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On a day dedicated to the favorite women in our lives, it can be a bit challenging to come up with the gift that says, “thanks for bringing me into this world and supporting me through all of my awkward years of rebellion.”

If you take time to think about mom outside of her mom life, it becomes less of a challenge to find the item that will make her feel like the queen bee that she is on this special day. Check out a small sampling of local goods for every kind of mom.

“The Gardener”

What: Plantable pencils ($2.50 each) and cards ($6)

Where: Made, 737 Massachusetts St.

Why: She spends her free time in the soil, tending to her tomato plants, squash and other homegrown produce that she will later bring to the table in the best dishes you’ve ever tasted (no one does it better than mom). She can use the pencils until they're worn down to stubs, and then plant them into the ground, water and watch grow. Options come in dill, cherry tomatoes, jalapenos, oregano, basil and eggplant. Another wonderful addition to the garden. Pair with an eco-friendly card printed on seed paper that will grow onions, carrots or lettuce after being dampened and planted.

“The Decorator”

What: The Hurricane ($82.75)

Where: Winfield House, 647 Massachusetts St.

Why: There’s a reason you never feel more at peace than when you’re in the comfort of your home. Mom put those finishing touches in place, and maybe you don’t always notice the latest inspirational quote on the wall, but it does feel more welcoming each time you come inside the house. The versatile “hurricane” glass vase can be dressed up for any season with a quick change of floral/fruit decoration in the base and candle housed on the top. She will be thrilled to have the option of adding her own personal touches to this gift at a moment’s notice.

"The Seamstress"

What: Personalized cloth gift certificate

Where: Sarah’s Fabrics, 925 Massachusetts St.

Why: She’s got scraps of fabric scattered across tables in her craft room, which you should never rearrange because that will ruin her system. And most items that accompany her sewing machine are foreign objects to you. Easy fix? A gift certificate for anything she needs at Sarah’s Fabrics, which opens her up to a selection of books, supplies, patterns and bolts of beautiful fabric. Trust me, she’s got her eye on something but can’t bring herself to fork over the extra cash. The store specializes the cloth certificate with her name and the amount of your choosing. It’s the most popular gift in the store.

“Glam” mom

What: Biolucent Mineral Brightening Treatment ($55)

Where: Eccentricity, 716 Massachusetts St.

Why: It seems she’s got everything she needs for her flawless makeup regime, and it’s not like you think she needs anything to cover up the beauty that naturally radiates from her skin. What better way to celebrate her natural beauty than to get her the latest bareMinerals concoction that supports the “glow from within.” The formula is a unique brightening mineral blend for an instant skin-illuminating effect that diminishes dark spots and discoloration. All she has to do is apply to her skin before moisturizing, and she can expect a more even-toned skin in four weeks.

"Fit" mom

What: PrAna yoga pants ($64.98)

Where: Sunflower Outdoor and Bike Shop, 804 Massachusetts St.

Why: Because she doesn’t always splurge on herself, these sleek Olympia Knickers from the PrAna line are exactly what she doesn’t know she needs yet. These flattering shape-retaining yoga pants stretch with every pose you make and the material dries quickly. If your mom is more of the rock-climbing type, these are still the right pants for the occasion. It also comes with a hidden key pocket. It may seem like an unoriginal gift idea, but she’s going to appreciate the breathable lightweight features of a more expensive pair of pants. As the fit and active woman that she is, she’s probably been dreaming about these perfectly fitting pants (who isn’t).

"The Chef"

What: Dude, Sweet Cocoa Infused Balsamic Vinegar ($9.50)

Where: Essential Goods, 825 Massachusetts St.

Why: It only makes sense that you want to pick up some chocolates for mom, but how about you stray from the cliche box of delectables and get her a few interesting Dude, Sweet artisanal chocolate goodies. If she’s handy in the kitchen, she might enjoy a chocolate twist on the classic balsamic vinegar with their special Cocoa Vin blend. Aged balsamic vinegar infused with Valrhona Cocoa, Colombian chocolate mulch, cocoa nibs and “spiked with grains of paradise,” a true chef will find a place in her supplies for this one. Also find yerba mate truffles, chocolate salami (chocolate, nuts and dried fruit) and Hanoi fudge among the Dude, Sweet selection.

"Eco-conscious" mom

What: Charles Viancin Silicon lids, $7.95-$9.95

Where: Sweet! Baking Supply, 717 Massachusetts St.

Why: She doesn’t see why she should have to go through so much plastic wrap and foil every time she prepares a large meal and needs to seal off dishes. These nature-inspired silicon lids are safe at high temperatures, which means she can prevent stove-top splatters, and will fit onto any smooth rim bowl or pot (including glass, ceramic and wood). They are also microwave-safe, so if anything needs a quick reheating, it can remain atop as a cover. Get her a variety in different shapes and sizes and support her mission to be earth-friendly. Pair with hand-blown glass Blenko juice pitchers ($36) that make for a beautiful juice brunch centerpiece (these can be covered with a silicon lid).


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