfather was a musician, too, so I think that I got really cool inspirations from them and they inspire me.

What would you like to see more or less of in Lawrence? More bigger bands should make pit stops in Lawrence and more students should take advantage of the fun things that come with fashion. Less Uggs and yoga pants.

Tattoos or piercings: Yes, a few. One favorite is my quail tattoo.

Tell us a secret: Not a lot of people know that I was pretty much bred to be a horse jockey, plus I used to work on a farm. I’m a farm girl!


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